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How to Open an Animal Shelter: Walkthrough


"How to organize an overexposure for animals? Is it necessary to draw up documents for this? I have a private house and there are all the possibilities for this ... ".

In your home, you have the right to overexposure.

It is possible to conclude agreements on the temporary keeping of animals free of charge. They must necessarily indicate the period for which the animal is taken, the condition for cooking or the name of the feed. Also write down who pays for the food of animals and how the reimbursement of this payment occurs.

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If it is impossible to build an internal partition for technical reasons, it is worth considering how it can be replaced, what material can come to the rescue, or how impervious it should be.

That is what was done in the apartment of 37 m2, located in Stockholm.

Today we’ll talk about how to take care of our loyal friends - dogs. With specific examples, we show how to make a place for a pet more comfortable and clean.

At the age of three, Labradors easily jump onto the top shelf.

The shower tray is tilted so that water flows freely into the drain.

She also helps the four-legged come out after water procedures. And the ceramic tiles on the floor are not afraid of splashes that wet dogs shake.

The usual interior door was shortened. Under it, for the smallest four-legged friend, they made a pull-out bed. The wheels have been adjusted and rolled out as needed.

I have a friend-volunteer, put 2 cars on the site, divided each car into 3 parts.

Each part was lined with clapboard, bought lamps, quartz, cleaned and soap with disinfectant. But deprive sick. Cats are very difficult. Mandatory two-week quarantine, even with all neg. analyzes! And quarantine should be with well washed surfaces (tile, glass). Compulsory ventilation and daily wet cleaning with filler replacement.

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Kind of activity

Before you open a shelter for animals, you should decide what kind of services it will provide. Since the shelter itself practically does not make a profit and is maintained at the expense of caring citizens and sponsors, the possibility of own earnings will not be superfluous.

On the basis of the shelter you can open:

  • Veterinary clinic
  • hotel for animals
  • dog training courses
  • grooming and so on.

All commercial activities must be carried out in parallel with the direct responsibilities of the organization, which includes providing animals:

  • housing
  • food
  • treatment
  • vaccinations
  • sterilization
  • host search.

If desired, as, for example, many animal shelters in Moscow do, you can also organize stray pets.

Search for funds

With any option for choosing the activities of the shelter, a starting amount is required for its opening, and rather big. At the construction and organization stages, ordinary citizens rarely donate their money, complaining about the dishonesty of others. You can start construction on your own if you have enough money at your disposal, or you can attract famous personalities, local politicians or other wealthy citizens to the problem as sponsors of charity.

Many are interested in how to open an animal shelter with state support. It is easy to do this by contacting local authorities with a corresponding request, but the option of a municipal shelter will always be far from ideal content. The fact is that the source of its financing is the state, which allocates too few funds for the normal maintenance of animals.

Animal shelter

At this stage in Russia there are two types of shelters. It is municipal and private. As you yourself understand, municipal funding comes from the state budget. But they are the most relevant in the Russian Federation, since it is they who have at least some legal regulation.

The start date of the operation of such shelters can be considered the period of the appearance of the official document "On the design of shelters for homeless animals in the city of Moscow" (December 29, 2006).

How do stray dogs or cats get into such shelters? The mechanism is very simple. There are special organizations that deal with the capture of animals. Then they are sent to live in an animal shelter.

I must say that all these places of keeping animals today are far from ideal. The lack of funding is affecting, but they are trying to solve the problem of homeless animals in humane and civilized ways. Great help in this work is provided by volunteers who are not indifferent to this problem.

Team Matching

Before you open a shelter for animals, even if you already have money for this, you need to select the future staff of the organization. In any case, one person will not be able to cope with all duties, and for animals it is important that they be loved and understood, especially for those who have already survived the betrayal. All employees of the shelter should be warm to their wards, regardless of their position.

Usually the staff of the shelter always has:

  • manager,
  • veterinarian,
  • veterinarian assistants
  • pet care workers
  • people cleaning rooms after animals,
  • night watchmen.

Also, depending on the expansion of activities in the state, there may be a dog handler, a driver, a person catching animals from the street, and so on.

Private Shelters

Private shelters are created with the citizens ’own money. The activities of such organizations are not regulated by any legislative acts. Very often, animal defenders are confronted with the fact that keeping animals in such places cannot be called humane in any way, the conditions do not correspond to any standards at all, so talking about cats and dogs is better off is impossible.

However, there are also such shelters where people who really love animals work. They provide proper care for pets. Unfortunately, there are very few such organizations; they are always crowded with tetrapods. Therefore, the admission of new residents is extremely limited. Such shelters are simply not able to take everyone from the street. There should be many more such organizations, in addition, their activities should be in the legal field, regulated by legislative acts, and for this it is necessary to adopt a number of laws regarding animals and their protection.

Myths about animal shelters

In Russia, there are one hundred and fifty animal shelters, forty of which are located in Moscow. Only in them are hundreds of thousands of animals. It would be possible for people who decided to buy a pet, use the services of a shelter and take an animal to themselves. However, many have stereotypes regarding tetrapods living in such places. Like, they are all sick and dirty. However, this is not so, since upon arrival at the shelter they are examined and vaccinated. They just need to pay a lot more attention than other animals.

This is not to say that even in the best place four-legged friends live well. There is little space in the shelters, in addition, the pets there are clearly not enough human affection and care.

Various funds deal with the problems of the animals from the shelter being misplaced. One of these is the Hopeful Fund. His board of trustees includes well-known personalities: Elena Yakovleva, Konstantin Khabensky, Andrei Makarevich and other stars.

Protection of animals in nurseries

I must say that the shelters have a closed entrance. Getting there is not so easy, only by passes. And there are reasons for this. So they try to protect themselves from people with flaying inclinations who are capable of killing animals. That is why the Internet never indicate the direct addresses of shelters, but only an approximate location. Everyone who wants to go to a shelter and take an animal, needs to contact first of all with volunteers.

Disinterested option

For a municipal shelter, a non-profit form is best suited. It implies a ban on commercial activities on the territory of the organization, but at the same time expands the possibilities for obtaining various benefits from the state. Animal shelters in Moscow operating under this system receive subsidies, pay taxes at reduced rates, and receive additional funding from charitable donations. Unfortunately, this form of organization will pay for itself only after a dozen years, given that incoming funds should be spent exclusively on the needs of the shelter by 80%.

Legislative protection of animals

At the same time, people began to use not only domestic but also wild animals for commercial purposes. There are many examples of how, for example, in some roadside cafe or restaurant, wild animals (bears, monkeys, exotic lizards) are kept in terrible conditions to attract visitors. Not only can animals just run away from there and harm people, they just don't have to live in such conditions. And such facts of the commercial use of animals need to be fought. The problem of saving animals has long been ripe.

This means that a full-fledged law is needed that would regulate this process, preventing animal cruelty. Many countries have long adopted similar regulations (Austria, England).

However, the animal problem has deeper roots. On the one hand, there is an uncontrolled reproduction of homeless individuals, which is extremely dangerous for society. And on the other hand, people themselves sometimes also cause them significant harm. Therefore, the rescue of animals is a deep issue that requires comprehensive consideration and resolution.

Animal rescue service

I must say that in everyday life, not only nobody's animals get into trouble, but even the most beloved pets. Homeless dogs can rely only on themselves, and domestic animals have a chance to get help from their owners.

Recently, special services have appeared in big cities that are engaged in providing assistance to domestic and wild animals. Animal rescue is their primary concern.

As a rule, such rescue services work around the clock. People can simply call them and get the information they need to do to help their four-legged friends.

Unfortunately, in Russia there are no such state organizations. Therefore, the rescue of animals from death occurs only on a commercial basis. No one will travel free to provide assistance or treatment. I must say that the mandatory reception of absolutely all animals is not conducted even in state shelters.

Moreover, in most of the Russian Federation there are no corresponding environmental and jaeger services that could travel to places when difficult situations arise. Salvation of wild animals could become a completely solvable issue in the presence of such organizations.

Rescuers and climbers

Since you don’t have to wait for help from public services, you can only rely on paid services of private organizations for which saving animals has become a job.

Rescuers and climbers who provide animal rescue services work in Moscow and large megacities. They can help you remove a cat from a height, pull a blocked pet out of an inaccessible place.

However, even they cannot always cope in a difficult situation, because they do not have certain equipment. In such cases, you can try to contact the Ministry of Emergencies. Of course, this service does not deal with animals, they do not have such specialists, but they can help with the necessary tools or equipment. For example, lift a heavy plate. The Ministry of Emergency Situations is reluctant to respond to such requests, because they have enough of their work, but in exceptional cases you can try to contact them.

Ifaw Foundation (International Fund For Animal Welfare)

Animal rescue is an urgent problem in modern society. Around the world, they face many different dangers: the loss of their habitual habitat, conflict situations between humans and animals, natural disasters and technological disasters, abuse and illicit trade in four-legged animals.

Ifaw experts are involved in all of these issues. They always try to help animals that are in trouble, and direct their efforts to solving problems that led to an unfavorable situation.

The Animal Rescue Fund comes to the rescue of bears, penguins, elephants, rhinos and many other wild animals that would be doomed to certain death without outside participation. The Foundation’s specialists not only save animals, but also try to carry out the necessary rehabilitation before releasing them to the wild.

Fund activities in Russia

The purpose of the fund is to save animals and return them to the wild. The organization is international. In Russia, it also carries out its activities, in particular, in the Tver region there is a center for the rehabilitation of cubs-orphans, where they are engaged in feeding and raising cubs left without mothers. Matured individuals are trying to most comfortably return to their natural habitat. True, this is not always possible. Complex injuries and a long period of bondage interfere with the rapid adaptation process. In such cases, animals are placed in a shelter where they are kept for the rest of their lives.

In addition to helping animals, the foundation’s employees are actively trying to eliminate the causes that negatively affect the lives of animals, as far as possible, of course. Цель организации – во что бы то ни стало сохранить дикую природу во всей ее красоте и разнообразии.

Из истории фонда

В России Ifaw начал работать еще в 1994 году. Первая деятельность была связана с научными исследованиями морских млекопитающих и поиском альтернатив охоты на тюленей в Белом море. Then the programs expanded significantly, and now the fund’s employees directed their efforts at protecting whales, polar and brown bears, wild animals, which became the subject of commercial trade and use, as well as tigers that are on the verge of extinction in Russia in the Far East.

Real-life examples of beast rescue

To give examples of saving animals, you do not need to go far. There are a lot of them, because in the course of their work, Ifaw employees help not only wildlife representatives, but also pets.

In January 2016, five cubs entered the Cubs Rehabilitation Center, which we talked about earlier,. Their story is similar to many others. They were left without mothers due to the fact that they were scared out of the den by the sounds of logging. Rescuers heard how the abandoned cubs whimper and rescued them from inevitable death. Now the kids feel good and are gradually preparing them for life in the wild. One of them was named Mike, and the other - Cleopatra. They are treated and bottle fed.

These are not the only cubs in this nursery. Every year, a sufficient number of babies in a weakened and half-dead state, even from remote regions, come here. If possible, they are all nursed.

Not so long ago, a young tigress was selected by the fund's employees. She has been in the nursery for more than two months. And a lot of people took part in her salvation, even local residents. But now the animal feels great and is undergoing rehabilitation.

Ifaw and pets

The Foundation actively participates in the protection of pets, as they often and heavily suffer from their own owners. After all, the life of our smaller brothers directly depends only on us. Sometimes and not intentionally, we can harm them. Therefore, rescue of pets is one of the tasks of the organization.

In this area, the organization’s specialists are more likely to carry out educational work to provide people with the necessary information about how to care for animals, than to feed, what diseases animals suffer, how to avoid aggression and attacks from the wards, and much more.

Ifaw promotes a responsible and humane attitude towards animals and, at the same time, the safe mutual existence of humans and animals.

Instead of an afterword

The protection of animals and their rescue is an urgent problem of modern society, which should be addressed at the legislative level with the full support of not only volunteers and individual organizations, but also the broad public masses. The most important task is to achieve the most comfortable existence of people with domestic and wild animals, eliminating damage on both sides.

Extra profit

How to open an animal shelter that will bring money or at least pay back its investments in a short time? For this, it is legally necessary to immediately formalize the organization as a commercial one. This form allows the provision of additional paid services in the territory of the shelter. The list of such services is not limited by anything, since the amount for the payment of wages to employees does not have a clear framework.

Such a shelter can provide for itself by receiving money:

  • from providing veterinary care to pets,
  • cosmetic procedures for animals,
  • conducting dog training courses and so on.

At the same time, commercial organizations do not receive funding from the state and do not have any benefits.

In fact, the question of how to open an animal shelter in Russia is very complex, and without legal assistance from a specialist in the proper design of the organization and its further maintenance, few will cope. If there is a desire to really help our smaller brothers and maintain a haven for many years, you should have a personal legal consultant who is able in any situation to defend the interests of a charitable organization.

Choosing the right place

The main rule that you should know before opening an animal shelter is that it should be no closer than 300 meters from the nearest apartment building. Attention should also be paid to the area of ​​the territory, which ideally should be at least a hectare of land with the ability to organize walking for animals. Given this, it is best to choose a place outside the city or in the wasteland, within the village. Land outside the city will cost an order of magnitude cheaper when buying or renting.

Cost of required facilities

For the accelerated installation process of buildings, you can use frame construction, but even without special finishing this stage will take several million rubles, because heating, water supply, drainage, electricity wiring and much more will be required. An important condition for shelters is a solid floor covering in the premises and throughout the organization, in order to keep cleanliness easier. This leads to the need for asphalting or concreting, and, therefore, additional costs. Also, the shelter should have a perimeter fence with a minimum height of 2.5 meters.

Internal separation

Most often, dogs and cats turn out to be stray, so most rooms should be oriented to them. For hamsters, rats, mice, parrots, turtles and other small pets, it is enough to purchase one rack, designed for ten individuals. It will be filled in case of bringing the animals by unscrupulous owners themselves.

So, how to open an animal shelter from scratch? The construction of the building should take into account the need for separation of premises:

  • for newly arrived pets,
  • sick animals
  • healthy cats
  • healthy dogs
  • feed storage
  • staff.

  • manager’s office
  • Veterinary office
  • shower for animals,
  • crematorium or morgue.

In addition, all sick animals must be sorted by disease and kept separately. New inhabitants are necessarily divided into single cells, from which they are transferred to the rest only after bathing, vaccination, treatment against fleas and helminths.

In case of feeding animals with non-dry food, additional kitchen equipment will be required. Excessive consumption of dry food can cause kidney and urethra diseases.

Showers are required for regular animal hygiene, because in an attractive, clean form they are more likely to find a new home. In addition, it is desirable that there are detergents for pets.

External premises

Premises for healthy animals are designed for puppies, kittens and cats. Adult dogs are kept outdoors, in booths or aviaries, in groups. Only the aggressive ones who gave birth to mothers with puppies or the lost pets picked up on the street are separated separately. Since dogs are quite active, the area of ​​enclosures should be at least three squares per one large individual. If a hotel is organized at the shelter, then such premises should be organized separately from keeping homeless animals, preferably on the opposite side of the territory. And most importantly, all pens should have a ceiling of at least a metal mesh, so that the pets could not get out and escape.

Cats can also be kept outdoors in groups, but in special houses. Separately, cats with kittens and aggressive individuals sit down.

Veterinary Office

The equipment of this room requires an investment of several million rubles, so solving the problem of how to open a shelter for animals, where to get money and hire decent employees is not an easy task. The veterinary room should accept all new arrivals, provide assistance to already living pets and, possibly, third-party clients.

For high-quality and full-fledged work of a qualified doctor, a hospital should be equipped here in which animals will be under anesthesia and in the subsequent postoperative period or seriously ill. An operating table, a couch for examination, cabinets for medicines, equipment, disinfection and other things must be mandatory.

Purchase of additional equipment

This includes special cages for cats and dogs. As a rule, shelters contain several dozen animals, so the purchase of cages should take into account the ability to place each animal separately. Finished products cost about 100 thousand rubles for 4 small cages, which are suitable for both cats and dogs of small breeds. Large individuals should be kept in small enclosures, the cost of which is within 60 thousand. It is possible to save on the acquisition of a sufficient number of cells if you purchase them in bulk or hire a caring craftsman for their manufacture.

Cost calculation

So, how much does it cost to open an animal shelter? The total amount is poured into millions, given the hiring of a lawyer, promotions, the purchase of feed and other supplies. The largest costs are for the rental of premises and land or their purchase. The construction of a new building, the purchase of equipment and various medicines are also tangible in terms of money.

In addition, one should take into account the need to pay employees monthly salaries, the fund of which averages 100 thousand. You will also need to pay utility bills, taxes, purchase animal feed, upgrade medicines, consumables, and so on.

Opening a shelter for animals, one should not rely on high profits, sometimes such organizations barely keep afloat and operate at a loss only thanks to the love and sympathy of the organizers for animals. If additional paid services are organized on the territory of the shelter, its payback period can be reduced to two years, but at the same time, it will not be possible to count on help from the state during the absence of clients. Do not be indifferent, if you yourself cannot organize an animal shelter, then try to help existing ones.