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Penile frenum plastic surgery (frenulotomy)

It is important for every man to feel healthy, alert and full of strength.

When some health problems are discovered, it can be very frustrating, especially when it comes to such a delicate, intimate sphere as the genitals.

Even a small nuisance associated with this can drive a representative of the stronger sex into anguish, and what can we say if everything is much more serious. The main thing is not to panic, but to calmly deal with the problem, maybe in fact everything is not so scary as it seems at first glance.

And such a feature as a short frenulum of the penis, congenital or arising due to trauma, can greatly ruin the life of any man, including sexual. The frenum of the penis is a fold of skin, which is located between the glans penis and the foreskin.

And the worst thing is that it can even break at the most unexpected moment, as a result of which severe bleeding may occur. However, a solution exists, with the problem of a short frenulum of the penis is shown operation - frenulotomy (plastic short frenum of the penis).

What is frenulotomy?

Frenulotomy is a simple operation, is shown with such a feature as a short frenum of the penis. During this operation, the bridle is transversely dissected, and then sutured in the longitudinal direction.

Thus, it stretches to a normal length. As a result, only a thin shovchik is visible from the inner surface of the foreskin, everything looks quite natural. All the operation lasts no more than 20 minutes, it does not apply to complex surgical interventions, performed under local anesthesia.

It is advisable to consult a qualified doctor with extensive experience, as the result of an improperly performed operation may form a rough scar. Do not be afraid of frenulotomy, everything goes quickly and painlessly for the patient.

That is why an urgent recommendation for all those who have such a problem is not to postpone until the last, decide finally and consult a doctor, you will receive expert help and no more pain or any discomfort during intercourse will bother you .

Hospitalization is not required, after a very short time after surgery, you can already go home. The wound heals pretty quickly usually after 2-2.5 weeks after the operation, the man does not remember what bothered him.

Thus, usually the worst thing is to decide on a frenulotomy, the process itself will not cause you any inconvenience, and soon the patient will be able to leave the clinic.

When to spend

I would like to talk about specific indications for plastic short frenum:

  1. Pain, discomfort in the area of ​​the frenulum of the penis during sexual intercourse, causing the man to interrupt and not allowing him to have a full sexual life.
  2. Lowering of the genitals during an erection.
  3. Permanent frenum injuries during intercourse followed by bleeding.

If you notice the symptoms described above, it is better to consult a doctor immediately.

How is

Before the operation, the patient will be asked to take a series of tests. Usually this is: a coagulogram, tests for hepatitis B and C, for syphilis and HIV.

The goal of frenulotomy is to lengthen the frenum of the penis to normal length. For this, the andrologist carries out incisions on the bridle in the transverse direction, thus the skin fold is stretched. Seams are laid in the longitudinal direction.

All this is done under local anesthesia, completely painlessThe patient does not feel any discomfort or pain. In time, too, not very long - 15-20 minutes.

After surgery, a wet dressing is applied to the wound for approximately 12 hours. After half a day, it can be safely removed and in the future simply observe hygiene, and still do not forget to wear fresh linen every day. After 8-9 days, the seams will gradually begin to fall away. The patient will be able to return to an active sex life in about 2-2.5 weeks.

It happens that the patient gets to the andrologist already with a torn bridle, which of course is very unpleasant, but still solvable. The difficulty specifically in this case is that on the bridle as a result of trauma, connective tissue has already formed, which contributes to additional shortening of the bridleas well as premature ejaculation.

In any case, despite the fact that this situation is a more neglected case, you should not despair, you should contact your surgeon as soon as possible. Through a simple cosmetic operation, this problem is usually simple and elementary, the connective tissue is excised, everything is restored.

Of course withonce after surgery, the bridle should beware and in no case lead a sexual life for 2-2.5 weekswhile healing of the wound surface occurs. On the day of surgery peace must be kept and cold applied to the wound.

Thus, you can be sure that there will not be postoperative bleeding. Well, in order to avoid infection, the doctor may prescribe an antibacterial cream. If you fully comply with all the doctor's prescriptions, then no undesirable consequences will occur.

The main thing to remember is that frenulotomy is a very simple operation, but at the same time effective, after a few weeks you can enjoy life in all its manifestations without thinking about pain and without suffering from bleeding during intercourse.

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What is useful frenulotomy

  1. The operation is 100% guaranteed that the man will not have a rupture of the frenum during sexual intercourse, and hence subsequent infection and inflammation.
  2. The operated person will no longer experience any discomfort or pain during an erection and the act itself. Sexual life will improve and will take place without overlays.
  3. During an erection, the penis will not be abnormally lowered.

The intimate sphere is very delicate for any man, sometimes because of this, a person launches his illness, is afraid to go to the doctor, does not believe in a positive treatment result. But all this comes only from ignorance, misunderstanding of the true state of things.

When a man knows what he has to go through, how difficult it is, he makes the right decision much faster, which consists in finding that he has such a feature as a short frenulum of the penis, you should seek qualified help without waiting until the frenum ruptures.

But even in case of its tear, you need to know that the problem is solvable, restoring the frenum to the norm is feasible and does not present any particular difficulty for the andrologist.

From the next video you can find out even more information about foreskin frenulotomy.

When is frenulotomy necessary?

The main indications for frenulotomy are:

  • pain during intercourse,
  • damage to the frenum with bleeding during or after intercourse,
  • a feeling of strong tension in the area of ​​the glans penis,
  • hypersensitivity of the glans penis,
  • premature ejaculation,
  • the formation of cicatricial tears of the frenum.

Important: scarring of tears of the frenulum provokes a worsening of the situation and an even greater shortening of the frenum. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a specialist as soon as possible for a frenulotomy.

Preparation before surgery

Before plastic surgery of the frenulum of the penis, the patient must undergo a number of tests:

  • general urine analysis,
  • general blood analysis,
  • blood chemistry,
  • coagulogram
  • fluorography,
  • analysis for HIV, hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases,

Before the operation itself, thorough hygiene of the external genital organs should be carried out and pubic hair removed. The rest of the frenulotomy does not require special preparation.


Penile frenum plastic surgery is a simple operation that does not require the patient to be hospitalized and is performed on an outpatient basis under local or general anesthesia. Surgical intervention lasts about half an hour, taking into account preoperative preparation.

The surgeon makes cuts on the bridle, which allows each skin fold to straighten to the desired size, and then sutures the bridle in the longitudinal direction. Due to this, the effect of its lengthening is achieved. Scars and scars from past tears of the frenum are eliminated. The bridle is sutured with self-absorbable threads, after which a bandage is applied to the wound. It should not be removed at least 12 hours after surgery.

Rehabilitation after frenulotomy

Immediately after anesthesia ceases to function, the patient can go home. In the first days after surgery, a man may be bothered by minor pains and discomfort - to eliminate them, the doctor will prescribe painkillers.

During rehabilitation, it is important to strictly follow the doctor's recommendations so that there are no complications:

  • daily hygiene
  • as little as possible to touch the operated organ,
  • daily treat the postoperative wound with an antiseptic,
  • refrain from intense physical exertion and sexual intercourse,
  • visit a doctor 8-10 days after surgery - this is necessary to monitor the healing process of the wound.

Two to three weeks after frenulotomy, a man can already lead his usual lifestyle.

Important: if redness, swelling of the wound or its suppuration occurs, it is urgent to consult a doctor to determine the causes of these symptoms.

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In “Best Clinics” you are guaranteed an excellent aesthetic result - the operation is performed by qualified specialists, candidates of medical sciences. Their experience allows frenulotomy to be carried out quickly, painlessly and with a guarantee of a positive treatment result.

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Indications for the operation

REFERENCE! An anomaly in the development of the frenulum of the penis is most often congenital, but it happens that it manifests itself at a respectable age. A bridle is a skin fold located between the head of the penis and the foreskin. With normal development, the length of the frenum is enough for painless straightening of the penis in an erection state, in the case of pathology, the head of the penis is partially exposed. In this regard, a number of tangible problems arise: the accumulation of smegma under the foreskin causes inflammation, and during arousal or sexual intercourse a man experiences unpleasant pain. In addition to the banal discomfort, sexual activity can cause injury: if there is a breakdown in the skin cord, severe bleeding will occur, and in the future - scarring of tissues and phimosis.

Frenulotomy is indicated for men who have:

  • During sex, pain occurs, sometimes they are so strong that a man is not able to finish what he started.
  • There is a constant tension in the area of ​​the head of the penis
  • After intercourse, cracks and tears are noted on the penis (if there was a lot of damage, a rough scar appears)
  • During an erection, the organ is in a half-empty state.
  • Ejaculation occurs prematurely (often after 2-3 frictions)
  • Traces of blood are visible after sex

Frenulotomy technique

The frenulotomy procedure is carried out using local anesthesia (only in rare cases they resort to general anesthesia, if there are indications).

The entire operation of frenulotomy lasts from ten to thirty minutes, depending on the situation. The doctor performs the following actions:

  • processes the operating field
  • performs a transverse incision of the skin connection,
  • sutures longitudinally.

If during the examination the doctor finds scars that could remain after the bridle's injuries received earlier, then he gently excises them with a scalpel.

When suturing wounds, self-absorbing material is more often used: it perfectly fixes tissues and does not require subsequent removal of sutures.

After a frenulotomy, there is usually no need for hospitalization of the patient: the person rests for a while, and with satisfactory well-being, goes home.

Types of Frenulotomy

Two types of operative frenulotomy are known - this is the classic view and laser plastic surgery. Briefly consider each of them.

The usual, classic frenulotomy is the most commonly practiced type of operation in which the doctor performs direct access with a scalpel. The surgeon cuts the skin element, thereby lengthening it. Advantages of this method:

  • operation is available
  • it can be done by any practicing surgeon.

Cons of this method of frenulotomy:

  • there is a risk of infection in the wound,
  • the recovery period is accompanied by pain,
  • the healing process takes longer
  • During and after surgery, bleeding may occur in the wound.

Laser frenulotomy is more easily perceived by patients, however, equipment for such an operation is not available in every medical institution. The advantages of laser frenulotomy are obvious:

  • minimum tissue damage
  • minimum risk of infection in the wound,
  • minimally expressed pain
  • lack of postoperative bleeding,
  • the intervention itself is faster, and the rehabilitation period is significantly shortened.

The disadvantages of this method of treatment are that the penis is an organ that can involuntarily change its size, and the doctor does not have the ability to control this process. What does this affect? The fact that after laser frenulotomy for some time there will be a likelihood of microcracks and tissue breaks.

Frenulotomy of the foreskin is the only way to solve the problem with a short bridle. The standard plastic of the short frenulum of the foreskin consists in a transverse section of the skin element, with further longitudinal suturing. Intervention takes place on an outpatient basis, without the need for further inpatient treatment. Another plastic option is also possible: the incision is made in the form of the letter V, and the seams are superimposed with the letter Y, which helps to make the bridle 10-15 mm longer. It should immediately be pointed out that the first standard variant of plastic frenulotomy is preferred. In another option, the risk of developing phimosis increases (due to narrowing of the foreskin), and after the intervention, an unaesthetic scar remains.

If a man often had tears of the frenulum, as a result of which multiple cicatricial changes formed on her, then he is recommended to remove this element. A similar operation already has a different name: frenulectomy. This type of operation is performed by a transverse incision along the diametrical circle of the penis (or part thereof), which helps to reduce the tension of the prepuce. The tissue is sutured longitudinally: a scar is formed at the site of the skin fold, which coincides with the natural suture extending in the lower segment of the penis.

With phimosis, frenulectomy does not always lead to a positive result, so most experts recommend surgical circumcision, more commonly known as “circumcision”.

Frenulotomy of the frenulum of the upper lip is also one of the options for the operation, which is performed to correct the occlusion and problems with speech in children. In this case, a fold of the mucous tissue responsible for attaching the lower and upper lips to the jaw bones is subjected to the procedure. Such an intervention is also carried out under local anesthesia: dissect the bridle and connect it to the desired site.

Tongue frenulotomy is an equally common procedure in pediatrics. You have to turn to her if the baby has a sucking function: the baby is difficult to suckle normally, his appetite is impaired, he loses weight. In this situation, the use of frenulotomy is more than justified.

A shortened bridle of the tongue is called ankyloglossia in medicine - this is a congenital maxillofacial defect that leads to a limitation of the motor ability of the tongue. In general, there are three bridles in the mouth with respect to which frenulotomy can be used: this is the hyoid fold, as well as the frenulum of the upper and lower lips.


Surgery such as frenulotomy will not be performed in the following situations:

  • with active infectious processes in the body,
  • если у пациента обнаружились такие заболевания, как гепатит, ВИЧ или венерическая патология,
  • при онкозаболеваниях,
  • при нарушенной свертываемости крови,
  • при воспалительных процессах мочеполового тракта.

Some of the listed contraindications to frenulotomy are relative. Therefore, a potential patient should not draw independent conclusions about the possibility or impossibility of an intervention. Any doubt should be discussed with the doctor: frenulotomy, albeit simple, but still an operation in which various unforeseen complications may arise.

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Consequences after the procedure

Frenulotomy among surgeons is considered a relatively simple intervention, in which unpleasant consequences are quite rare. However, each patient should be aware of the risks that he is exposed to when going on such an operation.

Undesirable consequences after frenulotomy can be:

  • infection attachment, development of inflammation (balanoposthitis),
  • seams apart
  • bleeding
  • an allergic response to drugs that were used for local anesthesia.

Inadequate postoperative treatment of the wound after frenulotomy, weakened immunity, infection from the urogenital tract can cause the development of an inflammatory reaction. Most often, such a reaction proceeds in the form of balanoposthitis - an inflammatory process that affects the head and foreskin of the penis.

Balanoposthitis, as a result of frenulotomy, manifests itself with such painful signs:

  • redness of the skin in the head area,
  • swelling of the tissues (swelling),
  • pain
  • the appearance of an unpleasant odor,
  • inflammation of the nearest lymph nodes.

If after frenulotomy at least one of these symptoms appears, you need to visit a doctor as soon as possible. If you ignore the development of balanoposthitis, or try to cure the problem yourself, then other more serious complications will arise:

  • purulent inflammatory processes,
  • inflammation of the urethra, bladder, etc.

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Complications after the procedure

Any surgical intervention has a varying degree of likelihood of developing complications - for example, after surgery there is a risk of bleeding or an infection process. Fortunately, there can be no life-threatening blood loss after a frenulotomy, because there is no large-vascular network in the frenum, but only capillaries.

But with a wound infection, the situation is different: bacteria can actually get into the surgical wound, both during the intervention and after it (the latter occurs much more often).

In order to avoid inflammatory and infectious complications against the background of frenulotomy, it is necessary to observe all the doctor’s instructions regarding the care of the operated area in finer points. In most cases, the doctor recommends systematically treating the wound with antiseptics, hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial ointments, etc.

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Uncomfortable or pain after frenulotomy are considered normal postoperative symptoms. Usually they last no more than a couple of days. The patient may experience particular pain at times of erection - for example, in the morning. To ease the pain, the patient is recommended to walk around the room, inhale deeply several times, and be distracted. Sometimes, to improve the condition of the operated patient, the doctor prescribes special sedative medications, analgesics. In addition, in most cases, the use of external antiseptics and oral antibacterial drugs is indicated.

During the first days after frenulotomy, a bandage must be applied to the penis. Direct care is carried out using running warm water with a detergent.

Sutures are removed after about 10 days (unless self-absorbable material has been used).

Complete tissue healing occurs after about 20 days. After this time, it is already possible to resume sexual activity - but, as they say, without fanaticism, carefully. If the discomfort returns, you should wait a few more weeks. It is believed that discomfort can theoretically persist up to 4-8 weeks. If during this period the pain has not passed, then you need to sign up to the doctor.

Almost all patients who had to resort to surgery frenulotomy, speak about the procedure only in positive colors: the problem with a short bridle is completely solved.

The quality of male intimate life depends on many different factors, and the anatomical features of the penis are of no small importance. Moreover, even such a small element as a bridle performs one of the main functions. The longitudinal skin connection between the head of the penis and the foreskin ensures the exposure of the head and the return of the foreskin to its original position.

If the bridle is too short, it can cause not only discomfort, but also pain, which eventually builds up in endless psychological barriers in sexual terms. Frenulotomy is really capable of solving a similar problem: after the procedure, the motor ability of the foreskin increases, and previously painful signs that disappear earlier disappear.