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How to find all the runes of the Pesya Pit location in the game Dishonored

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I think we have already agreed that Dishonored is not an hour or two game, and all the secrets in it do not come up immediately, but gradually. However, this does not mean that finding them is easy and simple with a half-kick (although they also do not represent special astronomical complexity). This mini-guide will help you find all the runes that are hidden in the game. I remind you that the more you find them, the deeper you can pump certain abilities. I think each of us is a little munchkin, so let's figure out what's what. ,)

Caution spoilers!

In the game you can find 39 runesThey are scattered throughout the game. Getting them is best as you progress. Here are tips on how to find each rune, and in the order in which it is most convenient to do during the game. For ease of orientation, the guide includes pictures with runes (they are under the spoilers). During the search, the mechanical "Heart" will help us a lot. Unfortunately, it is not always useful and not for all runes, but it is not fatal. I also apologize for the fact that the guide as a whole turned out to be somewhat wooden: turn there, get in here. But these are rather features of the very location of the runes. If you took them somehow differently, write, in my opinion, will not be superfluous. So, in order ..

The number of runes is 0.

Runes are not yet accessible to us, we would have to carry away our legs, what kind of magic is there .. We will come off later on this part.

The number of runes is 10.

Fleece number 01.

Location: Alien Sanctuary (Pesya Pit Pub)

How to get: you will receive your first rune in a dream, being in the sanctuary of a certain Alien. He will endow you with supernatural powers and tell you how to pump them with runes. Using the "Heart" and the ability to carry, jump over the stones and find the first rune against the wall.

Fleece number 02.

Location: Pub "Doghole"

How to get: not far from the pub you can find a second rune. Focus on the beating of the “Heart”, exit the pub to the left and look for the rune, you can get to it using the Transfer. The rune is on a small ledge near the water.

Fleece number 03.

Location: Pub "Doghole"

How to get: a third rune can be bought from Pierrot. This option is available only once per game. The rune will be in the assortment of the store.

Fleece number 04.

Location: Old Vetoshi house

How to get: your grandmother will complain to you about a gang of gentlemen who glued her brain and generally interfere with her life. Oops! And here they are, standing on the porch and hammering at the door! If you can push these comrades away from your grandmother’s house (in accessible ways, of course), the Rags will give you a rune. She is on the second floor of her house, hanging above the candles.

Fleece number 05.

Location: Old Vetoshi house

How to get: after you remove the siege from the House of Vetoshi, she will say that this is far from the end, and will ask you to get rid of the gang that is outraging nearby. To do this, you need the plague of rat offal from Dr. Galvani's bins. As soon as you infect Granny's good friends, she will give you a second rune. It is located in the same place as the previous rune, on the second floor.

Fleece number 06.

Location: Alien sanctuary

How to get: on the first floor of the good grandmother’s house there is an exit to a small illuminated alley. Find the gray door and boldly go after the third rune, which is located in the very center of the sanctuary.

Fleece number 07.

Location: security station (Wine Quarter)

How to get: advancing to Campbell's house, you will need to overcome two walls of light. How to do this, decide for yourself. Immediately after the second wall of light, a guard post will be located, this is a small booth to the left of the main road. There is a rune on the table. Caution, do not get involved in a showdown with the guards! During the first passage, I very “deftly” ran into one of them, after which a small cemetery grew near the booth.

Fleece number 08.

Location: office of the chief overseer

How to get: to get this rune, you have to wander around Campbell's mansion: it is located upstairs. Find the room with the fireplace in which Campbell meets with Karnow. The rune is located there, inserted into the picture frame and hangs upstairs, above the mantelpiece.

Fleece number 09.

Location: office of the chief overseer

How to get: finding this rune is somewhat more difficult, but much more interesting, as it seems to me. She is hidden in a secret room. To better navigate, look for the door to the back yard, behind which Samuel is waiting for you. Through the passage to the right of this door there will be another door, you need it. Go down the stairs and find on the pedestal in the corner a bust with a suspiciously green eye (this is Holger's eye). By clicking on it, you activate the mechanism and can get into the cache. Break the window on the left, there will be a rune.

RUna No. 10.

Location: office of the chief overseer

How to get: head to the backyard of the warden’s house. You need to move to the far left corner, there is a workshop. The door to it simply will not open: you need a key that can be obtained from the guard patrolling the area. The rune is on the table, next to the boards and all kinds of tools.

How to find and use runes to develop skills?

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With the death of Empress Danwall, Corvo will suddenly turn from a Lord Protector into a dishonored exile who, by chance, will be at the wrong time and in the wrong place. The victim of political intrigue and adverse circumstances miraculously succeeds in avoiding the death penalty, secret well-wishers will help in this. After escaping from prison and meeting with Lord Pendleton in a pair with Admiral Hevlok, another side will join the general action, not from this world. Alien will intervene in Corvo's sound sleep in the Pesya Pit pub and drag him into the Abyss. A short acquaintance with the otherworld will bring many gifts - it will leave a special sign, similar to a tattoo, on the left hand of the former Lord Protector, which will open access to the great forces acting on both sides of the world - magic, which will speed up self-development due to skills. Dishonored Skills are the same indispensable attributes of the protagonist as weapons. Each skill consists of two levels: the first level opens additional abilities that can be actively used against enemies, the second strengthens them. Runes are used to develop skills in the game. Runes in Dishonored - These are artifacts from the bones of huge whales, giving the character unprecedented power. You need to look for them in remote and well-hidden places or in shrines dedicated to the Alien.

A special magic item is used as a compass during searches - Heart of a living being, or just a heart. Taking it in your left hand from the inventory (pinch [SCM]), you can learn many secrets, easily find runes and bone amulets, no matter how well they are hidden. All secret places in locations are marked with special marks. If the Heart begins to beat and flicker, then the desired item is in the right direction. And the closer the goal, the more active it behaves. If you direct the Heart to a person or activate it in the selected place with the right mouse button, it will tell about thoughts, events and secrets. Skill Development at Dishonored happens through the log (key [J]), where all the currently available improvements are listed in the “Skills” section. A certain amount of mana is spent on the use of skills (a blue bar in the upper left corner of the screen), which can be restored using Pierrot’s spiritual balms ([T] key). Balms are sold in Pierrot's workshop or are sometimes found along the way during adventures. Skill development and rune distribution depends on the style of passing the game, because you can’t pump all the branches. You should carefully choose - spent runes do not return back. The character leveling system in Dishonored is very similar to the system from Bioshock. Where, in addition to the main weapon, plasmids and tonics are used.

If the main focus is on quiet penetration, you need to choose skills - Institution II, Agility II, power style will require other skills - Greedy Pack II, Bloodlust II, Gust of Wind II, Deadly Shadow II, and in both cases skills will be very useful - Dark Vision II, Carry II, Bending of time I.

Meeting with Loyalists

New Main Mission: Talk to Havelock and Pandleton

New Side Quest: Tell Calliste that Captain Karnow survived the assassination attempt

If you managed to save Captain Karnow from death, you should speak with Callista immediately after leaving the boat. She will thank you and reward you with a souvenir worth 100 gold.

I highly recommend searching the pub and its surroundings to find new items (gold, the books, audio recordings etc.) In addition, it would be nice to visit Pierrot in his workshop, especially if you found any drawings. To advance in the passage, go directly to a meeting with Havelock and Pendleton (screenshot above). Go up to them to start a conversation.

New Main Mission: Relax in your bedroom

New Main Mission: Talk to Admiral Havelock

In case you forget, [Corvo's Chambers] are on the top, fourth floor of the main pub building. Once there, use the bed. When Corvo wakes up, go back to where you spoke with Admiral Havelock (screenshot above). He will inform you of a strange noise coming from the sewer. The characters living in this place suspect that these mourners violate peace and tranquility, and you will be asked to investigate this fact. You'll get key to the old port sewer.

In the sewers

New Main Mission: Investigate Sewer Riots

Use the key to open the nearest hatch and jump down the drain. Start your exploration with a small location, and then follow the straight passage. Also worth a look gold and going.

Once you reach the end of the sewer, it turns out that the inhabitants of the pub were right, as the place is filled with mourners. Mourners are people who become infected and act like zombies. It should be noted that the mourners do not belong to monsters, which means that killing them will entail a deterioration in quest statistics. Therefore, you need to neutralize them, and not to kill, in this case I recommend using sleep darts (screenshot above) and try to get closer to the mourners from the back.

I advise you to go carefully, as the mourners attack you if they notice. If you were captured (screenshot above), I recommend that you often click the left mouse button. Regardless of the approach you choose, you need to clear the sewers from crying.

Report to Admiral Havelock

New Main Mission: Remove the Weepers from the Sewer and Report to Admiral Havelock

I advise you to carefully inspect places where there are mourners. There you will find old note and whole two runes (one of them in the closet, and the other in the water).

You can leave in two ways. Find the gate and swim out of the sewer or use the door leading to the basement of the pub (screenshot above). Go to Admiral Havelock, who should now be in the bar, on the first floor (the meeting will be held with the participation of Ranger Martin). Listen to information about the next mission, which involves a visit to the Golden Cat.

To the Golden Cat Club

New Main Mission: Go to the Golden Cat

New Main Mission: Eliminate the Pendleton Twins in the Golden Cat

New Main Mission: Meet the Boatman Samuel at the marina and head to the Wine Quarter

Go to the marina. Along the way, talk with Lord Pendleton, who will not mind the removal of his brothers. To start a mission, speak with Samuel and confirm your readiness to start a new mission.