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School under the castle


People disappear in this school, strange, mysterious and sometimes even terrible events happen! It's easy to part with life here! But the original elite closed boarding school “LOGOS” was a quiet and peaceful place, as reliable as a rock. Rich parents sent their children here to receive a strong, worthy education and then successfully passed exams at prestigious universities. For children from poor families, the only pass here is remarkable abilities, winning the competition and receiving a grant for training. Yes, for the time being this school was a dream school!

So, let’s see how the boarding school in the series “Closed School” differs from ordinary schools?

There are few students in the school - only 150 people, the classes are small and the closest attention is paid to each child. Teachers are in constant contact with students, provide psychological assistance and support.
School subjects are in many ways similar to those taught in ordinary schools - these are general educational Russian, literature, biology, history, mathematics, etc.
But there are special disciplines available only to students of this elite school - so, as part of physical education classes, children learn to fencing, skiing. The teachers have plans to build a tennis court. All teachers are professionals. Classes are held at the highest level. Pupils are given a lot of time for independent training - the school has an unusually rich library, and all children have free access to it.

Accompanied by teachers, children walk in the forest, on the lake - enjoy the beautiful nature, breathe fresh air.
For students, holidays are periodically held - either Maslenitsa, or costume balls.
In the old manor, where the school is located, 3 floors. 1st floor - training, 2nd floor - residential, there are rooms for students and teachers, and on the 3rd floor there are staff.
Pupils live several people in a room. Change of linen - twice a week, cleaning of rooms and premises - every day. Students are provided with 3 meals a day, only well-cooked food made from fresh products (Galina Vasilyevna, the farm manager, is vigilantly watching this), as well as fresh fruits and milk are required in the diet!

Pupils can walk in the yard, in the area adjacent to the school.
Pupils are forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol, use drugs, be late for classes - classes begin at 9 in the morning, go outside the school territory without the accompaniment of teachers.
Pupils should: wear a uniform with the school logo - a blue sweater and a dark bottom - a skirt or trousers, sleep in their bedrooms after lights out, first-graders - also sleep during the day during a quiet hour.
They can be expelled from school for systematic misconduct - for example, they tried to expel Maxim Morozov, the son of the school’s sponsor for constant fights and rudeness, as well as for violation of other school rules.
The procedures in the LOGOS are strict, but the education is serious.
The main task of the headmaster Victor is to raise decent people from the students.

Who are difficult teens and how do they become

Difficult children and adolescents - These are children with deviant behavior. Simply put, difficult ones are children who commit acts that do not fit into generally accepted ideas about morality. They do not go to school, defiantly ignore the comments of teachers and parents, among them a large percentage of alcoholics, drug addicts and drug addicts, as well as offenders.

It is noted that the less stable the economy, the more serious the shocks that the state is experiencing, the more urgent the problem of the so-called difficult teenagers. The explanation is very simple - the more adult problems, the less time they spend with children, the less they pay attention to them. Most of the pupils in closed schools for difficult teenagers complain that their parents didn't give a damn about them. And you should not think that only marginalized children fall into this educational institution with iron bolts and a high fence. Here you can meet those whose parents are well-to-do, respected people. That's just in the pursuit of prosperity, they spent so much effort that just to talk with their own child they already had no opportunity. And what to speak with him - well fed, shod, dressed, everything is there, which is not there, then we will buy it. It turned out that to buy, no matter how corny it sounds, you can not all. For example, trusting relationships with a son or daughter are not sold or bought, but carefully, built up over the years, and at the cost of tremendous mental effort.

Whose problems are solved by a special school

Mothers are not brought to these schools by the handle - they are brought here in cars with barred windows. Get here by the verdict of the court. Well and other sad signs: a checkpoint, movement around the perimeter, iron discipline.

Of course, there are exemplary glossy establishments. So, according to media reports, a special school for teenagers has opened in Moscow, which, apparently, will become the best in Russia. It is being built on a special project. “There are a pool, greenhouses, greenhouses, gyms, workshops, a stadium and much more. The school will have its own plot of land surrounded by a fence. In general, it is not intended to put gratings in the new institution, and even the number of guards will be reduced to the very minimum so that adolescents do not feel like in prison. However, none of them will be able to leave school arbitrarily thanks to modern technical means of protection. ” Creepy, isn't it?

Of course, in special schools these children are seriously involved - they teach general subjects, try to instill at least some craft skills, socially adapt. Here, as a rule, random people do not work here. The teachers of such closed schools for difficult teenagers are high professionals who thoroughly master the methods of working with difficult children. Teaching difficult children is always associated with great difficulties - after all, most of them either did not go to school at all, or they got there very rarely. It happens that over-age students are engaged in the primary school curriculum of ordinary comprehensive schools.

Does such a closed school for difficult teenagers solve their problems? Special school employees believe that no rather than yes. After leaving such an institution, children behave decently and do not commit any unlawful actions for a month, two by force. And then again they contact the same (or another) company, and again alcohol, drugs, theft. Indeed, essentially nothing has changed - the same parents, the same friends. It turns out that, isolating a teenager, society first of all takes care of itself - out of sight, out of mind. They are not visible behind high fences - well, okay.

Is there a way out?

How to help a difficult teenagerso what should society do, so that we have as few unhappy children as possible? Prevention, and again prevention. Start with yourself. Remember how long you had a heart-to-heart talk with your child? They didn’t get into his soul, they didn’t crush with moralizing, namely they talked as with an adult, an equal.

The puberty is the most difficult. But it’s difficult, believe me, not only to you with the child, but also to him with himself. Changes that occur at the physical, hormonal levels are inevitably accompanied by changes in character. Try to follow the advice of psychologists. Do not beat around the bush, do not look for cunning "approaches", do not complain that you are not familiar with the methods of working with difficult children. Having chosen a convenient moment, directly say that, they say, you perfectly understand what is happening to him now, that you yourself went through it. And most importantly, let him know that you don’t get mad at him, but they don’t intend to let him down, because he is an adult and, therefore, must be responsible for his words and actions. And one more advice of psychologists. Find something for your child to your liking, load it to the maximum. By the way, teachers and tutors of schools for difficult teenagers follow the same path.

Or maybe a cadet?

Recently, in order to help a difficult teenager, open schools for children with deviant behavior appear, that is, adolescents enter there not by court order, but by the direction of the commission for minors or at the request of the parents. Education of difficult children here, just as in closed special schools, takes place in parallel with social adaptation, classes with a psychologist.

Well, for parents who do not feel in themselves the strength to cope with children, another opportunity has appeared today to solve the problem - entrust their education to teachers of cadet boarding schools.

The cadet school is not at all a special school and certainly not a prison. It is not necessary to teach difficult teenagers here, although for the most part these are still guys from single-parent, socially vulnerable or dysfunctional families. In other words, at risk. In cadet schools, the very prophylaxis that we spoke about is carried out precisely. Iron discipline reigns here, and the teachers of these schools see the education of real men as their task. But here they do not suppress the personality, but direct the violent energy of adolescents in the right direction, useful for them.

Today in the capital, for example, entering the cadet corps is not easy - the competition reaches seven people per seat, that is, as it has been for centuries, the cadet education is becoming elite. Of course, children from socially vulnerable families have benefits.

Well, discipline, a clear distribution of time, attentive teachers, and over the years proven methods of working with difficult children and adolescents - perhaps all this will save the teenager from the street and prevent him from turning onto a crooked path. That's just a mom and dad, not a single teacher will not replace.

It is known that society is judged by how children and the elderly live in it. Walk towards any bedroom area late in the evening - if you’re not afraid, of course. These guys with cigarettes and tin cans with cheap alcohol, leading to teenage alcoholism — someone's children. It doesn’t matter to them, it means that everything is not all right with all of us.