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Give yourself the opportunity to relax in comfort - make your own pool table


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Removal of cloth, or rather, fabrics from the pool table, is often provided to professionals, however, the tools that are used in this procedure are not expensive and not complicated. The reason someone finds this procedure difficult lies in the requirements for placing new tissue on the table. Stretching in the wrong direction or a little dust left on the surface can make the playing surface uneven or unpredictable. You can minimize the chances of a mistake by working slowly and carefully, with the help of a person who will stretch the fabric while you fasten it.

Boards, frame, legs, countertop

The best option for making a table base is wood. This material is strong enough, durable and environmentally friendly, which is important for many lovers of natural furniture.

Natural wood bars must be solid. Due to this, there will be no likelihood of dust, moisture and dirt getting into the base, which in turn can cause rapid damage to furniture.

Whole bars can be ordered from pine, beech or oak. The last two breeds are more difficult to get, and they will cost an order of magnitude more expensive.

For those who want to save on buying wood, you can use an alternative option, which is to replace wood with chipboard. This material is not so durable, but it looks no less beautiful in the interior. From chipboard can be made:

Wherein the thickness of the material should be at least 18-20 mm. If desired, you can take thicker, but it is worth considering that the weight of the table will increase significantly.

An integral element of each pocket should be the metal staples and nets that are attached to them. It is important to remember the strength of the ball hitting the bracket and the likelihood of damage to the thin brackets. Therefore, there are two options:

  1. Purchase ready-made metal pockets in a specialized store.
  2. Cast from aluminum in gypsum form to the required dimensions.

The mesh for the pockets must be durable. It can also be purchased ready-made in the store, or weaved yourself.

Rubber for boards

For those who do not want to save on the quality of the manufacture of a pool table, it is worth buying the original on-board rubber - it is very expensive, but during the game it softens blows well and has a huge lifespan.

Not only the impact force, but also the strength of the ball rebound, which is important in professional billiards, depends on the quality of the selected rubber. Therefore, the carpenter may choose the cheaper option, but subsequently he will have to get used to the strength of the rebound.

Countertop coating must be wear resistant, as the blows of the balls can gradually wear out the usual fabric, or just tear it with a strong blow.

Choosing a cloth, you do not need to skimp, as low-quality material often needs to be replaced. It is better to take care of its quality in advance and take into account several important criteria:

  • nylon in the composition of the fabric should not exceed 55%, the rest of the material should be wool,
  • tissue density should not be less than 300 g / m
  • for Russian billiards, natural wool is usually used as cloth.

If the manufacturer does not want to bother, you can go to a specialized store and purchase a special cloth for a billiard table. It will cost more than the above fabrics, however, the owner of the table will be confident in its strength and durability.

Dimensioned drawing

Now it’s enough to just find the necessary billiard table drawing on the Internet. The main thing is that the project fits into the room designed for the installation of this furniture.

If the designer does not want to download and print the finished drawing, or he did not find a suitable option, you can draw the diagram yourself, on paper or in a graphical editor. In addition, you can order a drawing from an experienced joiner - this will save time on the creation of the project and save you from the hassle in the future.

The best option for the size of the pool table is considered:

  • length - 2 m
  • width - 1 m,
  • height - 80 cm.

The aspect ratio is preferably 2: 1, no matter what size the designer dwells on. And the height of 80 cm is comfortable for all players.


In order to avoid downtime in the process of creating such complex furniture to search for one or another tool, the following items should be prepared in advance:

  • screwdrivers
  • hammer,
  • pliers,
  • spanners,
  • drill,
  • screwdriver
  • sawing wood
  • plane,
  • jigsaw
  • construction stapler
  • Bulgarian.

To save your energy and the time spent on creating the table, it is best to take an electric tool (jigsaw, saw, plane).

How to make a frame yourself?

First of all, it will be required start making frames. To do this, you need to cut the prepared wood bars in accordance with the dimensions indicated on the prepared drawing.

Accuracy down to the millimeter is important here: errors can subsequently cause inconsistencies. Of the tools for this you need to use a saw or jigsaw.

Or it is possible to order cutting according to the indicated dimensions in the place where the materials were purchased - it will save time and effort.

First, the outline of the table is collected. 4 beams are attached to each other with screws using a screwdriver. Then the inner bars are installed in the same way. In this way, a so-called grating is created, on which a tabletop is subsequently installed. It is best to strengthen the structure, and it is recommended to use metal corners or small bars for this. They are fixed with screws or special carpentry glue.

We pass to the stage countertops layout and installation. If during the purchase of a sheet of chipboard or other material, cutting to the specified sizes was not ordered, it is necessary to cut the sheet of the desired size. To do this, you need to mark up using an already prepared drawing, and do not forget to take into account several important factors.

  1. The diameter of the billiard ball is 60 mm, based on this, the size of the pocket should be slightly larger. Typically, the side pocket has a diameter of 70-72 mm, and the corner pocket is 64-66.
  2. The distance from the alignment line of the side pocket to its edge is 0-1 mm, for an angular pocket this value should reach 5-7 mm.
  3. The pockets can be cut out already at the stage when the sides will be attached to the countertop.

How to assemble?

The tabletop plate is attached to the frame. To do this, you can use silicone adhesive sealant. It is best to apply this glue evenly or even pointwise, and place the countertop on it in 4 hands so that the glue does not smear.

To fix, when the sealant dries, you can fix the plate from the bottom with short screws.

After that, you can make the sides. We cut wooden blanks, but we must not forget that leather lining will be glued to the ends. Therefore, if they were not taken into account in the drawing, it is necessary to reduce the width of each side by the thickness of the existing lining.

Rubber is glued to wood using universal building glue, the main thing is to apply the substance to both surfaces to be glued and to press as hard as possible. After the glue dries, you need to cut the rubber in accordance with the drawing - for this you can use a simple sharp knife dipped in soapy water. So far, we do not fix the sides on the countertop, it is worth going to this point after stretching the cloth.

Then you can proceed to making table legs. We cut the tree into blocks of the right size. There are many design options, for example:

  • make the bars a little thicker than indicated in the drawing and apply thread,
  • handle on a lathe,
  • frame on both sides with trapezoidal pieces of chipboard (if there are scraps from the slab), etc.

At the very bottom, rubber pads can be installed on the legs so that the tree does not scratch the floor. If you want to move the table, you can instead lock the rubber wheels with brakes. For reliable fastening of the legs to the frame using M6 bolts.

We pass to the stage of covering with cloth, which should cover both the countertop and the sides. The fabric is attached to the bottom of the countertop with brackets. Each side should fit tightly, with a maximum stretch along the entire length. For this:

  1. We place the board on the wrong side of the fabric.
  2. In the middle of the bar we stretch the cloth and fix it on top with a stapler.
  3. In the same way, we fix on the right, then on the left.
  4. We move from the middle to the edge of the board, gradually pulling the cloth completely.

Residual tissue is trimmed or neatly fixed. The sides are fastened with screws or through bolts.

Then we install metal staples on pockets, having previously covered them with skin. The final stage - we install the grid on the staples of the pockets.


To make the table look nobler, you can install decorative panels under its sides, process all visible wooden surfaces and paint them, or open with varnish.

If the table will be used in a room with an uneven floor, it needs to organize stability. The easiest way to do this is by installing the wheels on the legs of the bracket.

A pool table may well become the central piece of furniture:


For an experienced joiner, the process of making a high-quality billiard table with their own hands will not be difficult. It will take a little more time for an experienced beginner, but the result will surely please both the owner of the table and his guests. In addition, the creation of such furniture is a huge experience, which is useful for the manufacture of other, more complex items.

Billiard bedspreads and covers

Among the accessories for billiards, you can find a huge number of different parts. They are not essential items, but they can decorate the game and everything connected with it. These include a cover for a billiard table in particular.

The billiard table cover is primarily protective. Despite the fact that the cloth is very durable and has ideal characteristics in high-quality tables, it continues to deteriorate from simple balls, but at least while there is no game, it retains its appearance. A cover for billiards is simply necessary in cases where the table is not used every day and you want to additionally protect it.

Such an accessory can easily cope with the following problems:

  • Dust actively clogging the pile
  • Moisture that can be obtained even from the air
  • Unexpected situations. For example, fell or spilled

The billiard case has an additional function, it is to give an attractive appearance. They are usually made of beautiful, dense material with small decorations around the edges. The most important thing is to choose the right cover so that it does not collect dust, but clearly fulfills its main function and looks as attractive as possible.