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Scoliosis and pain to relieve pain


Unevenly developed muscles, areas of the back with different muscle tone, heaviness while maintaining one position of the body for a long time - all this causes pain in scoliosis. There are some body positions that are especially difficult to hold.

But we cannot completely limit such movements. Life requires mobility from us. Scoliosis becomes the limiter of our lives.
What to do? How to regain the ability to continue acting without pain?

The following simple yoga techniques will help you relieve pain. They can be performed as a kind of rest during work. They do not require special conditions or physical fitness.

Technique 1. Starting position sitting on a chair. Sit on the edge of a chair, freely put your hands on your knees and stretch your crown to the sky. Feel your back and try to reach as high as possible.

As you inhale, raise your hands up and put your fingers together in the lock. Turn your palms up and stretch again well.

Take another breath and exhale lean to the left, hold the position of 3 breaths while inhaling, stretch up and exhale lean to the right. And again hold the position the same time.
As you inhale, stretch up and as you exhale, try to take your arms as far as your head, and pull your chin to your chest. Hold this position also for 3 breaths.

After that, inhale, stretch up and exhale lower your hands.

Technique 2. On the inhale, stretch the crown of your head up, and on the exhale lower the body forward.

Try to pull your stomach down and put it on your legs, lower your head freely, feel the weight of your head, lower your hands down and relax them. Breathe freely and mentally stroke your back from the tailbone to the crown of the head.

With each exhalation release tension, hold position convenient for you time.

After complete relaxation, climb up and stretch your crown to the sky. Feel the back stretch again. Breathe calmly and get back to your business.

And now the most important thing. Take a break from your computer monitor and follow these simple techniques. Only practice gives results.

Natalya Maratovna Rozhnova

Psychologist. Specialist from the site

chiropractor, yoga

Medical gymnastics helps me, fairly easy exercises, 20 minutes a day. I have scoliosis, my back starts to hurt - I’m starting to work, the spine is somehow stretched out, it becomes easier.

develop the other hand, on the hand that is lower than any loads, even if I carry an empty bag on my right shoulder, my back hurts right away (scoliosis on the right shoulder is lower than the left)

and I have scoliosis of 1 sephena. in childhood went to physical therapy, swimming pool. now scored. I want an ellipsoid true. massage is really a good thing

Easy gymnastics + necessarily stretching the back: nose to the knees with straight legs, or standing with the palms on the floor. To do every day.

chiropractor, yoga

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with scoliosis, yoga is contraindicated

It is necessary to consult a chiropractor.

And I had the same problem, my friend the doctor advised me the device Posture Master. Since I was very hunched over. After 30 days, the body developed the habit of walking straight and the pain was gone!

I understand that it is necessary to strengthen the spine swimming and exercise therapy. But now it all hurts :( how to relieve pain? Only massage comes to mind, but it's not enough What else is being done? / Qu
Stop by and try, (video tablet for the back) usually releases right away. Type in the search phrase from the brackets. Bless you!

The pains are absolutely wild, tearing the chest, perspiration, dizziness. What a yoga. I tried everything, How not spazmalgon helped strangely?

I have scoliosis of the 4th degree, back pain is unbearable. I am saved by ointment on red capsicum.

I have scoliosis of the 1st degree, I’m 12 years old. All the time I was hunched over, but now I try to keep my posture, although I still often “sag”. I do physical education sometimes, I still don’t know how to swim (my little sister learned to swim yesterday. And I can’t even keep my posture in a swimsuit. I try to wear very heavy things (dumbbells, buckets of water, large boulder stones, etc.) as much as possible. e.) This year, we barely persuaded mom and dad to go to the lake. Hooray! How much joy there was. In the past, we didn’t swim, didn’t relax at all - even on big holidays I worked. I would like to learn to swim, but I it’s weak, I can’t quickly row, and I’m drowning, if I’m already higher than waist-high, without my mother and father will not go. Maybe if she could just a little swim, my scoliosis would pass .. Oh, I pimped unhappy))))))

Lovely girl, you just touched me! Now you are already 15 years old. In no case do not carry such weights, take care of your back. Find exercises on the Internet to strengthen your back muscles, and indeed muscle corset. The clinic should have an exercise therapy room. I have been living with scoliosis for over 30 years. Gymnastics should be daily. Now, of course, the pains are severe, but before almost did not feel discomfort. I sincerely wish you to find the strength in yourself to work on yourself and feel good!

Dear girl, you have not left my mind for several days now, I feel sorry for you to tears. I really want to help you. If you ever see this my message, answer me! I will help you with all my heart! Please, find yourself.

My address is [email protected] write.

I have scoliosis of the 4th degree, back pain is unbearable. I am saved by ointment on red capsicum.

Good afternoon. How is your back? My mother has stage 4 scoliosis. Everyone tried it. They offer surgery, but we refuse the consequences. And there is no guarantee that it will be better.

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Methods of treating scoliosis

If you experience pain in the back, you should definitely consult a surgeon. After all, it is a specialist who, after a thorough examination of the patient, is able to prescribe the correct therapeutic treatment for scoliosis. As a rule, the tactics of treating such a disease are based on conservative as well as operational techniques.

Conservative therapy includes the wearing of corsets and the implementation of the hood, electrical stimulation, physiotherapy, normalization of the motor regime, limitation of loads. In addition, manual therapy has high efficiency in the fight against scoliosis, the effect of which is to correct the deformity with the help of special techniques that guide the joints to the correct position.

In addition, it is considered important to perform daily physical exercises that allow for a long period of time to fix the degree of curvature of the spinal column at the same level. With degenerative scoliosis, medical treatment of concomitant pathologies is recommended. Also, during the treatment of this disease, the appointment of a specialized diet consisting of proteins, minerals and vitamins is indicated. In addition, with the formation of scoliosis, correction of excess body weight and obesity should be carried out.

In the absence of the expected action from conservative treatment and with increasing pain, they resort to surgical intervention. Often, surgical treatment is used when it is not possible to stop the further progression of the disease. In addition, the operational method helps to relieve the load directly on the internal organs and eliminate a cosmetic defect.