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How to kiss for the first time on the lips: tips for guys and girls about the first kiss


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It is in high school that boys and girls begin to spend more time together, and many of them meet their first love. New feelings are often associated with fear and excitement about dating, common topics for conversation, the beginning of a relationship, and especially kisses. The desire to experience the first kiss is no reason to rush if you are not ready for it. If you are already ripe and enthusiastic, then follow our tips to bring a kiss closer to the person you like.

Will the first kiss be remembered forever?

Events that were emotionally significant, a person remembers throughout his life.

This has long been proven by psychologists. The more important the action, the brighter the memory. This definition is called emotionally colored brightness. The emotional sense is brighter, the longer it will remain in a person’s memory, especially if such events occur for the first time. And the first kiss of adolescents is one of the most emotional sensations that can leave a deep mark in memory for many years. Moreover, the memory of the first kiss and the pleasant sensations that were experienced are able to be remembered forever.

How to kiss for the first time so that it is remembered forever? It is important to know:

  • the first time you need to kiss with someone who is desired for you, those who cause your heart to fade even when you look, it is important that sympathy is mutual,
  • do not kiss for the first time in the absence of desire, if the situation is completely inconsistent with the expected event,
  • you should forget about alcohol for courage - it is able to dull feelings, and the liberation created in this way will not help to make a kiss memorable.

The main mistake made by those who decided to kiss for the first time in their life is to do this only for their pleasure. It is advisable to try to feel his (or her) desires and support them. This will help to get a unique impression from the first kiss.

How old can you be?

You are worried about the question of how many years you can kiss for the first time? In this case, most likely, you experience love and desire to get closer to the object of sighing. A certain age is not important, since:

  • someone got a kiss experience for the first time in kindergarten,
  • others were lucky at the age of 20,
  • adolescents begin to kiss at the age of 12-16, there is nothing reprehensible and strange in this.

There are no critical age limits. It cannot be blamed or ridiculed. Girls, unlike boys, develop faster, so often they want to kiss for the first time with a high school student, rather than with a peer.

How to behave with a guy?

You are a young lady, which means that you are worried about the first contact with a member of the opposite sex. How to kiss for the first time, so that the sensations are not spoiled by incorrect actions? What should I do if he seems to show signs of attention, but still does not dare to make such tactile contact? Well, you have to take the initiative and take the first step yourself.

To find out the secret of how to kiss a guy for the first time, you will need:

  • an object of the opposite sex
  • his lips and him
  • appropriate environment
  • if possible the absence of witnesses.

The recipe is simple - maximum naturalness, minimum stress. All of us were inexperienced and literally did not understand anything in love art. However, overcoming shyness and fear, some manage to find a person for life. But what if the lucky one who likes so much is fate?

So the long-awaited first date has arrived. How to kiss without a tongue for the first time?

  1. Do not rush things.
  2. You communicate nicely, talk on various topics, laugh, and the meeting time is slowly coming to an end.
  3. There are two options: he looks into the eyes, not looking away, or behaves at ease, and in his future plans to conduct home, as a result - to implement his plan.

Be that as it may, be relaxed, open, and smile more. A smile always has an interlocutor.

  • look at him and playfully lower your eyes down,
  • a game with hair - easy winding strands on a finger, correction of hairstyles is always perceived as flirting,
  • Do not replay so as not to scare.

In everything there should be a measure, the so-called "golden mean."

The less nerves, the greater the chance that the meeting will succeed, and you yourself will understand how to kiss a guy for the first time, since it almost always looks natural and laid-back if sincere feelings have appeared between you. Nothing terrible will happen if something goes wrong, there is nothing shameful about it. And for you it will be a lesson and experience for the future.

How to make your first kiss unforgettable

How to kiss for the first time?

The moment is approaching when the first kiss happens. How to kiss with a liked young man?

Only lips participate in this process, the initiative is in the hands of the lady. How to kiss without a tongue for the first time? You can gently kiss him, saying goodbye at the end of the date:

  1. Facing a young man, smile at him and thank him for a pleasant evening.
  2. Step towards him or tiptoe to get close to his face.
  3. Pry your lips together, lower your eyelids, touch your lips to his lips and press yourself, only for a second lingering in this position.
  4. After that, your most correct decision will be to leave. After such an act, he will think about you, look forward to planning the next meeting.

How to kiss a guy with a tongue for the first time? This technique is called a French kiss - the most common. France is considered the birthplace of love, lovers often come here and admit their feelings.

  • a man should start kissing, a girl should follow him,
  • although sometimes ladies can take this initiative if a guy cannot decide
  • trust your beloved, come close, do not hide your hands,
  • the movements are smooth, calm,
  • surrender to the moment, everything will happen by itself.

Some tips on how to kiss your tongue for the first time:

  1. Lick your lips, moisturize them slightly.
  2. Get close to the man, bow your head to avoid a nose collision, cover your eyelids.
  3. To kiss for the first time in this way you need to start by first closing and gradually opening your lips, making it as slow as possible.
  4. If he is not against the “French kiss,” open and relax your lips a little, make him slightly press one of your lips with his lips.
  5. Open and close your mouth again, sticking out your tongue, making movements similar to licking a candy.
  6. Tongue movements should be smooth, soft.

And how does a guy kiss for the first time with a girl with a tongue, and breathe? Your breathing should be through the nose. If your tongue is in your partner’s mouth, you can fantasize: hold it in the sky, touch his teeth, tongue. A responsive man will make the first French kiss become the most sensual and give an unforgettable experience to both.

Tips for young people

Every young man who wants to make an impression on the girl he likes should feel confident and be able to kiss - beautifully, correctly and very romantic.

To match the image of a confident man and leave a lasting impression of the first kiss, you need to know how to behave on a first date and how to kiss a girl for the first time on the lips.

What to do and what not to do on a date?

The first kiss with a girl is a wonderful event. Most of the young men bother too much about this. Only the right attitude can control the situation.

You will understand when you can kiss a girl for the first time, from all of the following:

  1. Do not rush things and do not act against her will, otherwise a good slap in the face and termination of communication are guaranteed. Her high spirits, gleam in her eyes - the "green light" of approval.
  2. The beautiful half of the floor loves when it smells good from a man. Perfume should not be sharp and cloying. A refreshing, light scent is an ideal solution, especially in summer.
  3. Show gentlemanly qualities: give a hand, open the door, move the chair in the cafe for the first time and in subsequent meetings. In a word, do everything so that she feels protection.
  4. Present flowers, not necessarily a large and expensive bouquet. He will be a manifestation of tenderness and feelings.

How to kiss a girl for the first time so that it will be remembered forever? To understand how to kiss a girl for the first time on the lips, you need to create a tactile contact. But if a lady cleans, crosses her arms, moves aside, or asks in a direct text that you do not touch her, you must urgently stop and apologize. You didn’t like it, it happens. Impossible to please everyone, this is normal. Jokes, sharp remarks regarding her appearance, hobbies, friends, family are in any case unacceptable, this is not the best option for conversation.

For the first time, a list of common incidents on a date should include:

  • the question of the possibility of a kiss,
  • excessive touch
  • abstract conversations after what is happening,
  • ridiculous phrases and comments.

How to kiss a girl on the lips?

Many magazines touch on the topic of “How to Kiss a Girl on the Lips for the First Time”. It will always be relevant; nothing changes from year to year.

To kiss a girl correctly for the first time, you must:

  • to avoid a large crowd of people, since there is a great risk of meeting acquaintances, and suddenly she doesn’t want anyone to know about it yet - such an atmosphere pinches, does not allow to fully open up, enjoy each other,
  • a look and an unobtrusive smile solve a lot, if not all, touch her hair, gently holding her ear, if she does not look away, you are on the right track,
  • reach out to her lips, gently touch them with your mouth,
  • start kissing gently for the first time, watch her reaction.

If the young woman reciprocates, do not stop. Hug by the shoulders, pat the chin and cheeks a little.

How to kiss with the tongue?

How to kiss a girl with a tongue for the first time? Start with the traditional option:

  1. Without opening your lips, kiss a couple of times in a row.
  2. Swipe the tip of your tongue over your lips, as if licking it.
  3. After that, your partner should reciprocate, that is, open her lips.
  4. If this does not happen, stick your tongue into your mouth a little.

Did not help? Do not continue, which means she did not have the desire to kiss “in French” for the first time.

If for the first time everything goes as planned, continue to “examine” the beloved's mouth, going through your teeth with your tongue. It is possible to approach such a moment if people trust each other, there are no physical barriers between them in order to kiss for the first time. Kissing for her is a magical feeling of “butterflies in her stomach”, a bright, incomparable feeling.