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Do-it-yourself children's book - varieties, tips, step-by-step instructions


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Making a book out of paper is a simple and exciting experience. The book can serve as a diary, a notebook for drawing, or a pleasant home-made gift. Children will also surely enjoy making such a book with their own hands. A paper book made by yourself will be much cheaper than a ready-made notebook, and you can choose any cover and pages to your liking.

Varieties of the first books

Depending on the purpose of use, homemade products can be of several types:

  1. For knowledge and development.
  2. Book of photos.
  3. Book made of cloth.

The very first book for a one-year-old son or daughter is easy to make from a set of cardboard. You should choose pictures with large, vivid drawings of objects that the child is familiar with.

It is advisable to make a thematic book - about toys, animals, etc. And it’s even better to collect pictures in a book about some kind of toy, animal: “What is he doing here? And in this picture? What he eats?"

Pictures can be found in advertising catalogs of shops, choose from coloring books, print from the Internet, draw by yourself, take photos.

Homemade from a photo album

To purchase a not very thick photo album, sheets of white cardboard, prepare drawings on the intended topic, paste, assemble into an album. If you want to keep for a long time on top laminate or paste over with tape.

Book from album sheets

Take blank sheets from the album, fold in half and flash the middle (you can use the hole punch). Fill the pages with pictures on the intended topic and make captions to them.

You can make a children's fairy tale book with your own hands. Choose colorful pictures from a familiar and beloved kid fairy tale. Teach him to retell it using a book.

Homemade in the album

An ordinary drawing album is suitable. We begin to make out directly from the cover - we glue one of the thematic pictures and write the name. Fill the sheets with pictures or draw them yourself. You can add words from baby talk, first phrases, photos of small crafts. The album will be updated with the growth of the child.

You can develop kids from photographs of himself and loved ones. A photobook can be made in one of the listed ways, filling it with photographs of a sufficiently large size.

Be sure to write texts that carry useful information. For example, if this is a photo of your dog, you can write woof. Or briefly describe what the baby does in the photo.

The photo book can be thematic: “Our Murka”, “Our Watchdog”, “Our Ass”, “My Cars”, etc.

Homemade Textile Book

They are valuable for the environmental friendliness of the material. In their manufacture are usually used sound-producing parts, all kinds of fasteners, accessories such as beads, appliqués. Fleece, cotton, linen, wool and other types are suitable.

Types of soft books:

  • The sun with which you can play. Sew laces around the sun so that the child can braid pigtails and tie ribbons.
  • Butterflies in pockets. Divide the entire field into large squares of different colors. Sew butterflies of the same colors. To teach the kid to invest butterflies in squares by colors. Further develop hand motility: "The blue butterfly flew into the red field." The child moves the butterfly at the prompt.

It’s a good idea to make do-it-yourself children's little books with fairy tales that you have already read or told your child. They will perfectly help the dialogue with the child: “What did the mouse do? How did grandma sing? Where did the kid hide? ”

The purpose of making homemade books is primarily the development of the baby.

Photos of homemade children's books

Question answer

You can work with the same book for a long time. Learn words, actions, colors, qualities. For example, you made a book for the girl “My Dolls”. Initially, according to her, the child will learn to call them by name, then you can pay her attention to parts of the face - ears, nose, forehead, etc., on items of clothing, doll actions, color of dresses - all this gradually, as the girl grows up. There are many game opportunities for every homemade book.

The topic depends on the age of the child, on his interests. The initial topics for the youngest children are basically the same - toys, food, fruits, objects in the room, familiar characters. It is possible separately for each especially favorite toy, an object to which the baby is attached.

Book publishers produce products with smaller pictures. They are suitable for babies from about 3 years old. And for the development of the smallest, it is better to do a book with thematic pictures ourselves.