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The black line in life: what to do to get rid of failures

In the Far East this summer, severe flooding occurred over the past century. According to recent reports, 168 thousand people suffered from it.

Such a natural disaster is difficult to predict, but there are flood control methods that can minimize the risk of flooding and avoid significant damage.

One of the most effective flood control methods is the construction of reservoirs. With the help of the dam, the riverbed is blocked and a reservoir is created. During the flood, excess water is retained in it, which protects the area downstream from flooding.

There are many reservoirs in our country; they are located on many large rivers, such as the Volga, Ob, Yenisei, and Don. Zeya and Bureisk reservoirs located on the rivers of the same name play an important role in flood control in the Far East.

Bypass channels are also built to protect against floods. Part of the water flows along the artificial channel, and this avoids flooding of the territory. Another way to deal with floods is to increase river throughput. For this, the river channels are expanded, they are cleared of snags and debris, the bottom is deepened, meandering channels are made straight. Thanks to this, rivers during floods allow a greater flow of water.

And yet, settlements located along the banks and rivers and in coastal areas periodically floods. In the Far East this summer, more than 12.5 thousand residential buildings were flooded. Of these, one in five is no longer subject to recovery.

Many of the flooded houses were originally built in areas prone to flooding. At the same time, capital construction is prohibited in such places, and what has already been built should either be transferred or protected by dams and dams. Recently, the State Duma in the third reading passed a bill prohibiting the construction of buildings in flood zones, unless special protective measures have been taken. If the draft law is approved by the Federation Council and signed by the president, these amendments will be introduced into the Water Code.

About what helps to avoid floods, see infographics

Signs of a "black" strip

A black line is usually called a series of unpleasant events, troubles and problems that can replace each other or at the same time lean against a person. Most importantly, do not confuse this concept with routine routine problems.

Some people like to over-dramatize the situation, and even spoiled manicure or torn tights are perceived by them as an endless streak of misfortune.

To understand that you really have a “black period”, you need to impartially assess the situation and ask yourself the question: “What areas of my life have affected the problems that have fallen?” Here is a sample list of such areas:

You can supplement this list with items that are important to you. If in the process of analysis you realize that problems affect only one of the indicated areas, then you can calm down, since this is not a “black period”, but ordinary everyday problems that are quite easily solved. But if the troubles touched three or more areas at once, it’s worth considering and realizing that your life is really not the best now.

The main thing is not to panic, since the problem strip is not infinite, and you yourself can influence its duration if you wish.

Why it happens

Of courseeveryone is interested to understand, why a person can be on the notorious "black strip". The following main causes of a series of failures can be distinguished:

  • You yourself. In some cases, we ourselves are the culprits of the black streak of failure. Therefore, do not blame others for your troubles and stand up for an unfortunate fate. In nature, everything strives for balance, and without having the desire to achieve harmony, sooner or later you will upset the right balance and lose something. For example, spending a lot of time at work, you often forget about family responsibilities, and even on your weekend think about a career, thereby risking “losing” your loved ones and loved ones who need you. There is a reverse situation when an excessive desire to please loved ones can interfere with your personal development and realization in life. Therefore, try to find a middle ground, developing all spheres of life in a relatively equal proportion.
  • Diffidence. Often, this is the point that makes a person give up an attractive position or interesting prospects, thereby hampering their own development. Personal insecurity associated with communication and the opposite sex also suffers from insecurity.
  • Attitudes, beliefs and negative thoughts. Often it is our negative thoughts, acting on the subconscious that attract various failures and troubles. Therefore, try to control them as much as possible or drown them out with a positive attitude and faith in all that is good, because you are worthy of happiness, like everything on this planet. Try to be free, smile more often and believe to the depths of your soul only in the best and success will be achieved in many respects.
  • Personal and global disasters. There are situations when we are not able to influence something, for example, natural disasters. Agree, it’s difficult for a person to resist floods, fires, hurricanes. No one is safe from such disasters. The only sure way out in such situations is to join with other people who need your support and help. Good deeds well help in overcoming the black life bands and at the same time improve your karma.
  • Enemies and enemies. Misfortunes can arise with the light hand of your ill-wishers, envious people and enemies. If this happens, then you have to choose one of three options: make peace, retreat, or fight the enemy. Everyone has the right to independently decide on this issue, but it is advisable to first weigh the pros and cons.
  • Lack of life goals. If you have not set life goals for yourself, then you can easily go astray and drown in a sea of ​​problems that have fallen on you because of this. Designate the exact direction for yourself, and in the near future everything will normalize.

How to jump to a white strip

How quickly the problem strip can end depends in many respects on the person himself, namely his attitude to life's turmoil and character. Some tend to exaggerate any setbacks and troubles, and they dramatically dramatize a small test of fate. Such people are very difficult to survive the “black period” and often invent it themselves, finding inner satisfaction in constant suffering. Therefore, it is difficult for them to get rid of invented evil rock.

But when a person knows how to sincerely enjoy even the little thingswithout noticing minor difficulties, the “black period” is unlikely to drag out in his life, since he knows how to enjoy pleasant moments.

By the way, if we analyze the true state of affairs, while changing the attitude towards what is happening, then the problem strip will quickly change to a “white” period.

The meaning of the test

Everything in this life is interconnected. During the problem stage in life, we encounter various obstacles that are conditionally divided into three main types:

Tests confirm our intentions, have a sense of purpose, ambition, and test the strength of our desires. Virtually every person's fate is tested for strength, and after a worthy passage of various checks rewards the most patient and persistent people.

The punishment for sins is considered the will of God, the reckoning for bad deeds and missed opportunities. But even an atheist should remember the natural laws of equilibrium, which no one has canceled, so you will ever have to pay for what you have done, because everything comes back to us as a boomerang.

Many people wonder: what can start and when does the problem strip end? If a person stays in a comfortable living zone and stops developing, then fate can throw him on the sidelines and make him look around. It is very important in such a situation to properly treat such signs. For example, dismissal from work is not a reason to go into a long binge and indulge in all serious. Most likely, you are given an additional incentive to find a more promising and interesting job or to open your own business.

Parting with your beloved is also a difficult test, but do not be overly killed, but take care of yourself and a brighter, more harmonious and mutual love will definitely come to you.

How to jump from the black strip

After you are convinced and realizedthat you really have a problem period, you must act to adequately withstand the trials of fate. To do this, you need:

Let the emotions go outside. Showy indifference and pep in case of a serious problem is not the best way out when a storm of emotions is boiling inside. This will only aggravate the situation and create unnecessary health problems. Let the emotions come out:

  • Shout from the heart in a deserted place.
  • Go in for sports.
  • Cry.

Just don’t need to drag out and suffer for a long time.

Psychologist's advice

How to remove the black stripe in life, psychologists can tell. In their opinion, the main thing is to tune in. Try the following:

  • Evaluate the situation. Analyze the cause of the failure strip and do the work on your own mistakes. If possible, correct them, make the necessary plan and take urgent measures.
  • Change the setting. Everything can be bored, so if possible, go on a small cruise to air your brains and take a fresh look at the situation. After that, you will return to your familiar life with a new person and with other attitudes.
  • Rate the loss. You may have lost something, but something must have remained. Thank fate for this and appreciate what you have.
  • Recognize and accept the problem, if any. If a problem occurs, you need to solve it, not deny it, otherwise you will aggravate the situation even more.
  • Help others who are worse than you. The feeling of your own demand will provide you with a spiritual uplift.
  • Keep calm. Panic is a bad companion in a difficult situation. It is necessary to collect your thoughts and pull yourself together.
  • Seek support within yourself. In any misfortune help: faith in oneself and higher powers.
  • Communicate more with dear and beloved people, which will help you tune in to the right mood with your positive.
  • You can often go to a beautiful nature to be alone with your thoughts and put them in order.
  • Do not refuse help, if it is offered wholeheartedly.
  • Enjoy. Shopping, traveling, delicious food and other pleasures will be able to cheer up and distract from many problems. But you should not forget about the sense of proportion.

Way to happiness

There is another effective technique that helps stop troubles. To do this, take a piece of paper and make an impromptu table. Describe all your problems in the first column, and their solution in the second.

Thanks to this particular separation, you will clearly see their significant problems that require immediate resolution.

Example (problems - solution):

  • Dismissed from work - to open a business.
  • A bad toothache - visit the dentist.
  • The garage burned down - to build a new structure.

After reviewing the full list, note the most important problems for yourself, and it is possible that there will not be so many. Then determine how to solve them and the time frame. Thus, the general bunch of problems will crumble into small components. It remains only to take turns to solve each individually, which is not so difficult.

Daily measures

To maintain good spirits, it is worth resorting to simple and effective practices. Such recommendations are given by psychologists and advised to do this daily.

Start every morning with a smile and give thanks for a new day to change his karma. In the evening, ask for forgiveness from yourself and the Universe for every situation where you acted unworthyly or not positively. This will help change the karma of life.

During the day, smile at yourself in the mirror, even if you have no time for smiles. But soon, instead of a tight smile, sincere joy will appear in the reflection.

Praise yourself every night for your, even small successes and keep a victory diary where you will record your achievements every day. Awareness of one’s own abilities and strength will quickly increase your self-esteem.

Try to learn something new every day:

  • Attend courses.
  • Read books.
  • Listen to lectures.
  • Watch educational films, etc.
  • Avoid noisy companies, but do not forget to chat with friends.
  • Go to visit.
  • Visit exhibitions and museums.
  • Have a little walk.

Train your positive thinking: at any moment, try to look for positive and always believe only in the best.

Strongly not recommended:

  • Too much to eat.
  • Take alcohol.
  • Lose heart.
  • Sitting at home and not talking to anyone.
  • Pity yourself.

Effective water conspiracy

The answer to the question: "How to get rid of bad luck and lack of money" can be found among the healers. They recommend using water for this purpose.

Water is everywhere in our daily lives. Therefore, making a defense for this elementYou can stop the flow of bad luck.

It is necessary to remember this conspiracy and pronounce it constantly for a month. Say for food, tea, and while taking a shower.

In a month, the fluid in your body will become positively charged and you will be protected in any life situation.

Before making this conspiracy, you must first clean yourself and your apartment of any negative, and then "attract" good luck.

In times of despair, overcoming adversity becomes a very difficult task. In the beginning, a strong mental pain is felt. But, having cultivated your stamina and acquiring certain skills, you can overcome any black line.