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How to make a mouse costume


All children believe in a fairy tale. They are happy to meet cartoon characters at the festival, and they themselves are not averse to participating in a costume show. There are a lot of outfits on sale today, but it is not always possible to find the right one: either it is too expensive, or the child does not like the costume. Well, there is nothing easier than making a mouse costume for a girl with your own hands. It will take only imagination and some free time. Do not believe? We offer step-by-step instructions with a photo. Our heroine is the mouse of Minnie from the animated series Walt Disney. Very popular and beloved by all.

Many girls adore princess outfits. The main thing here is jewelry and a magnificent dress. Why not beat this look with Minnie's costume?

Sew a tutu skirt

In order to sew a mouse costume for a girl with our own hands, we need:

- tulle red - 3 m,

- black tulle - 1 m,

- elastic for a belt,

Choose a tulle of medium hardness. The main thing here is that the skirt holds its shape well, and the child is comfortable and the fabric does not “bite”.

For a fluffy skirt with a length of 50 cm, at least 3.5-4 m tulle will be needed. Minnie’s mouse outfit is red. But we will play on a combination of colors: add a little black to the main red.

So, cut the tulle into strips, 15 centimeters wide. The more of them, the more magnificent the skirt. The length of such strips is the double length of the finished product plus 3 cm (this is a margin for knots). It is more convenient to cut the fabric by rolling a lengthwise section into a “sausage”. This will reduce time and make it possible to cut identical strips. It turned out long ribbons. Now we will string them on an elastic band. We measure the length equal to the waist of the girl minus 2 cm, and carefully sew the ends together. We put the elastic on the mannequin. An ordinary wide roll of paper and the back of a chair are suitable as a mannequin. Gum must be tightened. We begin to prepare a mouse costume for the girl with our own hands, the photo is attached.

If you remember, Minnie's outfit is decorated with white peas. We prepare them from paper - we cut out ordinary circles - and we fix on fabric with ordinary glue. Alternatively, you can use double-sided tape in white. It is much simpler.

When everything is ready, you can decorate the top of the skirt with a satin ribbon. She will hide the elastic and decorate the outfit. Carefully thread it into the upper loops and tie it with a lush bow at the waist. Well, the tutu skirt is ready.

Ears for Minnie

We continue to create a mouse costume for the girl. We will independently make ears with a bow. Even a child knows this is a mandatory part of the image of Minnie. As a basis we use a hoop. You will need:

- felt black

- satin black ribbon,

- red (wide) satin ribbon,

- white paper (or double-sided tape in white),

We wrap the hoop with a black satin ribbon, with the help of glue we fix the edges, press and let dry. Cut out the ears layout from paper. We attach to felt, cut 2 pcs., With a small margin on the lower edge of the ears.

We complete the image

You can complement the image in different ways. For example, black golf with a long sleeve is suitable for a tutu-skirt. Top is a red tank top. White gloves and a tiny handbag look stylish. Black leggings on the legs. And white socks with ruffles. Elegant shoes will decorate the New Year's mouse costume for the girl. With your own hands you can make small bows from red satin and attach them to the shoes with paper clips.

Field mouse costume

Of course, the proposed version of the outfit is not final. Perhaps your daughter will like the image of a funny mouse-vole. Then the costume will be a little different. Change the skirt model and add a fur vest. As an example, a pattern of a mouse costume for a girl with her own hands in the photo below. It shows how to carve a vest, skirt and ears. Consider each item of clothing in more detail.

It will take a little fur for soft toys or thick velvet. We measure the length from the nape of the child to the waist - this will be the length of the finished product. Add 5 cm to the seams. We prepare patterns from paper, apply to the fabric, draw around with chalk, taking into account allowances for the seams. For the back pattern, we fold the fabric in half. Cut out. It should turn out 3 parts: 1 pc. - back and 2 pcs. - front shelves. Sew. The fur can be sewn manually. Add a button or hook with a loop in front.

We sew a gray velvet skirt. You can use velor. As in the case of the vest, we prepare a piece of paper and transfer it to the fabric, taking into account allowances for the seams. To do this, the fabric needs to be folded in half. Cut and stitch. For the belt we use a decorative elastic band. Its length is equal to the waist volume minus 5 cm. As an option, you can cut and sew a belt from the same fabric as the skirt, and insert a regular linen elastic into it.

To make a mouse costume for a girl with your own hands, first we will prepare:

- felt gray

- a tape of gray color,

Ears are easy to do. Prepare a piece of paper from the paper, as in the photo above, apply it to the felt and cut out two larger circles (Fig. 1 and 2), making small allowances at the bottom. These are future ears. And two smaller circles (Figs. 3 and 4) of pink satin. This is the middle of the ears.

If desired, you can make a tail for our mouse. Faux fur or velvet gray is suitable. To give shape, a soft wire is sewn inside, both ends of which, in order to avoid injuries, are necessarily insulated. It is better to fasten such a tail on the belt, sewing it to a wide ribbon and tying it at the waist with a beautiful bow.

Dress up the mouse

When creating a mouse costume for a girl with your own hands, it is good to use details from fur. For example, a white golfiki or blouse is suitable for a skirt. And from above you can throw a fur bolero or vest. In the fabric store you can buy some fur for toys. Or use gray velvet. You can build a product pattern yourself or make it easier - attach something from the child’s clothes to the fabric as a piece, cut and sew along the shoulder line and sides. Alternatively, you can use a ready-made tape of fluff. These are sold in fabric stores. The outfit will sparkle in a new way if you sew it with a T-shirt or blouse at the edges and neck. It is always better to use contrasting colors.

Perhaps, to someone, the gray color will seem boring for the holiday. Then why not make the mouse outfit white? Complementing it, if desired, with delicate pink or silver jewelry. After all, we have a girl, and all the girls are very fond of dressing up.

How to sew a hat-mouse

Over the past week, an unusual order was made for me - costumes for a charity performance: an adult male dog costume, 2 adult frog costumes (female and male) and 4 mouse costumes for children.
I won’t dwell on the costumes in general, I can only say that their sizes are impressive, -) Sheila with a margin to make them more universal, suitable for different figures - actors in the charity theater are not constant, often change.

Let us dwell on a hat-mouse, with big ears) I never sewed characteristic hats, so I thought for a bit at first. I thought and sat down to sew! After all, the main thing is to get involved in a battle, right?

So, for a fashionable, stylish, youth hat with big ears, we need:

  • elastic velor gray
  • pink fleece
  • foam rubber (I have packing, for some kind of computer hardware),
  • thread, scissors, good mood)
We begin our sewing process with.

  1. Patterns. I took as a basis a pattern of caps with hanging ears from Ottobre 2000-4, for a head girth of 55 cm.
  2. I modified the pattern a bit - removed the folds, added the frontal part and cut the pattern into recesses to make it easier to sew ears) Here is a working option:

3. The open base of the cap is the frontal and occipital part. Red on the frontal part marks the place where the ears are inserted, and so on the occipital one. for control,-)

4. The most important mouse molester is the ears! The pattern is built in the style of "how to take the hand." But be sure to recess, where without it.

What you need to know in order to create a mouse image

How to make a mouse costume with your own hands to impress everyone? To do this, you need to think through all the details. Firstly, decide what kind of mouse you want to be: a gray mouse-mouse, a brown mouse, an elegant Minnie Mouse, or maybe everyone knows Mickey Mouse. The common features of all these costumes are just ears and a ponytail. Although the outfits of a mouse-mouse and a simple mouse are similar to each other. The difference is only in color: the first suit should be in gray shades, the second - in brown.

Secondly, after you have chosen an image, think over and provide details. That is, if you want to recreate the outfit of Minnie Mouse, you need to use white polka dot fabric. And if you want to become a brown mouse, then do not forget about a full-fledged headdress - a hat with ears.

Thirdly, do not forget about the main details of the mouse costume. These are ears and tail. You can buy a tail, or you can do it yourself. To do this, just pick a fabric of the appropriate color (gray, brown or black, if it is someone from the Mouse family), cut two identical strips, rounded on one side, and sew them together. To make the tail voluminous, fill it with cotton, sintepon or any other filler. By the way, small shreds of unnecessary fabric will do.

Fourth, take care of makeup. If you have only ears on your head, then you need to additionally draw a nose and antennae with a black eyeliner. And if you have chosen a hat or a mask as a model of ears, then makeup may not be necessary.

Fifth, if you decide to sew a New Year’s mouse costume for the New Year, then take care of the appropriate decor. For example, glue stars on your outfit, sprinkle with serpentine or confetti, attach rain to your ears, and so on. If this is the outfit of a mouse girl, then you can make a magic wand, like all princesses. She will approach this alongside.

The easiest option for tailoring a gray mouse costume

Even if you do not bother much, you can make an original costume. It is enough to use the master class below.

Instructions on how to make a gray mouse costume with your own hands:

  1. Buy a fabric tracksuit or sweatshirt and pants separately. The upper part must be with a hood and preferably without a snake and buttons. So the outfit will be more accurate.
  2. Prepare two types of fabric - gray and pink.
  3. From gray fabric, cut two identical circles.
  4. From pink, cut one smaller circle.
  5. Cut all three circles in half.
  6. Sew together the two halves, leaving a small hole on one side.
  7. On one side, wash one pink half.
  8. Fill the ears with a padding polyester or something similar and sew them on the hood on the sides. It will be ears.
  9. Cut an oval from pink fabric and wash it on a sweatshirt. It will be a tummy.
  10. From the gray fabric, cut two long but narrow triangles (about 50-100 cm) and sew them together, leaving a small hole.
  11. Push the filler inside and sew the resulting tail to the trousers.

Such a suit of a gray mouse can be worn by both a child and an adult. And you can even create a whole family!

Pink minnie mouse costume for little girl

Mouse Minnie has always been popular among girls. After all, she is very cute and charming, and her costume somehow resembles a princess outfit.

To sew a mouse costume for a girl with your own hands, you will need to take:

  • light pink t-shirt
  • black golfiki
  • black felt
  • white fleece
  • black tights,
  • White gloves,
  • a pink tutu or a fluffy skirt,
  • bezel
  • pink tulle
  • a large white button
  • spider web
  • thread and needle
  • scissors,
  • glue gun.

Master class on how to make an air outfit from Minnie’s mouse:

  1. Take a white fleece and a T-shirt.
  2. Attach the fleece with the neckline so that it overlaps the front and back.
  3. Make a collar out of it, as in picture 1. To do this, cut the neck at the top, and cut off excess fabric from the bottom on both sides.
  4. Glue the collar to the T-shirt with a spider ribbon. To do this, lay the tape between the fabric and iron the “sandwich” on top. If you do not want to use this method, then just carefully sew the collar to the T-shirt.
  5. Under the collar in the very center of the neckline, sew a large white button as a decoration.
  6. Cut many identical circles out of a white fleece and stick them on a tutu or skirt with a glue gun.

The costume is ready. It remains to wear ready-made ears or make them yourself.

How to make mouse ears yourself using improvised materials

Ears are made very quickly and easily. Therefore, in their creation, you can use the child. To create mouse ears, you need to take a ready-made bezel of the desired color (for example, black, brown, gray or to match the color of the hair) and felt of the corresponding shade.

The procedure for sewing a hat with ears:

  1. Take the black felt and cut out two identical blanks from it - two circles connected by a rectangle (Figure 1).
  2. Cut two smaller circles from the fur and place them on the blanks (Figure 2).
  3. Put the halves together and sew them together (Figure 3). Only circles need to be cut, leaving loops.
  4. Put the ears on the bezel (Figure 4). Sew the eyelets. Then the ears will not slide off the rim.
  5. Make a bow of pink tulle. To do this, cut a wide strip and fold it with an accordion. In the center, tie a thin strip of tulle so that the ribbon does not open. Tie the finished bow on the rim between the ears (Figure 5).

All is ready! You can complete the image.

By the way, between the fur, as a layer, you can use cotton wool, synthetic winterizer or any other filler. The main thing is to push tightly so that the ears are voluminous and stand.

Outfit of a mouse for a girl from a dress

There is another way to make a mouse costume for a girl with your own hands. In this case, the outfit will consist of a one-piece dress, so it is better to choose a red fabric with white polka dots to create the image of Minnie Mouse. Such a suit is not suitable if you want to make a suit with a simple gray or brown mouse. The image will be inexpressive and boring, which is not suitable for little girls.

Instructions on how to sew a mouse suit with your own hands (a photo of the work process is attached):

  1. Sew on the bodice of the dress. It can be one-piece or the sleeves will be sewn separately. Remember that they must be in the form of flashlights (Figure 1). The bodice pattern can be either complex (that is, with tucks), or simple (like a t-shirt).
  2. Stitch the elastic to the neckline and sleeves. To the neckline, it is sewn to the very edge. And the elastic should be attached to the sleeves, stepping back from the bottom a couple of centimeters to get a frill.
  3. Sew a skirt. This can be done very easily and simply. To do this, fold the fabric in half and cut one corner (Figure 2). Its size should be equal to the waist.
  4. Next, measure the required length, taking into account the turn of a few centimeters. Cut the excess in a semicircle. You got a blank skirt (Figure 3). It remains only to sew it. The seam will be at the back.
  5. Tuck the bottom of the skirt and stitch black or white lace. It is also necessary to stitch together the bottom and top of the dress (Figure 4).
  6. Take the black satin ribbon and either sew it to the belt, closing the seam, or simply tie it, making a bow at the back (Figure 5).
  7. Make the Minnie mouse icon from the black buttons - one large and two smaller (Figure 6). Sew them together on the bottom of the muzzle-shaped dress with ears.

The Minnie Mouse outfit for the girl is ready. Add the ears and that's it.

Boy’s Christmas costume for a mouse with our own hands - we sew according to the pattern

An outfit for boys can consist of elements such as panties with straps with a tail, a black T-shirt, white gloves and a hat with ears. Half of the things can be bought ready-made. These are gloves and a T-shirt or golfik. The second part is easier to sew on your own. This will require a pattern. It is quite simple and consists of only one element - the leg.

A master class on how to sew a children's mouse costume with your own hands.

  1. Cut out the pattern of the leg from the paper (Figure 1).
  2. Attach the pattern to the fabric of the appropriate color (depending on the shade of the mouse) and cut out the part. If you want to create an image of Mickey Mouse, then you need red matter, and if you need an outfit of a simple mouse, then take gray or brown material.
  3. Make three more of these parts and arrange them in pairs.
  4. From the same material, cut out two stripes that should be the same width as the two leggings folded together. That is, they should equal the waist circumference. It will be a belt.
  5. Also cut two long strips from which suspenders will be sewn together.
  6. Sew together two pieces of panties together (Figure 2).
  7. Turn the part over and draw a belt around each (Figure 3).
  8. Sew the elastic to the belt in front and back (Figure 4).
  9. Wrap the belt to cover the elastic and catch it (Figure 5).
  10. Sew the front and back of the panties together (Figure 6).
  11. Now hem the shorts. To do this, wrap them a couple of times a centimeter and sew them (Figure 7).
  12. Stitch the shorts fully and twist them.
  13. Fold the ribbons in half, which will soon become suspenders (Figure 8).
  14. Go over the parts with an iron to make them easier to work with (Figure 9).
  15. Make a stitch on each suspender.
  16. Make holes on both sides of each button suspender and sew along the contour.
  17. Sew on the pants inside the back two buttons - left and right.
  18. Sew the front buttons on the outside.
  19. Fasten the suspenders to the panties (Figure 10).
  20. Make a tail of two long stripes at will.

DIY Christmas mouse costume for the boy is ready! It remains to make a hat with ears, as the rim is more suitable for girls.

We sew a real mouse mask

How can I make a carnival costume for a mouse with my own hands and not wear a real mask suitable for him? Moreover, it is sewn very simply.

You will need to take felt to suit the color, pink felt, scissors, felt-like threads, a needle, scissors, white felt, black floss thread, a wide ribbon to match the color of your hair or mask.

It is worth noting that the mask is most conveniently done on a sewing machine. Since you need to make a lot of stitches.

Instructions for creating a real mouse mask:

  1. From felt to the color of your suit, cut the main part in two copies - the upper part of the muzzle of the mouse and ears.
  2. From pink felt, cut an oval nose and two middle ears.
  3. From white felt, cut out white oval eyes.
  4. Sew the two parts of the mask together along the contour, stepping back from the edge a couple of millimeters. Sew the tape on the sides.
  5. Stitch nose, middle of ears and eyes.
  6. Carefully cut out the eye holes and stitch the edges to make them look neat.
  7. Embroider the antennae with a black floss thread. To do this, stitch three lines from one point with stitches.
  8. Cut the stitched tape in half and gently burn its ends so that it does not crumble.

The mouse mask is ready! She just ties the ribbons at the back.

Real hat with ears

Sometimes there are times when the ears on the rim do not fit the suit (for example, if the boy is wearing the outfit), and the mask is not needed. Then you need to make a hat.

To create it, take a felt or felt of brown, white, black and pink colors, thread, a needle and scissors, as well as some synthetic winterizer or cotton wool.

The hat itself for the costume of the mouse with your own hands is done as follows:

  1. Cut out the contour of the muzzle from brown felt, from which wide strips extend from the sides. The upper part of the muzzle should be much larger, as it will bend.
  2. Also cut brown ears from brown felt.
  3. From a pink felt, cut a circle or an oval for the nose. It should be large.
  4. Cut out eyes from white felt, and pupils and antennae from black. The latter are cut out as follows: take a rectangle and cut it into stripes, but not completely.
  5. Sew on the main part of the eyes and ears.
  6. Sew antennae and nose on them. Leave a small hole and push cotton or synthetic winterizer there so that the nose is voluminous. Sew in the hole.
  7. Now you need to sew the strips that extend on the sides of the muzzle, and sew on them the upper part of the mask.

The hat with ears is ready! You can also make a similar hat without eyes and nose. To do this, simply cut a smaller workpiece - no bottom part is needed. Sew the parts together, as in the previous version. And to complement the image, draw a mustache and nose in black pencil.

How to make a mouse costume with your own hands - an adult option

An adult outfit is created in the same way as for little girls and boys. You need to choose the appropriate outfit and find the right size. This applies to ready-made clothes (for example, skirts and T-shirts).

If you want to sew a mouse suit with your own hands, the instruction will be as follows: take a ready-made pattern of a mouse suit with your own hands and adjust it to the necessary parameters (for example, size, style, and so on). If this is a sketch of a children's dress, then simply proportionally increase the details. To do this, measure your parameters and compare them with the proposed ones. If this is a pattern of individual elements (for example, skirts), then select the fabric that is necessary in color.

Fabric Tips:

  1. If you want to become Minnie Mouse, then for a dress or skirt, choose red or pink fabric with white polka dots.
  2. To become Mickey Mouse, you need red fabric pants.
  3. The costume of a simple mouse is sewn most often from gray material. But sometimes you can choose a brown fabric.

How to create a mouse image from ready-made clothes

Sometimes it’s not at all necessary to buy ready-made carnival costumes or sew them yourself. It so happens that the outfit can be made almost from your own wardrobe.

So that an adult can turn into a cute Minnie Mouse, it is enough to acquire such items:

  • short dress or sundress in black,
  • red belt
  • red or yellow shoes
  • a blouse in a red strip or polka dots,
  • mouse ears.

You can replace the dress and blouse with a white or black blouse with short sleeves and a red skirt with white polka dots.

To transform into a mouse mouse, select a gray loose tunic and matching leggings.

For adult guys, a mouse suit from a simple wardrobe can be made as follows: put on a fabric tracksuit in gray or brown shades, add a ponytail and ears, and also wear gloves that are suitable in color. To recreate the image of Mickey Mouse, take red shorts or breeches, black golf and black men's underpants or leggings.

It is worth noting that the tail and gloves do not have to be worn. But the image must be complete. Nothing complicated if you try and connect your imagination.

The advantage of home-made carnival costumes to those bought is the following: thanks to such an approach as creating an image from hand-made materials and clothes, your holiday outfit will not just hang on your shoulders in a wardrobe for the rest of your life and wait for your next hour. Any kit can be turned into a daily one. Simply detach the tail and remove the other distinctive attributes of the mouse. And the ears can be put on the shelf, as a reminder of the wonderful image and a fun evening.