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If you are a person who is always looking for where to earn money, then you will not miss a job on the Internet. And indeed, you are doing very right. Because in the modern Web you can not only find the information you need, but also find additional work that can add money to your budget. But, all the same, there is one “but”, as in all areas of work, without this in any way. The Internet is a place where it’s not very easy to figure out a scammer. Therefore, if someone wants to earn honestly, the other does not like to work. For this reason, he is looking for ways to trick someone. It’s so easy to “hang noodles” to rip off a certain amount of money and hide. And then hardly anyone will find it.

A lot of people fall into different traps placed by scammers. Therefore, you need to know certain knowledge in order to avoid this unpleasant fate. High technologies are developing at a very high speed, allowing a person to earn money at home. Thus, you can not go to work. It is enough just to have a computer in the house and the desire to work hard. There are many types of work on the network, you just have to look.

Well, now about the scammers themselves. There are many types of earnings on the Internet where you can earn real pennies that can barely pay for a phone. For example, those people who at least once collaborated with click sponsors could come across scammers. Not only were there pennies paid for the work, but even before the withdrawal of the minimum, they could simply block the account. Therefore, you must initially read reviews and work only with trusted sites.

There is also work at home that requires mostly female housewives. They may offer to process correspondence, collect any objects, like ballpoint pens. But usually they don’t pay for such work. Moreover, usually at the beginning of work a contribution is taken for the goods, and subsequently the employer simply disappears with other people's money.

If you want to work seriously, you can turn your eyes to writing articles. They do not deceive on the exchanges, but they will have to work until the seventh sweat. Because for the texts the prices are small and you have to take in quantity.

Choose a homework. But be careful. Do not chase big money. Where they pay a lot - there is a hoax.

Work or "scam" ?! How not to fall for the bait of scam employers? (Jul 2019).

Since in some cities Craigslist can be placed lists in some cities, and at other prices low, the site is known for having a lot of scammers. These scams often have common job titles such as Administrative Assistant or Customer Service Representative, and may say that you can work from home. The listings often do not include a specific company location or say that they are international. Thus, they can say that they cannot personally interview you.

Job and Occupation Fraud at Craigslist

These scammers ask about sending money and / or creating a bank account to receive salaries (which, if sent to you, are not legal). Other Craigslist employment scammers ask you to subscribe to a site where you can find more job listings or join a site for web training.

Some scammers will ask you to pay for a background check or a credit check as a condition of work. Others, after you have answered the message, will ask for your bank account or credit card information to process your application or start the hiring process. Some of these companies will instruct you to withdraw money for the training kit or for work.

Craigslist Job Scam Warnings

Craigslist provides a warning regarding some typical scammers that may be listed in the Jobs section of the site. Fraud reports may list vacancies that are not legal, allow you to participate in paid research that does not exist, or list other fake opportunities to allegedly make money.

Then the job seeker is sent to paid services and sites where you are asked to enter personal information that is used to steal personal data. These sites include:

  • Background Verification Services
  • Credit check or credit report
  • Sites where you want to enter your resume, bank account or credit card numbers, or other personal information
  • The sites on which you are located asked to register a “free” trial offer
  • Sites offering paid tuition or education
  • Sites offering money making opportunities
  • Survey sites or focus groups
  • Sites designed to deliver malware or misuse your personal information

Red Flags - means the Craigslist Job post could be a scam

Listed below are some tips that may actually be scammers on Craigslist.

General publication of vacancies. Be careful with very vague job advertisements on Craigslist. Typically, a job includes position information, company information, and a specific position. Although some companies may post on Craigslist because of a desire for anonymity, if the message does not contain a specific assignment or does not describe the duties of the position, this is a potential sign that the listing is fraud.

Bad grammar, typos and unprofessional look. No matter where it is published, the job list should look professional. Typos, grammatical errors, slang, or excessive exclamation points are all red flags.

The pay is really, really good. If the salary seems too good to be true, it can be very scam. This is especially true for jobs that do not require much experience.

Request for payment. Legitimate employers never ask job candidates to pay for anything related to job applications or hiring. If fees are listed, or if you receive an email requesting them, avoid further communication. Also, remember that legitimate employers will never ask for bank account information before hiring, and then it will only be for establishing a direct deposit after you are hired by the company.

How to Avoid Craigslist Job Scams

To avoid Craigslist fraud, watch out for the red flags listed above. Research companies before applying for a job to make sure the listing information matches the data on the website. Test carefully with companies that do not list contact information or a website at their workplace, and do not share it in subsequent e-mails.

Do not send sample emails, your resume, or any contact information before you are sure that the listing is not fraud and never sends money through Craigslist.

Your choice of search keywords will also help you avoid fraud. Be as specific as possible when looking for a job — if possible, include both a specific job title and location to avoid these scam listings.

Craigslist does have a lot of legitimate job listings, so don't be discouraged. Just be careful when accessing work and providing personal information.

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Maria Gubina - how to protect yourself from dishonest customers

Of course, the best option to avoid trouble is a 100% prepayment, but this is not always possible to implement if you are not a professional copywriter. In the mini-course “How to avoid cheating when writing texts to order,” you will learn how to protect yourself from cheating, you will find advice from experienced craftsmen who have experienced similar problems in their own experience.

The course says:

  1. About signs that will help identify a fraudster,
  2. How to conduct a proper customer analysis, search methods for orders,
  3. About the rules of communication, if you did not pay for the order,
  4. How to prevent your text from being used,
  5. What can a copywriter specifically do to an unscrupulous customer.

The author of the program is Maria Gubina, a professional with many years of experience. Over the period of work, she came across various employers; she knows almost everything about negotiations. Now Maria is a consultant, business coach, author and head of group trainings on marketing and copywriting. Her knowledge helps to find a good customer and work without intermediaries.

Learn the course and learn how to competently approach the search process, find truly reliable customers and earn money!