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Now there are many services offering assistance in spell checking and punctuation.

I have prepared for you a short review of such services.

✒ Spellchecker. Built-in function of most office programs in which text is typed. Emphasizes spelling errors, sometimes flaws in grammar or punctuation. Alas, usually his vocabulary is insufficient, in addition, in my experience, he can sometimes emphasize as an incorrect and correct spelling of a word.

✒ Yandex.Speller. Online spell check in Russian, Ukrainian or English text. The interface provides for entering text in a separate window in the service.

✒ Spelling and punctuation from TEXT.RU. In addition to spelling, it also finds punctuation errors, but for the most part the typographic plan, that is, unpaired brackets, two commas or periods in a row, etc.

✒ "Spelling". Identifies and emphasizes possible spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors, and also gives recommendations for correcting them. The service is paid.

In general, any dictionary underlying such services cannot, by default, be comprehensive, as new words appear in the language almost daily, and not a single dictionary can keep up with this intensive development.

And no service will be able to assess the correct spelling of a word in context, that is, for example, it would not seem to him an error to write "slipping on ice, I broke the river." The service will not emphasize the factual, logical, stylistic errors.

How does text overlay restriction work?

Every day on a public page you need to publish interesting content to users. One option is quotes. But since Facebook has greatly reduced the organic reach for public pages, there is nothing left to do but make a paid increase in reach.

Well, okay, put up with it.

We are preparing a publication. The text is larger to accurately read.

An example of a prepared image for Facebook. With a large text block.

It is noticeable that the text in the image is more than 20%. If we launch the promotion of this publication, Facebook will reduce the reach.

With paid promotion, the rules for images in advertisements apply to regular posts.

Image verification screenshot. Facebook will apply sanctions.

Indeed, this is what Facebook says.

The reach of your ad can be much less than usual because there is too much text in the ad image. Facebook prefers promotional images with little or no text. Before placing an order, we recommend changing the image

What to do and how to get around the restriction?

It is logical that we need to reduce the size of the text - we reduce it.

Download for verification.

Image verification screenshot. Facebook will apply sanctions, but a little weaker.

Anyway, Facebook swears at the amount of text.

Image Text :: Low
The reach of your ad may be slightly lower. The reach may be less because the image in the ad has too much text. Facebook prefers promotional images with little or no text. Before placing an order, we recommend changing the image.

That is, reducing the text is pointless?

There is a sense to reduce the text, but it is necessary to reduce it wisely.

Previously, there were guides in the text overlay tool that divided the image into 25 equal blocks, and this was a hint to the question: “what to do?”

Example of an old text overlay interface

Now the guides have been removed, but the operation of the algorithm has not been changed, and it is simple to indecent.

Facebook divides the image into blocks and checks the number of sections that the text block occupies.

It is not difficult to calculate that the text should fit in five sections, which is equal to 20%

If a text block occupies adjacent sections, then Facebook rounds up

In the image, the text block took 8 sections. Facebook will reduce coverage in this case.

Test the hypothesis.

We will shift the text and load it into the verification tool.

Increase the size of the text block to occupy five sections, and load for verification.

Facebook posting rule

The text should occupy no more than 20% of the image, while strictly falling into five sections, without capturing adjacent ones. Place the text according to the grid.

Download PNG template for easy image preparation.

The size of the template corresponds to the size of the image for the advertisement - 1200x628 px

Facebook text overlay verification tool

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How to add spellcheck on Facebook

Recently, grammar-Nazi is found everywhere - most often in the vastness of social networks such as Facebook. That's why it is so important to keep track of what you publish, including grammar, word choice and, of course, spelling, so as not to fall under the distribution and not be subjected to a shaft of ridicule. Most browsers have a built-in spell checker that can help fix any spelling errors in statuses. You can add spell checking on Facebook to popular browsers in just a few steps.