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We fry correctly sesame seeds


Sesame (sesame) is an oilseed crop containing a large amount of vegetable fat. In addition, the product has in its composition many different elements and vitamins necessary for the normal functioning of the human body. Sesame seeds are widely used in cooking, they are used both in whole and in powder form, added to salads, pastries or as a breading for meat and fish dishes. Sesame can be fried both in a frying pan, and in the oven, and even in a microwave oven, while observing all the necessary baking rules and including the necessary appliance modes. Since the seeds of the plant are quite small, you will need knowledge of some of the features of their preparation so as not to spoil the product, which burns very quickly.

Sesame adds piquancy to dishes, and also makes their taste and aroma saturated. But before you fry such a fragile breading, you should correctly approach the choice.

Should be preferred:

  • seeds in airtight packaging made of transparent material, in which you can easily see the color of the goods,
  • dry grains of a uniform shade, without clumping lumps,
  • fresh sesame seeds
  • seeds without a bitter smell.

Advice! It is not recommended to purchase the finished product, since its shelf life is relatively small, and the quality does not always meet the requirements.

In addition, sesame, cooked in your own kitchen, will be much healthier and tastier. And at the same time, the number of baked seeds can be independently adjusted by choosing the portion that will be immediately used. It should be noted that the grains of this oil plant can have not only the usual milky-beige shade, but also brown, as well as black. Light - used mainly to create baking, and the other two types are used as a topping for salads and other dishes.

Sesame is sold not only in peeled form, but also in the shell, which must be removed before frying. To do this, take a small handful of grains and rub them between the palms, then place the seeds in a colander and rinse in running water. Next, let sesame dry by placing it on a paper towel.

If you are going to fry fragrant sesame for sushi or rolls, then follow the same rules for choosing and preparing a product that turns out to be amazingly tasty only in the home kitchen.

Do I need to fry fat sesame before adding to any dish? In their raw form, seeds retain more beneficial properties, but they have a less pronounced smell. After baking, sesame acquires a piquant aroma and sweet-nutty taste, ideally combining in the form of breading with various snacks, as well as suitable for dressing any salad.

Prepared grains are placed in a cold cast iron pan or dishes having a non-stick coating. It must be clean and absolutely dry, without oil residues from the previous cooking procedure. Having distributed sesame on the bottom surface in an even layer, you need to turn on the average temperature level for incandescent.

How much time to fry sesame seeds in a pan? After the dishes heat up well, reduce the heat and cook the product for about five minutes, continuously stirring it with a wooden spatula. Baking too small portions is not recommended, as sesame quickly burns out. Readiness can be judged by the characteristic crackling sounds, as well as the resulting golden color. Spread hot sesame seeds on a flat dish or ceramic plate, distributing evenly so that the product can cool more quickly. After heat treatment, the seeds can be used after a quarter of an hour, both in whole form and grinding into powder.

To avoid burning sesame, it can be fried in the microwave. To do this, peeled and washed grains are poured onto a special flat container covered with parchment paper. Having distributed the mass on the surface, turn on the microwave for five minutes. Then the sesame is mixed, slightly cooled and put back into the microwave. The procedure is repeated until the seeds acquire the desired golden hue.

Advice! Store fried sesame should be no more than 3 months in a tightly closed container at room temperature.

Raw grains without shells will stand in the refrigerator for about six months, and in the freezer for up to 12 months. Crude raw materials are stored only in a sealed glass jar, placed in a dark, cool place. Failure to comply with the terms, as well as the conditions, leads to the appearance of a bitter taste in this oil product.

Sesame can lower blood cholesterol due to the high content of a potent antioxidant - sisamine. The plant seeds are rich in calcium, which can completely cover the daily rate necessary for a person. Also, these small fragile grains have a beneficial effect on the digestive system, helping to remove harmful substances, thereby purifying the body. In addition, sesame contains vitamin E, which helps to prolong youth.

Frying sesame seeds is not difficult if you follow the tips and cooking rules. But the home product will help diversify the dishes, decorating their appearance and complementing the taste.

Cooking Sesame Seeds for Roasting

Find out in advance how much sesame you will need to add to a particular dish. Sesame contains a large amount of oil (in 100 g of dried product as much as 49.7 g of fat!), And it tends to acquire an unpleasant bitter taste after prolonged and improper storage. Frying oilseeds is recommended immediately before eating.

The most useful are not fried, but raw sesame seeds, which are soaked and heated before use. Heat treatment of grains destroys some of their valuable properties, but increases the shelf life and makes it tastier

Get absolutely dry, crumbly grains, preferably in hermetically sealed store packaging. If you decide to use unshelled raw materials, rub them between your palms and remove the shells. Sift sesame seeds to rid them of possible contaminants, debris and leftover husks (rushanki). After that, put the grains in a fine sieve and rinse thoroughly in running water. When the excess liquid drains, put the prepared sesame on a dry thick-walled pan (cast-iron) in one layer.

How to cook fried sesame seeds

Fry sesame seeds must be on low heat, constantly mixing the contents of the pan with a wooden spatula. So the seeds do not burn and evenly pierce. When they start to bounce in the pan, the heat treatment should be stopped. Properly fried sesame gains a brown tint and enhanced sweetish-spicy nutty flavor. In addition, sesame becomes brittle, so it will be easy to grind to add to homemade confectionery.

The calorie content of sesame seeds is extremely high - almost 600 kcal per 100 g of product. Do not get carried away with delicious grains, especially if you are worried about the beauty of your figure

When frying sesame seeds in the oven, it is necessary to select the convection mode and maintain the temperature in the oven + 180 ° C. If you still have excess roasted beans, cool them at room temperature and put in a tightly closed container. Store the product in a cool place, eliminating the access of moisture and light. It can be used in many original recipes. For example, make a breading for fish or chicken. To do this, you will need:

- fried sesame seeds (half a glass), - egg (1 pc.), - wheat flour (50 g), - salt to taste.

Beat the egg in the mixer bowl, add a little cool water and salt the resulting mixture. Whisk everything with a broom. Dip the filling (chicken or fish fillet) in egg mass, roll in sesame and fry in vegetable oil.