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I'm afraid of rides

Roller coasters are a popular pastime in riding a special train on unusual rails. A feature of such an event are high speed and sharp jumps. It was invented back in 1800. Gravity railways designed to transport coal were located in different cities in the United States. Many people paid for the pleasure of a significant amount of money to ride in these booths.

Kanapieva Kalamkas Kairgeldinovna

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I learned that I can not stand the rides in 2001. Almost the same feeling. This was a surprise, as in childhood she skated with pleasure. She began to analyze and connected this “innovation” with the birth of her daughter. Apparently, the responsibility that has appeared for her and her life, after her birth, makes the body react like that. Later, I added both the version and the presence of a head injury (somewhere around the age of 18 I was very traumatic from a bicycle), there was a concussion and a broken jaw. What exactly of these two reasons influenced, I don’t know, but now I don’t ride the rides. True, one day, I still sat on the harmless and held on to my husband’s hand. And at that moment it seemed to me that I could stand it only because he was nearby, and certainly I did not feel any pleasure from the entertainment.

Yes, for 11 years I haven’t ridden rides, but just watched my children ride. And I don’t even feel like riding. So there is nothing bad in my life, from the lack of attractions, no.

And, of course, I have no conviction that everything in our life is controlled by us. I know that in reality this is not so. This can only be an illusion. Accepting reality as it is, I do not fear the lack of loss of control. I am responsible for my actions and manifestations, and leave a certain percentage on circumstances, accidents, the "human factor", etc.

This is my story.

Good luck to you.

Sincerely, Kalamkas Kanapieva, psychologist in Astana. Full time and Skype.

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Bekezhanova Botagoz Iskrazyzy

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Hello Ayasha, I carefully read your letter and the phrase:

I wonder why I'm so worried? Such an uncontrolled fear of mine scares me very much, I'm afraid it might turn out to be something bad in the future

one of the key ones and here's why:

You are a lover of thrills and despite the fear that you are experiencing, however, you are again looking for these feelings for yourself. I would put the question a little differently, why am I so is necessary look for such extreme entertainments that give me a feeling Alive and myself INTERESTING LIFE?

You like get the missing colors of life in this way. Many attractions are aimed specifically at the release of adrenaline during a strong sensation and that is why they are attractive to many people. By itself Fear- it is nature embedded in us the instinct of self-preservation and the fact that you feel it so naturally. On the other hand, this may be a consequence. self-doubt, in insufficient fundamental support, which you yourself are and on which you can rely in your life. I have to you questions- What are your hobbies besides such entertainments? How do you feel about yourself? Do you consider yourself an interesting person? What is overcoming fear for you, which even after reaching the goal does not bring satisfaction? Try to answer these and other similar questions and it will become clear to you what you are looking for in those attractions that you choose despite your physical response. You should learn better to hear yourself and your feelings recognizesince for each emotion is a certain need . Here and sort it out -what need lies behind your heroic skates to such a fear that you get more discomfortthan the pleasure of skiing itself. This can be compared with driving a car - with fear, for the first time a person gets behind the wheel - he has a wet back and is afraid of everything,but.. rides and each time the fear becomes less, and satisfaction more. Why? Because it is motivation, there is an incentive the need to learn is the satisfaction that I was able to overcome my initial fear. Your skating can also be arranged in points - at first scary, but as you persist in riding pleasure more? If a -not, then there is no sense in such a pseudo heroism, but there is some kind of incomprehensible desire to ride further, while experiencing terrible sensations that have already caused you a sense of concern. Do you need it? Good luck.

Bekezhanova Botagoz Sparks, psychologist of Astana

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Snegireva Inna Vladimirovna

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In everything that you describe, there is nothing to worry about and the consequences you need not worry about.

We are talking about the features of your vestibular apparatus - an organ that perceives changes in the position of the head and body in space.

at one moment I was afraid that I would stay hanging upside down at such a height

Your body perceived such a position of the body as a threat. Having experienced stress, you felt a steady fear. That is why you could not wait for these 150 seconds to pass.

Attractions - this is just one way to get an emotional charge. If your charge with numerous minus signs is worth denying yourself this pleasure, replacing it with one that brings positive emotions.

All the best to you and the most positive feelings.

Snegireva Inna Vladimirovna, psychologist Astana

What is being offered now?

Roller coasters are now represented by big business. Attractions are popular among a huge number of people who want to feel the adrenaline and stress. In some countries, the queue for the largest slides sometimes reaches several thousand people.

Even in Russia, you can ride these slides in resort towns or the capital. At the same time, people get some pleasure from extreme driving on rails. But it’s hard to meet older people on such slides, as they worry about their health.

What is the pleasure?

The pleasure of the roller coaster is due to the fact that people get new sensations. Everyone desires to enjoy diverse and intense experiences. Therefore, not only the roller coaster is in demand, but also skydiving or rock climbing.

Many people are sure that the popularity of the attraction is associated with high speed, but in fact, a person enjoys the fact that he is experiencing stress. Some even during a visit to the hills experience real horror, which can not be compared with fear when watching a horror movie. During the trip, the following signs of fear arise:

  • cardiopalmus,
  • frequent breathing
  • increased energy associated with the release of glucose into the blood.

Almost every person experiences such emotions when visiting an attraction. Therefore, such a trip is usually not allowed for older people who have any problems with the cardiovascular system.

Studies show that slides are not only accompanied by the appearance of fear, but also contribute to the release of endorphins, which causes a person a feeling of great pleasure. Therefore, people really enjoy extreme travel in a non-hazardous environment.

Good stress

Scientists have long studied how a roller coaster affects the well-being and condition of the human body. They cause not only the release of endorphins, but also increase the level of the hormone cortisol. Its level rises if a person experiences stress. Scientists say that such stress does not bring any negative consequences for the body, therefore it is considered good.

An example is the research of Dutch scientists. They found out the dependence of asthma on stress. If people with asthma experience stress, then they perceive their symptoms hard. Therefore, scientists thought about the reverse effect with the help of eustress.

To do this, they gathered volunteers with asthma, and then drove them to a theme park. The subjects rode the roller coaster, then the researchers studied the work of their respiratory system. As a result, it was revealed that lung function was reduced by shock and screaming, but the feeling of shortness of breath was also reduced. Therefore, people who ride extreme attractions perceive the experienced stress positively.

What role does dopamine play?

Not everyone is positive about the roller coaster. If a person has an increased level of endorphins in his blood, then during the trip he experiences euphoria. But some people have dopamine elevated, so they can negatively perceive a ride on a roller coaster.

Dopamine is a substance that provides brain function. He is responsible for evaluating all the actions performed by man. If a person has a high level of dopamine, then he is more rational in assessing the sensations experienced on the attraction. For this reason, often such people have a negative attitude to the trip, not wanting to risk their health for the sake of thrills.

Such a study made an intriguing discovery. It consists in the fact that the pleasure that people get from different physical experiences represented by riding a roller coaster or parachuting, depends on the individual differences in the brain cells.

Love or hate?

When riding a roller coaster, any person, regardless of their individual characteristics, experiences stress. Although scientists claim that it is positive, the body is still faced with a certain shake.

People can decide for themselves whether to love or hate such an attraction. Studies show that usually the thrill of a trip is for young people. With each subsequent decade, the craving for such a specific pleasure decreases.

People after 30 years rarely prefer to spend their free time in theme parks, so they usually choose a relaxing holiday in nature or trips to the sea. If a person reaches old age, then he intentionally refuses extreme activities, as he takes care of his health. This is due to the deterioration of the cardiovascular system, so people are simply afraid that they will feel bad after such strong experiences.


Many actually enjoy the emotions and sensations they experience while riding a roller coaster. It is impossible to blame them, because they feel euphoria from the combination of high speed and constant sharp turns.

People on such an attraction cope with their fears, forget about problems at work or in their personal lives, and also experience indescribable physiological arousal. Roller coasters are a safe, legal and affordable way to experience vibrant and new emotions. That is why the attraction for a long time remains the most popular among many other ways to get positive stress.