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How to filter drone from vuvuzel

The advantage of this option is that, despite the additional gestures, you do not need a computer. This method can be applied directly to a TV or radio.

  1. 1 Find the equalizer. Use the equalizer on the radio if you listen through it, or on the TV if it is in it. If necessary, read the instructions for the radio or TV on how to change the equalizer settings.
  2. 2 Adjust the hardware equalizer settings. We recommend reducing the frequency to the minimum values ​​of your equipment. Try reducing the sound level at 235 Hz and 465 Hz to about 40 decibels. After which the hum should become much quieter, or completely disappear.
  3. 3 Continue to change frequencies until you are satisfied with the sound. If you consider that all TVs are different from each other, then you will have to determine the best sound parameters as the last resort. What to consider:
    • Sound level of voices of commentators.
    • An opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere.
    • The comfort level of all people watching the broadcast.

Method 2 Tuning the Treble or Speakers (TV or Radio)

  1. 1 If you cannot find the equalizer on your TV or radio, or simply do not want to shaman with it, try using the high-frequency control of your TV. Find the regulator and lower the parameters to the bottom. This should reduce the noise from the vuvuzel to an acceptable level.
  2. 2 If you have a surround sound system, try adjusting the speakers. Turn down the volume of the speaker where the crowd is heard, and increase the volume of where the commentator’s voice comes from. Continue adjusting the speakers until you reach an acceptable balance.

How to filter drone from vuvuzel

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If you are tired that the World Cup broadcast is turning into a cacophony of a vuvuzel, you will be pleased to know that you can drown them out a little. Here are some ways to drown out the buzz.

Method 3 A simple option with free software (using a computer)

In this method, you will need to use a computer connected to a radio or television. The advantages of this method are that the program will do everything for you. The only settings that you will need to make yourself depend on the age and power of your computer.

  1. 1 Go to the National Instruments website. Download free software from here:. There are versions for Windows and Mac available, so choose the one that suits you.
  2. 2 Install the program. If you do not have a Lab View Run-Time engine, you will also need to install this (free).
  3. 3 Connect your computer to the TV audio stream.
    • If the TV has an audio output, connect a sound card to it. Connect your regular sound device (speakers or headphones) to the sound card.
  4. 4 Listen and determine if the sound is better. If necessary, adjust the frequency on your computer. The need and extent of the settings changes will depend on the power of your computer.

[edit] Description

Vuvuzela is a plastic pipe about a meter long that makes a monotonous, vile, dirty noise when it is blowing, reminiscent of the buzz of bees flies over a bunch of shit. One pipe can make a person deaf. As a result, the players feel like at a spaceport, and commentators cannot shout down this hell. Even when watching the foot of the ball on TV, the audience then buzzes all day in the head. And given the fact that the pipe vuvuzit at frequencies within the frequency range of the human voice, it is not so easy to put a filter on it, although it works in some models of zombies.

The sound of a subject can be easily simulated by adding a hunting decoy to a trombone or sax and picking up a note approximately corresponding to the B-flat of a small octave, however, for obvious reasons, the method is not applicable in a real stadium.

[edit] Srach

I'm trying to enjoy the vuvuzela concert and some prick keeps playing football

Vuvuzeloschar is very widespread in the corresponding environment between supporters and opponents of vuvuzela. Opponents propose banning pipes, because they fuck everyone with their buzz. Supporters insist that the vuvuzela creates the unique spirit of South Africa. Fans of the drone ambient just turn on the telly, even if they hate football, just to enjoy 90 minutes of a lovely drone. In addition, to prohibit nigrams to blow into their national pipe is extremely politically incorrect.

The worst thing will begin when fans from Europe bring home their favorite musical and football instrument and begin to vuvuzet at local matches. Only a punitive ban will save our ears. For example, the organizers of the German mitol-festival Wacken Open Air have already secured themselves and have banned the pipe to carry to the festival. The owners of top English clubs did the same, prohibiting the transfer of racially unfaithful pipes to stadiums.