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10 rules on how to make useful contacts


Genuine communication is the search for ways to make other people happy. The main thing is to give more than you receive.

If you build your career and life with the help and support of friends and acquaintances, then this has undeniable advantages, since: you will never have to be bored and you will always learn something new about yourself, other people, about business and the environment the world, as well as the circle of acquaintances, providing you support and opening up many opportunities for development, is very important in the modern world.

To create such a circle of communication, you have to work hard. To do this, you need to think not only about yourself, but also about others. If you decide to help others, so that you can, on occasion, turn to them for help yourself, then you will understand how powerful this tactic can become to achieve your goals. It will enrich your life, surround it with an ever-growing, thin and responsive network of friends who care about you just like you do about them.

So, the basic principles of building a network of friends:

  1. Do not waste time on modesty. Catch every moment. Do not hesitate if you can do something or believe that you can. All genius, strength and magic are in courage.
  2. Look for people in the field you need. Whether it’s a business, a career in a particular company, or just a hobby group.
  3. First you, then you. First of all, it is necessary to stop conducting mutual calculations of good deeds. You can’t build a network of mutually beneficial relations, saving your acquaintances only for yourself. The more people you help, the more support you will receive in return.
  4. Get ready in advance. If you are going to a company or meeting with an important person, find any information about him or the company in advance. Knowing the case or the interests of a person will always benefit you.
  5. Write down contacts people you meet.
  6. After a conversation / meeting with the right person, immediately arrange your next meeting. It is worth reminding yourself not to lose contact. Otherwise, this person will remain just a number in your notebook.
  7. You need to look for people in advance. And not at the moment when you suddenly needed help. Meet people for friendship, not just for profit.
  8. Do not eat alone. Sharing lunch with a person is a great way to establish communication in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Invite the right people to dine with you.
  9. Join circles of acquaintances. In familiar circles of acquaintances, new connections may also be born that are also useful for you.

Are useful career connections important?

According to a study by a large American company IBM, conducted in the 90s of the last century, 60% of career success depends on personal connections. The company’s expert on personnel issues believes that this trend has continued to this day. In his opinion, career cannot be built on professionalism alone. In order for an employee to “grow”, it is necessary that they know about him, appreciate him and tell others about his successes. After all, we can say that success, which has remained unnoticed and not received publicity, does not exist.

1. First of all, we need to decide what we want

For example: to go to work abroad, change the type of activity, achieve career growth, etc. Based on this, a further strategy is being developed. I need to ask myself three questions: who can help me realize my plans, where can I get to know the people I need and what can I give them in return?

3. We use the Internet

Thanks to the Internet, you can get a lot of useful connections without even leaving your home. A lot of groups, united by a variety of interests that are created in social networks, suggest great opportunities for choosing new friends. The art of making new acquaintances and conducting small talk, unfortunately, is not subject to many. Virtual relationships allow a person to feel free and have the ability to communicate. In the future, virtual communications may well develop into real ones.

4. Practice shows that often useful connections are made completely by accident

In the end, all the people who surround us can at any moment turn out to be our new useful acquaintances. But “water does not flow under a lying stone”, therefore, in any case, personal initiative is important. Here we can recall a joke about a believer who asked God for a long time to help him win the lottery and finally turned to him with reproaches that he would not heed his prayers. To which the Lord replied: “Have you bought at least one lottery ticket?”

5. Be neat

Nobody likes to get to know people who are groomed and messy, even if they can be useful. Our appearance is our business card.

Psychologists believe that a person needs only 7 secondsto evaluate a stranger and “pronounce a sentence on him” - who he is: a possible friend, competitor, or he can be ignored. This is the so-called first impression. Therefore, hoping to make a useful acquaintance, and, as we mentioned, it can happen anytime, anywhere, you should not neglect your appearance.

6. No one will want to maintain a relationship with a person if he is not interested

Many, obviously, had to meet people with a very attractive appearance, but a poor inner world. And vice versa, people with physical disabilities, who at the same time were the soul of the company. Anyone who has a great sense of humor is a good storyteller and can maintain a relaxed conversation, friendly and helpful, always attracts people, has a large circle of friends and has useful connections.

9. However, one cannot narrow the circle of acquaintances too much.

After all, in the end, we need useful connections not only in business life, but also in private. Therefore, you should not focus only on people of the same profession with us. We look for the same useful connections when we need a dentist, hairdresser, plumber, teacher.

By the way, not so long ago useful communications were called “blat” - “by blat” they bought furniture, got a job, went to college, went to the hospital. In fact, “blat” was the same useful connections. Although, of course, this word carried a negative charge, since it meant receiving certain benefits not due to personal merit, but bypassing others - “from the back door”.

10. Useful relationships must be established in advance, even before they may be needed.

Moreover, it is important that both parties express such a desire. We cannot rely on the fact that we will be constantly provided with services in response to our requests for help, and we ourselves will shy away from any obligations. That is, it is impossible to relate to useful relationships consumerly, simply using other people to achieve their goals. As they say, it is necessary not only to take, but also to give: “Debt by payment is beautiful.”

But one should not go too far - having done someone a favor, immediately hinted to a person that it would be nice to “pay”: "You - to me, I - to you!".

Speaking about the usefulness of useful connections, we can rather recall the words of the Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius:

“People were born to help each other, as the hand helps the hand, foot to foot and upper jaw - lower ...”

How to find out if a person will be useful?

Surely, everyone wants to spend a minimum of time and effort, and everyone wants to get the maximum benefit. We know in advance about the benefits of an eaten apple or a morning run. And how to evaluate the benefits of a new acquaintance? Everything is similar here. From a single fruit or a single charge, you will not feel a visible result. Therefore, take the advantage of networking as an axiom and expand your network of contacts. It is difficult in advance to appreciate the importance of a particular contact. One acquaintance will be invaluable tomorrow, and another only in a year ... But for this, steps in networking should be done today. Networking is the benefit of prolonged action.

I don’t need connections!

The importance of networking for business is clear. Having reliable partners, competent employees, skilled managers, you feel more confident. And the opportunity to attract an investor or expand the customer base will only strengthen the company's position. Many of these contacts can be found using networking tools.

Outside of business, networking is also invaluable. Arrange a child in kindergarten, make an appointment with a doctor, get documents out of turn, ask for the best conditions of service, find a proven pastry chef, seamstress or nanny.

How to search for the “right people”?

Very often, a person who has decided to strengthen his useful contacts begins with what he starts in search of new acquaintances. It takes time and requires energy and strength. Chaotic networking does not lead to a visible result, and hands drop. However, each person already has enough acquaintances that can become the basis of a powerful network of contacts. Most of these connections are "frozen." Once I was familiar with a person, but for many years did not communicate ...

Take an inventory of old relationships.

Get out your school photo and write out in a column of all classmates. On the contrary, write down where he lives, who he works with, what his hobbies are. To collect this data to start look at the social networks. Start with those you find there. Then, by chain, by correspondence or from telephone conversations, gather information about all the other classmates. This information will help you find the intersection of interests to restore and strengthen relations with each of them. And also makes it clear on what issue you can contact your school friend.

According to the same scheme, take an inventory of classmates, colleagues from former places of work, people with whom you rested in a sanatorium together, were at sports camps, went to one circle or section.

During such an inventory, you will receive about a hundred contacts. I am sure that among them you will find many useful connections.

Forward to new horizons!

Networking is a continuous process. The value of the network must be increased by adding new contacts to it, and old connections require constant nourishment of relations, otherwise they will weaken. To then restore them will require efforts comparable to acquiring a new acquaintance.

Before you make new acquaintances, decide what is important to you at the moment. What goal do you want to achieve. What kind of task are you thinking now. Having a goal will provide a guideline where to direct your efforts in networking.

If it’s difficult to get to know you, you are shy or don’t know where to start, then go to the place where people are already set up for communication. It can be various conferences, forums, specialized exhibitions, presentations and creative meetings, festivals and vernissages, fitness centers and interest clubs. Choose the most suitable event based on your goals.

Ask yourself the question: “Where, with a greater probability, will I find a person who will help solve my problem or bring me closer to achieving my goal?”

the Internet
The right people can be found on the Internet. Join the groups that are relevant to the topic of your goal, subscribe to opinion leaders in the field of the task at hand. Start commenting on posts, discuss suggested topics, and chat with other subscribers. Your activity should be high enough, but not like spam and flood. Reading other people's comments, exchanging opinions with community members, you will find the people you need or you can ask them to recommend someone to you.

Request a recommendation
In networking, you need to build a network, and not let out individual rays. Getting acquainted with a person, continue to build a chain - to get acquainted with his friends, with contacts from his environment. so your networking will really be like building a network. If you do not go beyond the first handshake, then you spend more energy on expanding useful ties. You have to grow every new acquaintance from scratch. When you expand the network on the basis of existing connections, you spend several times less time and effort on establishing new and maintaining old contacts.

Ask your friend to introduce you to your friends or recommend from your environment someone who may be useful to you.

Help your connections
Not only expand your network of contacts, but also help your friends find partners, customers, friends. You just need to find a person with needs and another with opportunities. Introduce them to each other in person or via the Internet. With each new pair of contacts that was formed upon your recommendation, your value as a networker grows.