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Restaurant etiquette: how to communicate with the waiter

What is etiquette when you accidentally spilled someone else's drink. The glass may have toppled over or you touched someone at the bar. Should I immediately offer to buy a new drink for them? Just apologize and continue - or is there another solution? At the same time, why do you need etiquette when you are pouring your own drink?

Before moving on to this delicate issue of drinking etiquette, let me share some real experiences while flying with KLM.

A few years ago I witnessed a flight attendant pouring some wine and a woman’s dress during a trip to England. First of all, she apologized and then pulled in the senior flight attendant. The lady received an updated drink on the spot, plus the airline provided her with a lodging (hotel) at the airport for cleaning, washing and dry cleaning clothes, etc., all according to KLM.

Here are some common sense rules to follow when you spill someone else’s drink as follows (if it’s just a matter of spilling the drink):

1) Try not to let the situation happen first . Most likely, you will drink someone’s drink when you make generous gestures, bring a few of your own drinks, or if you feel a buzz. So do not forget to be observant at these high-risk moments. If you really spilled someone’s drink, do not ignore it, but act quickly to assess the situation and defuse any hostile vibrations.

2) Apologize . If you just spilled someone else’s drink, you must immediately and unconditionally apologize. If they are of a decent type, this should prevent them from becoming too excited.

3) When considering a replacement purchase . Look at the damage. If you just knocked their drink out of their hands across the floor, then you need to replace it immediately. If you just knocked an ounce of beer or two from the top of their glass, then this should not matter much.

• Most people will be fine and no replacement drink is required. If they become confrontational, it is best to buy them a drink to save you from trouble. - How to react when you spill someone else’s drink

Meeting with guests

We will start, perhaps, with the fact that the person who meets you at the entrance to the restaurant and escorts to the table is most often not a waiter. Usually this is why it is not worth rushing and ordering dishes on the go or asking him to urgently serve coffee: doing so is ugly. Wait until your waiter approaches the table. In restaurants, where waiters accompany the table, it is also not worth making an order on the go: sit down, take a breath, and then speak.

In status restaurants and at the reception of important persons, the manager of an institution sometimes plays the role of an attendant. As you probably saw in the cinema more than once, a tough guest on the go throws an expensive coat in his hands and asks to quickly arrange something out of food ... And yet you should not behave in this way.

The waiter not only warmly welcomes guests, accompanies and offers a menu, he helps with seating. Special attention should be paid to ladies, children, people of respectable age or with disabilities. If it is a birthday, then the main figure of the evening, regardless of age and gender, will be the birthday man. The waiter first seats the hero of the occasion, then the elderly and then the children, for whom a separate children's table is most often offered.

You came to the restaurant with your loved one, of course, the gentleman himself will want to take care of you. Here the waiter should be especially careful and considerate so as not to get ahead of your companion, not to overdo it, but at the same time not to miss anything. He sees, for example, that your friend hesitated and is not going to or does not know how to help you sit down, which means he must unobtrusively help both.

Familiarization with the menu

After seating, the waiter offers guests a menu and gives time to familiarize themselves with it. The waiter should be well prepared - he must understand not only the dishes, but also the wine list, up to the extent to which these or other wines are served, what tastes they have, what are the differences. In some restaurants, this function is performed by the sommelier, but most often waiters talk about such nuances. The same thing with dishes: if you can not make a choice, the waiter should take an interest in your preferences and offer the most suitable options. When ordering, you can ask whether any ingredient contains the dish you have chosen, and also has the right to ask to remove the unloved product from the finished dish. In some cases, he can immediately tell you that all the wishes will be taken into account, and in more difficult situations the waiter must apologize, go to settle your question with the cook and the kitchen staff and return with the answer.

An interesting nuance: if you do not have a business meeting in the restaurant, you came with a man, then the waiter should check with him. Do not worry, there is nothing wrong if you are the first to enter into a dialogue with a restaurant employee, but keep in mind: according to etiquette, a man must carry out an order. Of course, after reviewing the wishes of the ladies. At any points related to clarifications, wishes or inconveniences, the initiative should also come from your companion.

You need to know only two things about serving rules: they serve and pour drinks on the right side, and dishes are usually brought in and cleaned on the left.

Pour out tea

In most cases, tea is shed by people who are always inattentive. If a person hurries and spills a little drink, it means that he will be lucky in life and no material difficulties will affect him.

In ancient times, it was believed that if you spilled a drink, you are angry with higher powers. Embarrassing people are considered wasteful, so heaven punishes them.

At present, it is difficult to determine the significance of popular signs, and there are always mixed answers, so you need to consider who managed to spill tea on himself:

  • if this was done by a young girl who was never married, it promises her a quick meeting with her loved one - in the near future, this year, she will be able to get married,
  • if an unmarried man pouring a drink spills it a little, then his wife will be the owner of full lips,
  • if the husband and wife shed tea together, it means that this year they will have a long-awaited child.

Pour drink on table

There are several meanings of folk signs, why shed tea on the table.

  1. If you do this by negligence and not on purpose, then you will attract money like a magnet. A popular sign indicates that you will not experience a shortage of material resources throughout your life.
  2. If you spill tea on the table and see the bubbles in it, it means that in the near future you will receive a large amount. You will receive a bonus at work or someone will return you the old debt.

If you drank tea and, due to negligence, spilled a few drops of the drink, it means that many problems will soon appear in your life. To solve them will require time and effort. Do not be upset in advance. If you behave carefully, problems can be avoided.

If a small amount of foam comes out on the spilled liquid, then get ready for the passionate kisses of your loved one.

A drink spilled due to pampering means a major quarrel with a loved one or close relative. No need to worry, it will end happily and further disagreements can be avoided.

If you scatter the tea leaves on the table or on the floor, then you need to prepare for unforeseen difficulties.

Superstition about a spoon in tea

Most people do not think about a spoon when drinking tea. Old believers argue that leaving a spoon in a cup is a negative sign.

It marks for a person troubles in the material sphere. You can regard an unbroken spoon as a danger to life. You can get it with your pen in your eye or burn your face (metal quickly heats up from boiling water).

Do not place a spoon on a saucer so that it touches the table or cup. By such actions you create a bridge through which evil spirits will come into your life and poison it. If you have not noticed such behavior behind you, know that you have already let otherworldly beings into your life.

A man who always drinks tea with a spoon drives away material independence from himself. He will always experience material difficulties. Women are advised to remove the cutlery from the cup so as not to create a lone shield around themselves.

Popular signs claim that constant drinking of tea with a spoon leads to an unmarried life. For married women, such a tea party also threatens trouble in their personal lives. Superstitions indicate that in this case you will never have children.