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Craft - Origami paper parachute with your own hands


Boys of all ages love to play soldiers. Well, and what kind of game can be without weapons, vehicles and suitable equipment? Of course, soldiers also need parachutes. So, how to make a parachute out of paper?

Available varieties

From an ordinary leaflet, you can make three types of parachute: in the shape of an umbrella, the usual quadrangular and with a special propeller. You can make any of them, which seems prettier. Small umbrellas are suitable for soldiers, for equipment it is necessary to do something more massive and impressive. Of course, you can also make a parachute in the form of an origami, but this is more difficult than creating the same with glue and scissors.

The lightest parachute

To make it, you will need thin paper, scissors, a spool of thread and stationery glue. Such a paper parachute is made as follows. A white or colored sheet is taken, cut out in which nothing is needed. Using glue and small pieces of paper, stick on a thread of the same length on each corner of the sheet. All four cords are tied into a knot almost at the very bottom, and a cardboard square is tied to or glued to their ends. The last step: first bend the parachute along one diagonal, then along the other to make faces. Everything, the parachute is ready, it only needs to be thrown into the air, where it will open.

Parachute umbrella

And how to make a parachute out of paper, if you want to make something more complicated? To do this, you will have to acquire additional materials. You will need all the same scissors, a small wand thirty centimeters long, and a diameter no thicker than a centimeter, paper rings, threads, thin paper or light fabric (silk will do). First you need to stick a ring of paper on the stick, placing it on the border of the upper third of the entire length of the stick. Now the second ring of a larger diameter is glued so that it moves freely. It is to him that the future cables - strings are attached. To keep them better, you need to make a third ring and stick on top. Now an even circle is cut out of fabric or paper, its middle is fastened with a pin to the end of the stick. Cooked cables are attached around the circumference of the future parachute. That's it, work is done. To model revealed, it is enough to throw it into the air as high as possible. That is why such parachutes are convenient to launch using a slingshot.

Propeller Model

There are unusual examples of equipment. For example, how to make a parachute out of paper with a propeller? This is more complicated than making the rest of the models. You need to take any nylon stocking, thin steel wire and softer ordinary wire. Steel is bent into two parts, and then these parts are bent in the form of an arc. The ends are crocheted. On the ends of the wire (but not on the hooks) you need to wind a soft wire. The curved part of the arcs is wrapped with nylon. Flags and a figurine of a soldier who will descend by parachute are cut out of paper. It remains only to make a sling, with which it will be possible to launch the resulting parachute.

Whatman parachute

Having figured out how to make a parachute out of paper, one can easily invent more colorful models. For one of them you need a piece of paper, pencils or bright colors, scissors with thread, an ordinary plate and a soldier who will fly with it. First, a plate is drawn on a piece of paper. It turns out an even circle, from which you need to cut a sector of degrees at 15. Now that the workpiece is done, you can paint it with all the drawings or patterns that come to mind. The more colorful the better. When the art is dry, you need to make four holes around the entire circumference, and glue the circle itself so that a dome is obtained. Ropes should be threaded into the cut holes, tied into a knot, wrapped with a soldier’s figure. Everything, you can run.

How to make a parachute from paper with your own hands? Step-by-step instructions for children and adults.

To make a parachute you will need:

1 step. We bend a sheet of paper diagonally.

2 step. Tear off (cut off) the rectangle so that the triangle remains.

3 step. Expand the triangle and fold in another diagonal of the square.

4 step. Expand the resulting triangle and bend the sheet halfway to the left.

5 step. Expand the sheet and bend the sheet in half down.

6 step. Expand the sheet, take the opposite corners of the square and connect them from the bottom. To get a rhombus.

7 step. Make folds to the center line. And then unbend the bends made in step 7.

8 step. Open the pocket to the top and bend the side edges inward.

9 step. Flip the model and repeat steps 7 to 8.

10 step. Make a fold in turn of all four parts. Following the pattern.

11 step. The resulting model, you need to inflate from the bottom center.

12 step. The top of the parachute is ready (where necessary, you can spread it with your hands).

13 step. Pass the thread into the needle and connect the lower ends of the parachute so that the thread remains with a large margin. Align the threads so that they become the same length. To tie a knot. Attach a piece of plasticine to the nodule, in our case a toy man.

Scheme of the simplest parachute

In order to build a simple parachute you will need paper, thread, scissors and glue. After all the materials are ready, you can start making our product:

  • We take paper of any color and with the help of glue we glue along the edges of the thread,
  • It’s important that the length of the strings is the same,
  • Once the strings have dried, you need to tie them in a knot,
  • After everything is done, a square of cardboard can be glued to the ends of the cords,
  • By bending the square diagonally, you get a box that will organize a parachute.

After completing all the steps, we get a model of a simple parachute, with which the soldiers will be able to go down, and the child will receive a new version of the game. If desired, you can colorize parachute in any color you like.

Parachute - umbrella design

This model is more complicated than the previous one and its implementation will require a little more effort and time, as well as some additional materials.

  • Need to:
  • Scissors,
  • Thin short stick
  • Paper rings,
  • Skein of thread
  • Sheet of thin paper,
  • A small piece of fabric.

First you need to stick a piece of paper on a stick. The paper ring should be placed on the upper end of the stick. Then they glue the second ring, which will be larger than the previous one. It is glued so that it can move up and down the wand.

After the ring has dried, stick the strings to it, they will serve as parachute cables. In order for the threads to attach as firmly as possible, another paper ring is glued to them.

After that, they start cutting figures from paper or fabric. The circle is cut out first, it is very important that it be with even edges. After you get an even figure, you need to attach it to the stick with a needle. Then the cables are attached with glue to the cut out circle, then the whole structure is ready.

If everything is done correctly, then the parachute will fully open in time for the pallet. Attaching it to the soldier, it will turn out to diversify the game in the maximum way.

Propeller parachute

Many fans of equipment games they will want to have in their collection a small paper parachute with a propeller. This is one of the most difficult models among such fakes.

In order to do such a thingsuch materials are needed:

  • Nylon stocking,
  • Thin steel wire
  • Plain thick wire
  • Paper.

In order to construct a model of such a parachute, you need to take a nylon stocking and wire. First bend the ends of the wire to the required length and wrap them with nylon. A flag and a soldier should be cut out of paper, which we will then lower down by parachute.

The dome on which the figure descendsmay be made of cardboard or a large sheet of paper. You need to make an oval-shaped blank that can be painted with any color you like. After the paint dries, you need to make several holes around the perimeter of the workpiece, into which a thick thread will be threaded, it will serve as a cable.

By making parachute figures with your child, you will not only organize leisure activities that are pleasant for both of you, but also allow him to turn his fantasies into reality.

A toy parachute can be not only folded in the origami technique, but also used for a variety of educational games, and not only as a toy, but also as a textbook in physics. After all, a homemade parachute is not only a fun toy, but also an excellent object for the visual study of gravity and air resistance. It will be interesting to watch parachutes made from other materials, for example, a plastic bag - will your toy parachutist lower down faster or slower? Or drawing - a painted parachute can be painted on the wedges, studying different colors, their combinations. Or in physical education - a large parachute can be sewn from fabric and used for team games indoors and outdoors. You can easily find patterns on the Internet.

My daughter and I love to watch the cartoon “Papers”, it has a large number of characters, but our favorites are Tyuk and Elk Aristotle. We decided to make crafts ourselves, with which you can play. They built Bale in a cartoon, and later became interested in what else could be come up. Starting to engage in such an activity, the daughter began to show interest in literature, so we looked for information about the animated film “Papers”, how to make the same objects and characters. Also made figures of people, parachutes and much more. We really like this activity.

From early childhood, my baby likes to watch cartoons about paper heroes. Favorite character, this is Aristotle from paper. We tried to do different crafts ourselves. Of course, Elk Aristotle, the famous cartoon character, turned out to be not quite the same as we used to see on TV, but still we really liked him. We made a large number of figures from pieces of paper, even parachutes, on which soldiers could be lowered, for example, during a game of war games. Having learned how to do paper crafts with our own hands, we diversified our evenings with a useful lesson.

Choosing what to do with the child, we decided to make parachutes with our own hands, such as in his favorite cartoons. We love to watch the animated film Papers, with characters such as Elk Aristotle, Tyuk and others. Crafts from paper are always interesting to design. This lesson is not only informative, but also developing in nature. In skilled hands, cartoon characters come to life and can play with the child at any time.

How to make a paper parachute - master class

  • thick napkin and a sheet of paper,
  • thick threads for knitting,
  • toy bun,
  • scissors.

  1. We take a napkin or cut out a square from the prepared sheet of paper. From the main skein of thread we cut 4 pieces 30 cm long.
  2. We tie the resulting threads to each corner of our paper square.
  3. The remaining free ends are knotted.
  4. Cut another 15cm length from the skein of thread and tie it to the already made knot.
  5. With the help of an additional thread we tie our parachutist (kolobok).

Our parachute is ready to jump!

In the same way, you can make other parachute models by changing the dome (paper base):

Make 2 squares (or take ready-made napkins) and glue them together at an angle of 45 °, and then trim the protruding corners.

So that the paper does not tear at the junction with the thread, you can glue these corners with duct tape or tape.

You get such a parachute.

Master class - paper craft - parachute

  • thick white paper (whatman),
  • paints, simple pencil,
  • threads
  • scissors, hole punch,
  • plate or lid,
  • a toy.
  1. Cut out of paper using a circle pattern. From it we cut off a sector whose size is about 15 °.
  2. On the resulting blank we draw a pencil with a pencil and then paint it with paints.
  3. Let them dry well, and then make 4 holes, evenly distributing them about the circumference. It should be borne in mind that 1 hole must connect the ends of the cut sector to make a cone or dome.
  4. Through the holes made we thread and make a knot. We collect the free ends together.
  5. With the threads gathered together, we bind a toy selected as a paratrooper.

Paper parachutes are ready!

Such decorated parachutes will be very clearly visible if they fly far away.

You can also make a kite with your own hands.