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How to make the viewer remember the desired map? Method 1 (Backslip)

This interesting method was published in 1921 by Percy Naldrett.

Secret Focus:

The magician fan out five cards of different colors. Then he shows the specks of cards, which are white and equipped with numbers from 1 to 5. One of the viewers selects a number, the corresponding card is deleted, and the rest are laid aside. The color is forced!
To do this, you use five large cards, on the one hand they are white and carry numbers from 1 to 5, and on the other hand, all cards are red (or of the color that it is desirable to force). One card is double, i.e. it forms a pocket open on one side. A device is placed inside it, which has the form of a card painted in different colors, as if it were four cards of different colors, revealed by a fan. This device fits easily into your pocket. The cards are at the ready on the table, the top is a double card. The liner is extended. When you pick up the bag, cover the bottom cards with your hands and hold it with the colored side towards the audience. Everyone is sure that he sees five color cards. Slide the cards together, while the device disappears in your pocket. Then flip the cards and shuffle them. Open the cards again with a fan, now in numbers to the audience. One of the viewers calls the number. You draw the appropriate card, and the rest you collect and put aside. As planned - the desired color is forced. This principle is also suitable for forcing one of 4-5 playing cards.

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Forcing a card (imposing a card). Method 1 - Backslip.

In this section, we will analyze such a card technique as imposing a card. Or as they call it - forcing a card.

Forcing a card is a hidden imposition of a card on the viewer, which occurs spontaneously and does not arouse suspicion in the viewer. BUT ... you already know this card in advance. This is the whole plus.

There are many ways to impose a card on a viewer, in this section we will look at four of them and see how you can control a viewer's card when he already remembers it and tries to hide it in the deck.

So, we look at the first method of imposing a card. It is called Backslip.