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VIP Speed ​​Dating


About the possibility of additional discounts - check with the manager!
"Secret society" - VIP invitation.
Matte black velvet in a border of noble shades of gold and, of course, an obligatory element of the invitation - a wax seal with your name monogram. The golden scroll with the text can be burnt, depending on the wishes.

The height of the tube is 17.5 cm. The size of the scroll is A5 format (15 x 21 cm).
For convenience, a golden tag with the name of the invited guest is attached to the registered invitations, it helps you quickly find the right person before serving and complements the composition of the Secret Society model of VIP-invitations.
In the style of invitations "Secret Society", seating cards, table numbering, a menu for guests and an album for wishes can be made.

Silver Century Poetry Fans in matte black velvet "Magic" with silver trim.
Who planned to celebrate their anniversary or wedding at night, see special bohemian invitations "Night", where the guests at the time of receiving the invitation will have the right associations.

Paid additionally:
Personalization - 25 rubles. The names of your guests are printed on scrolls and duplicated on tags.
Development of your personalized monogram, production of an individual stamp for impression on wax. A brass stamp is given to you with the order.

Minimum order: 10 pcs.

Included in the price: layout of your text, your chosen impression on wax from the collection - ”Stamps for sealing wax”.


The exclusive handmade invitation "Secret Society" will be appreciated by the guests, they will note your refined taste and with undisguised pleasure will join the secret of the celebration, feeling how important this "sacrament" is for you.

Black does not mean gloomy, he is proud and self-sufficient, he is strong. Yes it is wedding invitation will be unusual. But who said that your wedding is private? An anniversary, birthday or other solid event will add weight to the eyes of those who receive an invitation of impeccable appearance and quality.

In the section of our collection Invitations in tubes Invitations for weddings, anniversaries, New Years, parties and other festivities are collected - in various color styles, different sizes and from a wide variety of materials. If you did not find the desired, conceived invitation, call - and together with you we will come up with a new model.

How will the party go?

This will be a classic Speed ​​Dating, where you will have 10-20 mini-dates at individual tables with the most attractive FastLife participants. At the end of the evening for those who wish there will be a game "Mafia" and, if possible, dancing (depending on the site)

Age limits: Girls 20-36 years old; Men 24-41 years old (mixed age of the main and youth groups).

Cost of participation?

An invitation card (or a special invitation from the organizers) is the presence of a VIP status. Usually it is noted in the letter with the results of the evening. You can also learn about its availability from the operators by phone. It is enough to get a VIP-status once to be able to attend this format of the event on any day. In this case, the price is 1199 rubles.

Ticket price 2499 rubles. available for guests who do not have a VIP status, but who want to attend this party - in this case, we offer to conduct a small telephone interview with our operators and send a photo.


Description: Information about parties in different clubs of the capital.
We are professionally engaged in organizing and conducting fashionable and entertaining parties in the clubs of the capital.

We take care of all organizational arrangements, you just have to relax and immerse yourself in the fun atmosphere of the holiday, enjoy the variety of the show, which will undoubtedly cheer you up!

We always have high-quality light, clean, powerful sound without the slightest loss of quality.

We are always ready for new contacts and meetings.
You can find out detailed information on how to contact us by phone 89175948921 (dasha)