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Golden Wedding - 50 Years Together

50 years of marriage - a golden wedding. The couple, who lived together for half a century, overcame all hardships, learned to listen, understand and forgive each other. Spouses managed to carry through the years their love, sincerity of feelings, mutual understanding, respect. 50 years from the wedding day is a jubilee date, which should be celebrated on a grand scale, surrounded by relatives and friends. How to celebrate a golden anniversary and what to give anniversaries?

What wedding

50 years of marriage are called a golden wedding. Gold is a precious, shiny metal that is highly priced and admirable. Over the years, the married couple polished their feelings to a brilliance, the couple understood the value of their union, learned to value each other.

There is a good tradition for a golden wedding - to exchange new wedding rings. They will become a symbol of a strong and reliable marriage, tested over the years.

On this day, husband and wife perform a beautiful ritual. They light pre-prepared golden candles and pass them on to their children with the appropriate words. According to signs, such a ritual will make the young family stronger, help them live in love, peace and harmony until their own golden wedding.

How to celebrate

Celebrate 50 years of living together should be on a grand scale. There are many scenarios for the celebration, and each couple can choose the most suitable option for themselves.

The most common way to celebrate is to have a wedding ceremony. Invite children, grandchildren, all relatives and friends to the celebration. Book your evening in a cafe or restaurant where you can celebrate a grand holiday. At such a solid anniversary, jokes and ridicule are inappropriate, but you should not give up dancing. To create a romantic atmosphere, try to find a song to which you first danced as a husband and wife 50 years ago.

On their wedding anniversary, the heroes of the day should look smart. A beautiful dress in bright colors will help a woman create a festive look. Golden elements are obligatory in the outfit: buttons, belt, scarf. Gold jewelry can complement the image: earrings, bracelet, chain, engagement ring. If desired, a woman can wear her wedding veil.

The groom should put on a suit that will give solidity and emphasize the solemnity of the event. As jewelry, you can use a tie clip or cufflinks, a ring or a chain of gold. A mandatory element is a boutonniere of fresh flowers.

You can celebrate a golden wedding in a relaxed family atmosphere. Anniversaries gather only the most near and dear ones, set the festive table, and receive congratulations to them.

For serving, use a beautiful table set, golden candlesticks and many fresh flowers as a symbol of prosperity. For decoration, choose yellow roses, chrysanthemums or lilies. Balloons will help to create a special holiday atmosphere.

The decoration of the table should be a large wedding cake. The culprits of the celebration at the end of the evening together, like 50 years ago, cut the festive treats and treat everyone present.

At a golden wedding, there should be a large wedding cake on the table.

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Gift to husband

You can delight a man on the 50th wedding anniversary with a gold tie clip or cufflinks, a beautiful icon or a cross made of precious metal. Also, the spouse will like things that give warmth and comfort: a home dressing gown, a sweater made of soft yarn, pajamas.

Gifts that bring positive emotions or make life easier will be no less pleasant. It can be a trip to a sanatorium, a warm plaid, a comfortable rocking chair, tools, watches. On this day, the wife can remind her husband how much he is loved and necessary, to surround him with attention and care.

Gift to wife

It is good if the day of the golden wedding begins for a woman with the aroma of her beloved tea and a huge bouquet of chic flowers. It can be yellow roses or lilies, chamomiles or chrysanthemums. The ideal option is a composition of flowers adored by his wife. Such an awakening will give a charge of vivacity and good mood for the whole day.

A symbolic anniversary gift - a gold product. Please a woman with earrings, a bracelet, a chain or a ring made of precious metal. With this gift, the spouse once again shows how dear to him is his half.

As a gift for your wife, you can also choose a warm scarf, floor lamp, chandelier, a set of dishes with gilding. A woman will be delighted with presentations that will help make the house more comfortable. Among them - a carpet, bedspread, soft pillows, wall clocks, a picture or portrait of a beloved.

What guests give

For 50 years of wedding, it is customary to give special gifts. When choosing a presentation, focus on the wishes and interests of the couple, and also calculate your budget.

Children often give their parents gold or gilded items. It can be jewelry, golden crosses or icons, watches, figurines or candlesticks. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren give grandfather and grandmother touching hand-made cards.

On the day of the wedding anniversary, the son of the heroes of the day should give his mother a scarf embroidered with gold. A woman covers their shoulders and does not remove it until the end of the evening.

A good gift would be a presentation or an album with family pictures of anniversaries. This will allow spouses to remember youth, the best moments of sincere happiness and fun. You can also make a video recording the congratulations of all relatives and friends. Such a gift will not only give vivid emotions on the day of the celebration, but will remain a long memory for the anniversaries.

Gifts for a golden wedding may not be so symbolic:

  • Household appliances that facilitate housekeeping: vacuum cleaner, electric kettle, microwave, slow cooker.
  • Health products that are relevant for an elderly couple: tonometer, inhaler, massage foot bath.
  • Textiles that help create special comfort in a family nest: a set of bed linen, warm blankets, towels, bedspreads. You can also present curtains or a new tulle as a gift.
  • Things for a hobby or entertainment that will help you have fun and interesting activities: board games, a set for knitting or fishing tackle.
  • Kitchen utensils: a set of pots or pans, beautiful glasses, a table or tea set.
  • The best gift for body and soul will be a ticket to a sanatorium or a recreation center on the sea coast. This will not only give the jubilees positive emotions, but also help to improve health.


During the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the wedding, words of congratulations and beautiful wishes are addressed to the anniversaries. The guests wish the heroes of the triumph of health, love, harmony, long life. It will be especially pleasant for spouses to hear a poem in their honor.

Silver at the temples and humility in the heart,
There were honey in life, but also a lot of pepper,
For half a century you walked patiently
They divided everything into two and raised children!
Golden she, your wedding today
It was evident that there was the permission of the Lord,
So that you always live in peace, goodness,
Although they worked in sweat, they did not complain at all!
May the sun of love shine just as brightly on you
Great-grandchildren, grandchildren and children adore you,
There will be joy in the hearts and warmth, and joy,
Fifty years together - a golden reward!

Let your wedding be golden
Will be filled with love!
I wish you with all my heart
Wealth, peace and health!
Let your relationship be
Warm with warmth and tenderness!
May give every moment
You are a sea of ​​joy and light!

50 years of marriage - a significant date, evidence of love and trembling feelings. Celebrate the golden wedding in your native, fun company, accepting congratulations, gifts and sincere wishes.

50th anniversary of family life

A golden wedding marks a 50-year relationship. It received the name in honor of strong and durable noble metal. Gold is not in vain considered to be the equivalent of the value of all material. Its value was highly appreciated in ancient times. Today, the wealth of a country is judged by the amount of accumulated gold fund. This metal brings its owner deliverance from mental anguish, charges with positive energy. It strengthens self-confidence, helps to overcome various problems.
The golden anniversary in the life of loving people is not in vain associated with this noble metal. The relationship of the spouses passed a test of strength. They proved that loving and respecting the same person for half a century is not uncommon, but a reality that has become reality through the example of two people.

Customs, traditions

The golden wedding is rich in its customs and traditions. On this significant day, they organize a magnificent celebration, gather guests. The fiftieth anniversary is a grandiose event, at which it is customary to shower “newlyweds” with gold coins, rice grains. There is a certain continuity in this. Exactly 50 years ago, a countdown was given to the day when the rain of well-being began to pour on the spouses. Today, all the guests gathered at the event wish that the same stream “pursued” the spouses in subsequent years.
On this day, spouses who have passed together 50 years exchange rings. The first exchange took place on the day of the wedding, then the couple exchanged wedding rings in a sign of love and fidelity. The second exchange took place on the day of the celebration of the silver wedding. A golden wedding is a great occasion to exchange gold rings again.

Golden wedding - what to give?

The question of what to present is in front of everyone invited to this event. A golden wedding is a very important event in the life of spouses, therefore it is necessary to approach the issue of choosing a gift with all responsibility. Since the financial possibilities of the guests are different, the decision on what to give each person decides individually.
That the gift made the heroes of the day smile and moved to the core.