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How to remove chewing gum from a carpet in a car or home: five easy ways

Chewing gum is tasty, and according to manufacturers, a healthy treat. However, as long as she is in her mouth, it's nice. If you don't throw the chewing gum into a bucket, nothing will happen at all. But if the chewing gum gets on clothes, hair or other surfaces, it becomes annoying. Until recently, a damaged item was sent to a bin. Today, people have invented many ways that you can deal with this problem.

Wooden lacquered and polished surfaces

It is advisable that the product from which you are going to remove the remaining chewing gum is dry and cold.

The pollution removal mechanism is as follows:

Wrap an ice cube in cellophane and swipe it on the spot,
The gum will begin to harden, and it will be convenient to remove it from the surface with a plastic flat product (you can use an old plastic card),
After this procedure, wash the varnished surface with a solution of ammonia and water, and polished with a soap solution,
Wipe the area with a dry paper towel.

Stone surfaces

In this case, heating will not work. It is advisable to again use ice cubes:

Treat the stained surface with ice cubes,
Clean the dirt with a plastic object,
Soak a cotton pad in gasoline, treat a surface area,
Wash with soap and water and wipe with a dry towel.


How to remove a stain from chewing gum from carpets, not many people knew recently. However, it is not as difficult as it seems. Smooth carpet (low pile) is cleaned with a conventional spatula. Remove remaining pieces with a damp cloth. If the pile near the carpet is long enough and the chewing gum is on the surface, you just need to cut this piece.

How to remove chewing gum from clothes

It happened to any person - he got in the wrong place or leaned sloppy, the result was chewing gum on his clothes. What to do? It's a shame and annoyance, but somehow you need to delete it. The easiest and most hassle-free way is to return the item to dry cleaning. But why pay money if you can clean up the pollution yourself at home?

All methods of cleaning tissues from chewing gum are based on the use of household chemicals, the action of high and low temperatures.


Put the soiled clothes in a plastic bag and send to the freezer. Keep clothes in it for at least 1 hour. After this treatment, the chewing gum will peel off from the surface of the product in pieces, practically leaving no traces.
The method described above with ice cubes is also applicable for cleaning clothes. Wrap ice cubes in cellophane. Move the package over the stain, wait until the gum hardens, and clean it. Thus, it is convenient to wipe outer clothing - winter down jackets, jackets, coats,
How to clean trousers from chewing gum many know. More than once people have fallen into similar situations. It is necessary to substitute the place of pollution under a stream of cold water, and when the gum hardens, simply remove it by hand. Even easier with sleeves. You don’t even need to take off your clothes for this. Just repeat the same on the sleeve section,
Radio parts stores have a special aerosol cooler on sale. Treat the place of contamination, chewing gum will harden in a few seconds, and you will calmly clean it.

The heating

Turn your clothes inside out. Lay it on hard cardboard. Set the iron to “2” to heat up. Apply a heater to the canvas for no more than 2-3 seconds. Gently repeat heating until all the chewing gum has passed to the surface of the cardboard. To avoid getting chewing gum on other areas of clothing, try not to move the fabric from one place,
Place a dirty piece of clothing in boiling water. Take an old toothbrush, and without touching the fabric itself, clean the thing from chewing gum. The same can be done under running hot water or above steam,
You can do the same with a hairdryer. After heating under a stream of hot air, chewing gum melts, and you can remove it with a toothbrush or dry cloth.

Chewing gum removal using household cleaning products

Gum can be removed using gasoline, kerosene, cosmetic solvents (nail polish remover). To do this, apply the product to the cotton wool, wipe it with the contaminated area, and the dissolved chewing gum with a dry cloth,

Non-delicate tissue can be cleaned with food vinegar. Warm up the product, moisten the toothbrush in it, carefully rub the remaining chewing gum,

The chewing gum can be removed from white things using a traditional wash and a large amount of washing powder. This method cannot be used for jeans. Whitish stains remain on them,
Try cleaning with a regular masking tape. Put a piece of adhesive tape in place with chewing gum, holding the fabric, tear off the adhesive tape with a sharp upward movement. Repeat the process until you have cleaned the material completely. The same effect can be obtained from the use of electrical tape.

How to remove chewing gum from a shoe surface?

Most often, chewing gum gets on shoes. It is difficult to imagine the streets of cities without gum strewn with sidewalks. Therefore, getting a stain on shoes can be very simple.

Any of the chewing gum removal methods described above is also applicable to shoes. But there are a few more options:

Take solvent (acetone). Put it on a rag, and rub the stain until all residues are removed. In this case, the chewing gum should dissolve without residue,
If the gum has stuck to the sole, cover the dirty area with dry sand. Put on rubber gloves and roll the chewing gum into a ball. Take it off with your hands
Apply a large amount of vegetable oil to the stained surface. Wait a few minutes and remove the residue with a dry cloth.

How to remove chewing gum from hair?

The first desire that arises when you see chewing gum in your hair is to cut off the dirty shred. However, do not rush, you always have time to take on the scissors. Try to use products that are always at hand and leave your hair style untouched.

The situation, it should be noted, is not the most pleasant, but there are ways to save. And they are not enough:

Cold. The option to remove chewing gum using pieces of ice wrapped in cellophane has already been described above. Apply a “compress” to the stained curls and hold for a few minutes. The hardened piece of rubber will be easy to remove - it will break and peel off the hair without residue.

Vegetable oil. In this case, the action of the drug to remove gum residues is based on the softening of chewing gum. For this option, any vegetable oil is suitable:

You can use peanut butter, which does not contain pieces of the nut itself.

Apply to contamination. Lubricate the gum thoroughly on all sides. The softened and sticky substance can easily be removed by hand. Comb residual mass comb.

Lemon juice. To prepare the drug, take the following ingredients:

Freshly squeezed lemon juice - 1 tbsp.,
Water - 1 tbsp.,
Conditioner or hair balm - 1 tbsp.

Mix the components and moisten the damaged area with them. Knead the chewing gum in your fingers until it becomes sticky. Remove gradually from hair.

Vaseline. This tool is easy to use, and affordable, because few in what house it is not in the home medicine cabinet. If not found, replace the drug with regular high-fat mayonnaise.

Apply plenty of petroleum jelly to the stained area of ​​hair. Lubricate your fingers with petroleum jelly, and gradually release the strands from the gum.

Baking soda. This tool is known to every housewife. With it, you can even clean everything in the house! And it’s very easy to get rid of traces of chewing gum in your hair with soda.

To prepare the mixture, take the following ingredients:

Baking soda - 2 tablespoons,
Water - 1 tablespoon

With this mixture, cover the damaged tuft of hair on all sides. Let it dry for a few minutes. Comb comb gum.

Alcohol. In addition to traditional medical alcohol, a strong alcoholic drink is used. Moisten a curl with a rubber band in alcohol, wait a couple of minutes and remove the chewing gum with your fingers.

Toothpaste. Squeeze the toothpaste from the tube. It will take a lot. Apply to soiled hair, and knead in the fingers until the glomerulus exfoliates from the hair. Add more paste if necessary.

Anticorrosive aerosol. In hardware stores you will find an aerosol can for sale, designed to clean rust from the surface. Now he has one more purpose - removing chewing gum from his hair. Gently apply the product on the chewing gum, and remove after a few minutes. Avoid prolonged contact with the skin, it can cause allergic reactions.

Silicone This product is intended for the treatment of split ends of hair. However, it can also be used to "exterminate" the remains of chewing gum. Thoroughly moisten the curl in the solution, and comb out the chewing gum with a small scallop.

We must pay tribute to human ingenuity. It was hard to imagine a few years ago that such an annoying misunderstanding is solved in such simple ways. Now, all that is needed to remove chewing gum from each surface, you will find at home, and easily get rid of such a trifle.

Freezing method

With this method, the chewing gum hardens and can be torn off the pile. You only need a plastic bag and ice.

So, how to remove chewing gum from a carpet?

Put some ice cubes in a bag, tighten it tightly to prevent the flow of melted water and attach to a contaminated area. This method is successful only if the chewing gum has not penetrated deep into the villi.

After the gum freezes both inside and out, you need to gently pick it up and pull it out with a blunt knife (for example, for butter). If cracking into small pieces, be sure to remove everything.

If after all the manipulations done, the chewing gum on the carpet remains, then it is necessary to carry out the above operations again.

At the end of the work, it will be necessary to rinse the areas from stickiness. To do this, use a cloth soaked in soapy water with the addition of two tablespoons of 9% vinegar to gently rub the places where the chewing gum has stuck. Dry with a dry towel the excess liquid from the pile and let the hair dry.

How to remove chewing gum from a long pile carpet

In this case, simple cleaning with ice pieces will not work. If such a nuisance occurred in the winter season, then everything is much simpler - send the mat to freeze outside, and after a while just remove the chewing gum, as described above.

Well, what if it's hot summer? There is also a way out: get an aerosol can with compressed air or liquid gas for a lighter. It needs to be sprayed onto a gum stain. This freeze will turn out perfect, and you can easily remove the crumbs.

Remove chewing gum with oils.

But sometimes it happens that a spot is noticed late and has already managed to trample it deeply. What to do in this case? How to remove chewing gum from a carpet if it is very sticky?

With this development, try using oils. For such purposes, fit:

  • Eucalyptus oil,
  • peanut
  • olive oil.

Before applying the liquid directly to the carpet, it is better to check the effect in a hidden place, as the color may discolor. Drizzle with oil and wait a while, if the shade of the pile does not change, then proceed with cleaning.

When applying the oil composition, do not pour it on the carpet - it will be more difficult to get rid of the greasy stain afterwards. It is best to wet a cloth and attach to a contaminated area. Leave the oil on the carpet for about twenty minutes to dissolve the gum.

After this time, scrape off the sticky stain with a knife. You need to work by directing the knife only in one direction - otherwise you just spread the chewing gum along the pile.

Upon completion of oil cleaning, greasy spots remain on the carpet. Wash them with soap and water and dry the carpet.

The use of chemical solutions

How to remove chewing gum from a carpet in a car? This is usually an easier process, as the upholstery pile is short. So, chewing gum does not stick so much.

Take any alcohol with a mineral composition (for example, you can use the "White Spirit"). He will easily dissolve polymers in chewing gum, giving it a stickiness. Using pure matter, you need to process the stain.

Leave to dissolve for 20 minutes, and then start cleaning with a blunt object, not forgetting that movements should go only in one direction!

Rinse the carpet with water.

A wonderful cleaner used at home is vinegar. It acts in the same way as alcohol.

Chewing gum removal with a hairdryer

Oddly enough, this method is also quite effective. In this case, you will need to use:

  • a hairdryer
  • plastic gloves
  • soft cloth.

This method is the exact opposite of the freeze method. How to remove chewing gum from a carpet with a hairdryer? Let's figure it out. The chewing gum heats up with a hot stream of air. Do not overdo it, otherwise you can damage the pile of the carpet.

After softening the elastic, put on gloves on your hands and try to take it out with very careful movements. By removing the bulk, you can move on to another cleaning method.

Some useful tips

  • The method of freezing is effective only if there is a fresh spot from chewing gum, otherwise use oils or solvents.
  • Do not rub the carpet when cleaning. You can break the fibers or rub the chewing gum deep in the pile.
  • Do not forget to check each chemical composition in inconspicuous places of a carpet or upholstery to avoid even bigger problems.

How to remove “chewing gum from the carpet”

There is a kind of plasticine, a handgam, which has the ability to "swim" in a calm state. It penetrates into the fibers of the material instantly, but it is difficult to get rid of it.

Washing the grief in this case does not help. Cold water will give a zero effect, while hot water will only aggravate the situation, since plasticine will flow more. So how to remove chewing gum from a carpet?

First of all, try to do this with a large piece of plasticine-handgam, firmly pressing it and sharply tearing it from the contaminated place. This way you remove the small crumbs.

Then scrape the remaining spot with a blunt knife. Do this very carefully, avoiding damage to the pile.

But even after all these manipulations, spots will remain on the carpet. Since plasticine contains silicone, try removing it with isopropyl alcohol. It is sold in pharmacies, as well as in stores (in the department with household chemicals). You can also purchase glass washing liquid, where this alcohol is the main component.

Apply a large amount of the composition to the stain so that the entire surface is covered. Wait about fifteen minutes and remove the remaining “chewing gum” with a paper towel. Wash with soapy water and dry.

From synthetics you can wipe such a plasticine chewing gum with a universal “liquid key” lubricant. From an aerosol it is sprayed onto spots, and after a while they dissolve. All contaminants are wiped with paper towels and treated with soap.

Handgum stains are also removed using the universal method - they can simply be frozen.

Well, here we are with you and have considered all the basic ways of how to remove chewing gum from the carpet. Apply them. Clean your carpets!