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Fitbit how to set up a watch


Fitbit is a wearable wireless device for measuring your physical activity (from sleep quality to the number of steps taken). Users can synchronize the Fitbit device with a computer, view detailed data in graphs and charts on and work to achieve fitness goals with friends and family. Keep your Fitbit charged so that it constantly monitors your movements. Note: almost all Fitbit devices need a special charging cable. It comes with all new Fitbit devices, but if you lost it, you should order another one.

Method 1 Troubleshoot a Fitbit device that does not charge

For instructions on charging your Fitbit device, go straight to method 2.

  1. 1 Try a different USB port. There is a possibility that the USB port to which you are connecting the cable is defective or does not provide enough voltage to charge the device. This problem often occurs with USB hubs or older USB ports. Try plugging the charger into a different port to see if it works.
  2. 2 Connect Fitbit to a wall charger instead of a computer. This is not included in the Fitbit kit, but you can connect the Fitbit charging cable to any USB network charger, for example, from a phone or tablet. It can charge your Fitbit much faster and more efficiently than when connected to a computer or laptop.
  3. 3 Clean the charging contacts on Fitbit. Fitbit charging contacts may become dirty even with minimal use. This can lead to charging problems, since the device cannot create continuous contact with the charging.
    • To clean the contacts you need alcohol and a cotton swab. You may also need a thumbtack to scrape off solid residues.
    • Inspect the contacts. If they do not shine, blot a cotton swab in alcohol and rub them vigorously.
    • If only a cotton swab did not help, use the drawing button to clean the contacts, and then apply alcohol again.
    • Also inspect the charging cable for dirty contacts.
  4. 4 Restart the tracker. It happens that problems with the tracker can cause problems with charging. Rebooting the tracker will help to eliminate them. The process differs depending on the Fitbit model you are using.
    • Flex - Connect the charger to the USB port, then insert the tracker into it. After connecting the tracker plugged in, insert a small paper clip into the tiny hole on the back of the charger. Press and hold the paper clip for about ten seconds.
    • One - Insert the One tracker into the charging cable and plug it in. Press and hold the button on the tracker for 10-12 seconds. Remove it from the charger, and then press and hold the button until the display turns on.
    • Surge - Press and hold the Home and Select buttons for about 15 seconds. The display will blink and begin to fade. Release the buttons and wait another 15 seconds. Hold both buttons again to turn on the tracker.
    • Charge / Force - Connect the charging cable to your Charge, Charge HR or Force. Insert the other end into the USB port. Press and hold the button on the Charge for about 10 seconds until you see the Fitbit icon and version number. Release the button and disconnect the tracker from charging.

Fitbit Blaze Sport Watch Review

The smart technology market is developing and replenishing with new items. Some devices are advanced, others are not very. It also does not do without plagiarism, as in other areas. The Fitbit Blaze watch, an overview of which will be presented later, is similar to the Apple watch in terms of design. But unfortunately, from the technological side, they are still far from a famous brand. But we can’t say that the model turned out to be completely unsuccessful. What we managed to implement, and what - no, we will consider further.

Model Features

Blaze sports watches can do the same as other models of trackers, namely:

  • Track owner’s physical activity in auto mode
  • Keep track of exercises
  • Measure heart rate

All information is displayed on a color display, including notifications from a smartphone. Note that the heart rate sensor is not found in all budget models and even among more expensive counterparts. In addition, the device has an alarm function, and the watch also allows you to switch tracks from the phone, which is very convenient during training and saves time.


There is nothing superfluous in the kit:

  1. Sami smart watch fitbit
  2. Charging cable
  3. User manual

Once again, we make a reservation that the design of Fitbit smart watches resembles the “apple” competitors. This is a big step forward because past models did not look like watches. Rather, they were bracelets with a small display. The case contains three buttons. One of them returns the user back to the main screen. The two buttons on the right adjust the volume and help you choose exercises. Otherwise, the watch is controlled via a display.

On the back of the watch is a heart rate sensor and a charging compartment. Please note that if you already had a watch from Fitbit and left a charger, then it will not work for this model. The fitbit blaze charger is unique and unfortunately there is no compatibility. The module itself is very mobile and easy to move. This makes it possible to effortlessly change the strap to a new one.

The display of the smart watch, although square, is more like a dial of a classic wristwatch. The watch frame is thick, which affects the display. It would be better to sacrifice the frame, but make the display larger so that the user can conveniently perceive the information. The display is equipped with a protective glass Gorilla Glass. It protects the device from splashes and rain, but you cannot take a shower, swim, or even dive in the watch.

For swimming, it is better to choose special models of smart watches and bracelets for swimming. The display has a drawback - it is extremely reluctant to respond to clicks and you have to click on it several times to perform any action. The screen is turned on by raising the wrist or by pressing the left button.

The display clearly conveys all the colors of the colors, the content remains readable even in bright sunlight. The charge indicator is located in the upper left corner of the screen, below is the heart rate activity, and in the center is the time.

Strap change

The strap can be changed to leather or steel. Bracelets can be replaced with spring clips. For the user, there are many color options from bright to classic black and brown colors. The cost of the straps is significantly affected by the material from which they are made. So a leather belt will cost the owner of blaze about 6,000 rubles, and steel - 8,000 rubles.

Bracelets are made of high quality materials, are comfortable to wear and do not irritate the skin.

Setup and management

Fitbit Blaze supports dial customization, depending on the needs of the user. The display shows information on steps and heart rate. By turning the screen, you can see the calories burned and kilometers traveled. Fitness monitoring FitStar will help you configure your workout and its parameters. In the settings menu, you can adjust the brightness settings: from automatic to maximum.

Application Installation and Sync

Fitbit Blaze are compatible with Android and IOS operating systems via bluetooth. Synchronization passes through the author’s application. The user is required to create a personal account on the site. In the application menu, you need to select the device and click on the plus icon in the upper corner of the screen. In the model list, select Blaze. After synchronizing the clock with the smartphone, updated software is installed.

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