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4 ”setting the mower to side ejection mode, returning to the normal mower, mowing tips - Powerplus POW63777 LAWNMOWER 173CC 530MM User Manual

The latest advancement in the lawn mower industry is the ZTR or Zero Turn Radius mowers, which means with a zero turning radius. These are fast, maneuverable mowers that will give odds to mowers with steering. With them, lawn care will take much less time. Here are a few steps to help you understand how to use these lawn mowers.

  1. 1 Understand what it means zero turning radius. Due to the fact that the wheels rotate with a hydraulic motor on each axis, independently from each other, the wheels on the left can rotate forward and right - back, thus causing the mower to rotate in place.
  2. 2 Pick the right mower for yourself. If you have a small lawn in a city of less than a few hundred square meters. feet, this car is not for you. For medium and large lawns, a mower of 15-18 horsepower with a mowing width of 36-42 inches is what you need. For very large lawns with an area of ​​more than an acre, a model of 22-25 horsepower, with a mowing width of more than 50 inches per pass, is suitable.
  3. 3 Read owner's / operator's manual for your mower. Some models come with a Quick Start Guide, which is useful for a quick start, but it does not describe all aspects of the mower, so it’s better to spend time reading the complete manual.
  4. 4 Look at the levers and switches to control the mower and familiarize yourself with their purpose. Here are the basic elements common to ZTR type mowers:
    • Ignition, used to start the mower.
    • Handbrake, usually the brake must be engaged to start the engine.
    • Grip with shearing blades, you need to include them in the work.
    • Cutting height switch, in order to adjust the height of the knives.
    • The control levers, they replace the steering wheel, with their help you can turn the mower, go forward or backward.
    • Check the mower before starting it. Here is a short list of items to check.
    • Check fuel gauge.
    • Check the oil indicator.
    • Check belts, pulleys and knives. They must be clean and in good condition.
    • Check tires. This is an important element in these mowers, as turning dynamics are highly dependent on tire hardness.

  • 5 Find an open area to practice driving the mower before mowing. Turns, acceleration, a general feeling of driving - all this will be new to most people, so it’s worth practicing.
  • 6 Sit in the seat after you have checked everything and are ready to start. Before starting the engine, set the control levers in a comfortable position. Usually they deviate inward and outward (left and right with respect to the center line of the mower). Many ZTR mowers allow you to adjust the “neutral” position, for the convenience of both tall and low people.
  • 7 Pick up the control levers, move them back and forth to “feel” their movement. Levers return to a neutral position if they are not pressed. Moving them forward, you will move forward, backward - turn on the reverse gear. Practice a bit before continuing.
  • 8 Engage the hand brake, disengage the clutch, pull the "suction" handle (if it is in your model), move the throttle lever forward and turn the key to start the engine. When the engine starts, press the "suction" handle and pull the throttle lever toward you, setting it to the idle position. When you are ready to ride, remove the mower from the handbrake.
  • 9 Slowly move the control levers forward, both left and right, so that the mower drives forward. If the mower turns to the left, you need to press harder on the left lever, if to the right - on the right. The right control lever accelerates the wheels on the right side, and the left - on the left. To drive straight, both sides must travel at the same speed.
  • 10 Turn the mower to the right by pushing the left lever forward or moving the right rear. And vice versa. This is pretty easy to learn, but take your time.
  • 11 Try reversing by pulling the levers toward you. It is better to reverse with a lower speed. By this time, you should have noticed that the more you turn the levers away from the neutral position, the faster the mower moves.
  • 12 Practice sharp turns. Pull the lever toward you from the side you want to turn, while moving the other lever forward. You will see that the wheels of one side spin back and the other forward, thus rotating the mower in place.
  • 13 Pay attention to how much grass the mower mows in one pass, the width of the strip relative to the width of the mower and the angle of the blades. You will notice that by making sharp turns near obstacles, you can get stuck as the knives move almost perpendicular to the center line of the mower. Also try to mow the maximum amount of grass in one pass. To do this, the mower must move along the edge of the previous passage.
  • 14 Start mowing. Now that you are comfortable with the controls, pull the clutch handle (or switch, depending on the mower model) to turn on the blades and start mowing.
  • 15 Mow your meadow, be careful on steep slopes and near obstacles, and pay attention to people, buildings, and cars that could be mowed by grass.
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    "4" Putting the lawnmower into side exhaust mode

    Make sure the engine stops and the knife stops completely !!

    Lift the ejection hinged cover and remove the grass catcher.

    Install a mulching wedge (as described in the section “Converting a lawn mower to
    mulching mode ”).

    Loosen the screw on the side hinged cover and swing the cover to the side.

    Return to regular lawn mower

    To remove the mulching wedge:

    Make sure the engine stops and the knife stops completely !!

    Lift the rear hinged ejection cover and remove the mulching wedge,
    freeing him from the case.

    To remove the side ejection channel:

    Make sure the engine stops and the knife stops completely !!

    Place the side flap back on the machine and fasten with the screw.

    Mowing Tips

    Under certain conditions, for example, with very tall grass, you will need
    raise the mowing height to reduce pushing force and protect
    engine from overload, as well as not to leave shreds of mowed grass. Also
    you may need to slow down and / or walk
    a lawnmower around the site a second time.

    For very severe mowing conditions, reduce the mowing width by
    overlap the previously beveled strip and mow slowly.

    As you operate, the pores in the grass catchers are filled with dirt and dust, and
    less grass is going. Rinse regularly to prevent this.
    hose collector and dry before use.

    Clean the top of the engine around the starter from mowed grass and straw.
    This will help blow the engine and extend its life.

    Caution: Regular, thorough maintenance is important.
    value for maintaining a safe state over time and
    initial mower performance.

    Be sure to tighten all nuts, bolts, and screws to ensure safe
    operating status of the device. Regular maintenance is essential.
    for safety and performance.

    Do not store the mower with fuel in a tank inside a building where fumes may
    Exposure to an open flame, spark or source of excess heat.

    Allow the engine to cool before storing it indoors.

    Lawn mower

    Lawn mower - a machine designed for mowing lawns.

    The design of the mower can be very diverse and depends on many factors, such as the type of cutting element and type of engine. Most lawnmowers are driven by the man from behind by pushing (non-self-propelled) or by using the direction to the right side (self-propelled), but there are also models that are controlled by steering (riders).

    Each type of lawn mower is designed for specific tasks. Small non-self-propelled models are great for working in small areas, large self-propelled mowers can do an excellent job with a medium-sized area, and very large lawn mowers-riders are simply irreplaceable on extensive lawns.


    The lawn mower is a hazardous technique. When working with this machine requires care and accuracy. To increase the safety of the operation of the lawn mower, you should first of all worry about the availability of work clothing and shoes that protect you from accidental contact with knives. Also, to protect your hearing, you must wear special protective headphones.

    There is much debate about how old a lawnmower can be. There is no unanimous opinion on this subject, however, the American Academy of Pediatrics believes that you can operate a lawn mower from 11 years old.

    Research conducted in 2001 showed that a running gas mower (gas mower) emits the same amount of pollution (all the same emissions except carbon dioxide) in one hour, like a 1992 model car that traveled one kilometer. According to other estimates, the amount of pollution from a gas mower (mower) is four times more than from an automobile per hour. The main reason for this is the lack of special equipment to help control the amount of exhaust; catalytic converters, an fuel injection system and other control systems for the amount of emitted emissions are installed on cars. And on modern mowers there is only a squelch and a carburetor.

    Lawn mowers also cause noise pollution, which can cause hearing impairment if you work with the lawn mower without special equipment.

    Cylindrical Lawn Mowers Edit

    Lawn mowers with this type of cutting surface provide the highest quality mowing grass. Thanks to the knives fixed on a horizontal shaft, cutting is carried out as if the grass was cut with scissors. This provides a neat cut, due to which the grass is quickly restored after mowing, almost without losing its decorative properties. The quality of the mowing of a cylindrical lawn mower depends on the number of knives on the shaft. Their number, depending on the model, ranges from five to ten. Cylindrical lawn mowers have mechanical (cuts by moving it by a man), electric and gasoline modifications.

    Rotary Lawn Mowers Edit

    This is the most popular type of lawn mower. Most rotary lawn mowers are equipped with a two- or four-stroke internal combustion engine, usually a single cylinder and powered by gasoline or other liquid fuels. The power range of rotary lawn mowers is 2-7 liters. with. (1.5-5 kW). Starting the engine can be manual or electric. The manual start lawn mower is started with the help of a starting cable, and models with electric start are launched with a simple click of a button, without requiring any physical effort from the operator.

    Hovercraft Lawn Mowers Edit

    The most exotic variety of lawn mowers for the Russian consumer are hovercraft mowers. But, despite its low popularity in our country, these lawn mowers are one of the easiest to handle.

    This type of lawnmower does not have wheels; it is impossible to determine the mowing height on it. The movement of these lawn mowers is due to the air flow generated by the engine and knife. The principle and quality of mowing lawn mowers is similar to rotary lawn mowers. This type of lawn mower is extremely convenient in areas with many slopes, hills and other bumps in the terrain. The only drawback of such lawn mowers is that the trimmed grass scatters to the sides, which complicates the care of the lawn.

    Riders Edit

    A popular alternative to rotary lawn mowers is a separate class of mowers - riders. Structurally, these lawn mowers are similar to a tractor and have steering, so working with them has no analogues in convenience. The rider runs on gasoline and is designed to work with very large areas.

    Rider decks are most often made of steel. Lightweight steel is used in the production of less expensive models, heavy steel decks provide the mower with increased wear resistance, which directly affects the cost of the mower. Decks are also made of aluminum, which is not susceptible to corrosion, and weighs much less compared to steel. But the most optimal, both in terms of wear resistance and in terms of weight, is impact-resistant plastic.

    Mowing robots Edit

    Mowing robots are the second largest category of home robots used at the end of 2005. A standard robotic mower requires the installation of a cord to determine the boundaries of the area to be mowed. The robot defines the cord as the boundary of the territory intended for mowing, as well as to determine the place of recharging. Mowing robots are high-tech machines that independently find a charging place when it is necessary to recharge the battery, have rain sensors and provide high-tech grass mowing work, thereby freeing people from tedious work.

    Electric Lawn Mowers Edit

    This type of lawn mower uses electricity to operate. Such mowers, as a rule, have a low power and are intended primarily for a small lawn. Working with an electric lawnmower has only one inconvenience - the cable, which can interfere with grass mowing. This is especially true if the site does not constitute an even lawn without flowers, trees and shrubs, because it’s very difficult to go around any obstacles, constantly adjusting the cord so as not to damage the rest of the plantings. When working with electric mowers, there is a chance of electric shock. To eliminate this risk, you should not work in wet weather and if the grass is wet. Among the positive qualities of electric mowers is a high environmental friendliness, which is provided only by this type of mower. Another plus of electric motors is quiet operation.

    Cordless Lawn Mowers Edit

    Presented in small numbers, they are produced by only a few firms. Equipped with an electric motor that receives energy from a removable battery. A lead or lithium-ion power source is used, with a supply voltage of 24, 36 or 48V. Charger included. They are easy to care and use. In terms of application, they correspond to electric lawn mowers, while they have the same independence as gasoline mowers, are maneuverable and mobile, since there is no electric cable. Therefore, they are perfect for mowing grass in a small area where there are numerous obstacles: trees, shrubs, buildings, garden furniture. A cordless lawnmower will have no difficulty circling them.

    Gasoline Lawn Mowers Edit

    Petrol lawn mowers are the most common type of mower. The internal combustion engine provides the mower with high power, which allows them to be used in large areas. The main advantage of gasoline lawn mowers is its high mobility, in other words, when working with such a mower there are no restrictions in the form of a cable restricting the freedom of movement of the mower. The disadvantages of gasoline lawn mowers are high weight, noise during operation and low environmental friendliness.

    Lawn mowers have a gasoline engine, the lawn mower works on the principle of a hair clipper.

    One of the most important criteria directly affecting the performance of lawn mowers is the technical specifications. Based on their values, the necessary model is selected, the technical potential of the machine is evaluated.

    • Engine power. Electric or gasoline it is measured in kilowatts and horsepower. Productivity depends on the amount of power, that is, the more powerful the lawnmower engine, the higher efficiency it will work.
    • Cutting width. This value directly depends on the mower deck, which determines it. The number of passes required to mow the lawn depends on the mowing width. The higher this indicator, the faster the mower will do the job.
    • Grass catcher. If the lawnmower has a grass catcher, then all grass mowed during mowing will be added there. As the grass box is full, its contents must be discarded. Grass catchers are made of plastic and fabric. As practice shows, plastic grass catchers are more practical.
    • Mulching function. Согласно распространённому мнению, измельчённая трава, равномерно распылённая по газону благотворно влияет на его декоративные качества, выполняя роль подкормки.Those who share similar methods of lawn care use mowers with a mulching function. The mulching process is as follows: the mowed grass is re-fed to the rotating knives, and then it is evenly scattered across the lawn in the form of “grass dust”.
    • Aeration. Over time, the soil layer on which the lawn grass grows is covered with a light and airtight film. This is the reason that the grass becomes less viable and loses its decorative qualities. If the mower is equipped with an aeration function, then you can improve the quality of your soil. The aerator creates punctures in the soil with special metal pins, thereby breaking the impermeable layer, opening access for moisture, light and air.