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Small models: the best short models, show conditions, clothing styles and a successful career


The main criteria are your age, parameters and of course growth.

You can start a Model career from 14 to 21 years old, up to a maximum of 23 years.
Less is too early to start, and more is too late.

The volume of your hips should NOT exceed 90 cm. If more, you must definitely lose weight. Models are different. They may be small and not beautiful. They can even seem scary. But they are never fat.

In addition, if you are short, but less than 16 years old, then you have a lot of chances, grow up - if you DO NOT smoke, you will eat right and perform certain exercises and instructions that are taught at the FIGARO Model School for young girls growth.

On the beauty of the face. If you do not have obvious physical defects, but you consider yourself ugly, then for the most part this is always NOT that way.

Even one flaw on the face, this is NOT a sentence in the modeling business. There are many models with protruding ears, a long nose, or close-set eyes. Often this is even a plus in appearance. So to speak, its highlight. You can verify this by looking at how supermodels look without makeup on

Of course, if you have too many of these highlights, then you better try yourself in another profession.

Small exceptions to the rules

Girls who have achieved great success and recognition in the fashion industry do not always have high growth and ideal proportions. Indeed, there are podium stars whose height does not exceed 170 cm.

Perhaps the most famous girl model of small stature, can be considered the famous British model Kate Moss. Her height is 168 cm, which is quite far from the model ideal. However, this did not stop Kate from becoming the highest paid top model in the world once. She has participated in shows of brands such as Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

Low height, only 171 cm, did not prevent the American model Charlotte Free from becoming the star of many world shows. In 2015, this little pink-haired girl opened the Chanel cruise collection show, and she is currently the face of Maybelline cosmetics company.

Thumbelina Fashion World

One of the most brilliant models of the smallest growth can be called Devon Aoki - this is a girl with a bright exotic appearance and a height of 165 cm. Her career began at 13 years old, when the casting director Calvin Klein accidentally noticed the girl. Her career in the fashion world was dizzying, the model repeatedly shone at Calvin Klein shows. Due to the unusual appearance (Devon is half Japanese, half American), the girl constantly receives invitations from the best fashion houses.

One of the most famous models of small stature is our compatriot - Anya Konstantinova. Despite the absolutely “not podium height” 163 cm, the girl became one of the most sought-after top models of the planet. She collaborates with several agencies at once, her photo adorns the covers of many fashion magazines.

Growth is not the main criterion

For young beauties who dream of a career in the fashion world, it is important to know that high growth is far from the only requirement for casting agencies. Such qualities as photogenicity and good plasticity are extremely important, because sometimes you need to freeze in an uncomfortable position for a winning photo. You must be able to express any emotion that the photographer wants to see. And, preferably, do it easily and with pleasure.

Good physical shape and endurance are no less important, because the work of the model can only be superficially called light. The shows last for hours, and preparation for them is often debilitating.

And for a successful career as a model, you need to learn to perceive the world positively and with humor. The world of fashion is quite strict towards beginners, and a good mood can help you endure temporary difficulties.

Model Directions

Despite the growth criterion for models, small women are often invited to shoot in the catalogs of casual clothes and accessories. You can also try yourself in commercials on television. Or think about participating in the advertising of cosmetic products, where growth is often absolutely not important, but fascinating glamorous photos are needed.

For a model with a small stature and a beautiful body, a career of a “linen” model may be suitable. Famous brands such as Victoria's Secret invite girls with beautiful shapes and perfect skin to show. For example, the height of Alexandra Ambrosio, whose photo in a swimsuit often adorns the cover of the Victoria's Secret catalog, is only a little over 170 cm.

You can try yourself as a part-model (from the English body part (part). This is a girl who shows especially beautiful body parts: well-groomed hands, beautiful eyes with thick eyelashes or chic hair. Such models are in demand in advertising jewelry and cosmetics , and growth there will not make any difference.

An example of success in this area of ​​the modeling business can be Stacy Hannet, the owner of beautiful eyes with thick voluminous eyelashes. She is more than in demand in the shooting of advertising of decorative cosmetics of world brands. Or Jemma Jay Sar, who is now 24 years old. Photos of her beautiful lips and a mysterious smile adorn Tatler pages and M&S catalogs.

Fashion for graceful girls

Sometimes a petite girl just needs to choose the right clothes to become visually taller, while preserving harmony and fragility.

The optimal models of dresses for small stature will be models of weightless, flowing fabrics that emphasize the figure. The length of the skirt to the knees looks good, which favorably emphasizes the slender legs.

It is a misconception that short dresses are not suitable for short girls. Even as they fit! Just do not choose lush outfits made of thick fabric, stop at the fitted models with freely falling skirts made of soft fabric.

Ensembles with a v-neck and an emphasis on the waist look very harmoniously on small models.

Tiny girls do not need to be shy to wear brightly colored clothes. Of course, the main thing is not to overdo it, but a bright stylish raincoat or dress with a smell of an actual shade will not let you get lost in the crowd.

The main rule for the selection of clothing - it should ideally fit the figure. Subject to the correct proportions, even with small stature, the choice of stylish clothes is not limited.

Beginner Tips

In order to start a career as a model, it will not be enough just beautiful appearance and desire. First of all, you need to find a good professional photographer who will help you take pictures for your portfolio. It’s better to turn to several professionals, then the portfolio will turn out to be more interesting and diverse.

For a novice model, it is optimal to look for a photographer in whose studio they will help put on the right makeup for close-up shots. A young model of small stature during a photo shoot on the street needs a perspective in which her small stature will not be noticeable. And, of course, do not take pictures next to people whose growth is much higher.

When deciding which agencies to send resumes and portfolios to, you can include in the list those where you are filming body parts or developing catalogs of clothes and shoes.

It practically does not matter how tall a girl is, if there is a strong desire to make a career in the fashion industry. The profession of the model has many directions, and such a highlight as a short stature can help you gain the profession of a dream.