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Avoiding Weight Gain After Thanksgiving

Turkey, potatoes and pie - oh my! Thanksgiving came and went, but a few extra pounds that you packed in the process do not. With a dish after a meal of delicious food in front of you, refusing holiday treats can be difficult even for the most disciplined person.

Get back on track with this handy guide to bounce off holiday drinks.

Step 1: Be gentle with yourself

Do not beat yourself for overeating. Lay the foundation for success by congratulating yourself on laying out your workout plan after Thanksgiving today.

Healthy action: Do not wait for the new year to make changes in your diet and fitness habits. Starting today, you can take advantage of the benefits that you will enjoy during the rest of the holiday season. It will also simplify the work.

Step 2: Clean Your Holiday Fridge

The holiday is over, but the refrigerator is still full. If you take dinner, your fridge may be full of greasy, high-calorie leftovers, especially desserts. You need to start from scratch.

Healthy action: Instead of leaving the leftovers, hold them back for guests to take home, or take them to a homeless shelter immediately after vacation.

Step 3: Stock Up on Smart Choices

When your shelves are free from temptations, it's time to bring healthy alternatives. Replace the holiday fare with healthier, lower-calorie options and be sure to include a good combination of the following foods:

  • fruits
  • vegetables, especially leafy greens
  • low-fat meat and dairy products> whole grain bread and grain
  • a fish
  • nuts
  • bean
  • the seeds
  • Healthy action:

The next time you hear your stomach grumbling, refer to these healthy foods, not cream whipped cream pie. The sooner you make the switch, the easier it will be to lose any weight that you have gained. Step 4: Travel and treatment restrictions

To return to healthy habits, you need to reduce calories and special meals. This may mean staying at home, not going out. Food in a restaurant is usually high in salt, fat and calories - this is what you are trying to avoid. It's much easier to control your eating habits at home.

If you often have dinner, try shortening your restaurant trips in the coming months. To save calories, limit your intake of high-calorie snacks and desserts. If you absolutely must have dinner, avoid fried foods by choosing the grilled option. Cut calories in half by asking for sauces and dressings on the side. Take the dog bag before you start and lower half of the bag at a later date. Step 5: Lock The Exercise Class

If you packed extra calories, you need to apply an additional “burn.” “What better way to light this spare tire than to get into the routine of a new activity? Group classes offered in most gyms give you an added incentive.

Sign up for something you've never tried before, or stick to an old standby mode such as launch. If you prefer outdoor workouts, go cycling or hiking. Numerous group excursions are also available for these sports. Step 6: Find a Training Buddy

If you have been outside the celebration a bit, most likely some of your friends and colleagues have done this too. Instead of putting up with it, why not plan your workouts together?

Knowing that you have a support buddy can help you keep up with your workouts. In addition, your friend after the holiday will most likely be motivated by the same goal as you: to return to better health and fitness as soon as possible.

Expand your friends' invitation to engage with you. This makes the activity more social and allows you and your friend to hold each other for your goals. This will further increase your chances of success. It's not too late

Do not try to eat less than usual before

“If you deprive your body of the usual dose of nutrients, it will begin to trick and slow down the digestion process,” explains Felicia Stowler, a certified nutritionist nutritionist from New Jersey. “And if a person with a leisurely metabolism has a New Year feast, the body will save all the extra calories in the form of fat.”

With your mind, you can well understand that there will soon be a lot of delicious food, but the body does not know how to live on promises, but acts on the basis of how many nutrients and hormones enter the body right now. So that try to avoid diets on the eve of the holidays and keep healthy snacks on hand in case of attacks of hunger. Even a handful of nuts or a glass of yogurt will help to avoid a slowdown in metabolism.

Drink a glass of water in advance

“About a liter of food or liquid is placed in the stomach,” says Ilana Mulstein, a nutritionist and nutritionist at the Explore Cuisine project. “Having drunk a glass or two of water before the gala dinner will leave enough room for goodies, but at the same time reduce the amount of food you can eat before you feel full.”

Brush your teeth

Peppermint tea, a couple drops of peppermint oil in an aroma lamp or just brushing your teeth with peppermint toothpaste will help reduce your appetite. “Studies have shown that strong and pleasant smell of peppermint suppresses the desire to eat an elephant"Says Liz Weinandy, a licensed outpatient nutritionist and nutritionist at the Wexner Medical Center in Ohio.

Just do not replace any of the above actions by chewing mint gum: in this case, you will only increase hunger, salivation and the production of amylase, a digestive enzyme in saliva that decomposes carbohydrates.

Plan ahead

“The plan allows you to keep everything under control,” says Lewis. “Overeating often occurs because the temptation is too great and drowns out all the arguments of the mind.” Recognize that large portions are a serious problem, and think about what can be done to solve it. "For example, choose one kind of high-calorie treats (for example, snacks, sweet cocktails or dessert) and try to keep the rest of the dishes healthy and healthy, ”advises New York nutritionist Emily Braaten.

Or indulge yourself with only those dishes that are associated with the holidays and rarely meet at the everyday table - for example, cake, mulled wine or high-calorie meat salad according to a family recipe.

Do not forget about the gym

If on "X-day" run to the gym and sweat properly, appetite can be reduced by suppressing hunger hormones. “The more active the training, the steeper the result - even if the lesson was shorter than usual,” says Braaten. A recent study confirmed that pre-meal workouts reduced calorie intake by one third.

Snack apple

“If you eat a medium-sized apple 15 minutes before the gala dinner, you can reduce the number of calories you absorb after 15 percent (thanks to fiber),” says Libby Mills, a licensed nutritionist and program manager at the McDonald’s Center for Obesity in Pennsylvania. “This way will help you eat an average of 186 calories less.”

Get enough sleep

If you give your body a good rest before the holiday, you can more easily persuade yourself to limit the number of cookies and more actively lean on fruits and vegetables. "Lack of sleep can upset appetite control hormones (namely ghrelin and leptin), which increases cravings for unhealthy foods, ”explains Chelsea Elkin, a New York nutritionist. To keep yourself in control and not pounce on Olivier, sleep at least 7 hours a day.

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