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How to transfer video over the Internet to another person? The main ways


If you need to send someone a large enough file, then you may run into a problem that, for example, this will not work by e-mail. In addition, some online file transfer services provide these services for a fee, in this article we will talk about how to do this for free and without registration.

Another fairly obvious way is the use of cloud storage, such as Yandex Disk, Google Drive, and others. You upload the file to your cloud storage and give the right person access to this file. This is a simple and reliable way, but it may be that you do not have free space or the desire to register and deal with this method for sending a file in a couple of gigabytes once. In this case, the following services for sending large files may be useful to you.

Transfer through cloud storage (Yandex Disk, Google Drive, etc.)

This is my favorite way to transfer videos. However, through it we can transfer literally everything that we want.

So, there are special services that are now called simply “cloud” :) The most popular: Yandex Disk, Google Drive, Cloud

About these cloud storages I published articles:

The bottom line is that you upload files to the remote storage and you can then give a link to view / download or even edit the file to other people.

Those. and video, respectively, you can upload there in the original, directly the source file. And any person to whom you give a link to it (or open access) will be able to watch it online, as well as download it to your computer or mobile device. Very comfortably!

The drawback here is, perhaps, only one highlight: Free space in any cloud is limited. For example, on Yandex 10 GB, on Google 15 GB, on Mail 8 GB (but there is also a maximum upload size of 2 GB.).

But this is not a big problem!

Firstly, many places have more than originally given. Someone buys it for money and then the storage can be at least a terabyte :) Someone expands the volume with the help of all kinds of shares.

Secondly, there will probably be a place on the disk to temporarily load a video or several, wait until the right people download, and then delete and free up space again.

Each has its own requirements for video quality. Someone needs the quality in which the video is transmitted through messengers such as Vatsap and Viber, and then, of course, if the video is short, it is easiest to transfer through some of them. Or even some other.

If quality is important, as, for example, to me, then either Telegram, or social networks, YouTube or upload to the cloud. In general, here it is more convenient for someone :)

How do you transmit the video to individuals? :) Maybe you know, remember, you still know some other good ways. Will be happy if you share in the comments! :)

Firefox send

Firefox Send is a free, secure, large file transfer service over the Internet from Mozilla. Of the advantages - a developer with an excellent reputation, security, ease of use, Russian.

The disadvantage is the restrictions on file sizes: on the service page it is recommended to send files no more than 1 GB, in fact it’s “crawling” and more, but when you try to send something more than 2.1 GB, it is already reported that the file is too large.

Details about the service and how to use it in a separate article: Sending large files over the Internet in Firefox Send.

File pizza

The File Pizza file transfer service does not work like the others listed in this review: when using it, no files are stored anywhere: the transfer is direct from your computer to another computer.

This has its pros: the lack of restrictions on the size of the transferred file, and cons: while the file is downloaded on another computer, you should not disconnect from the Internet and close the window with the File Pizza website.

The use of the service itself is as follows:

  1. Drag the file to a window on the site or click “Select File” and indicate the location of the file.
  2. We passed the received link to the person who should download the file.
  3. We waited for him to download your file without closing the File Pizza window on his computer.

Please note that when transferring a file, your Internet channel will be used to send data.

The Filemail service allows you to send large files and folders (up to 50 GB in size) for free by e-mail (a link comes) or as a simple link, available in Russian.

Sending is available not only through a browser on the official website, but also through Filemail programs for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

Send anywhere

Send Anywhere is a popular service for sending large files (free - up to 50 GB), which can be used both online and using applications for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS. Moreover, the service is integrated into some file managers, for example, in X-Plore on Android.

When using Send AnyWhere without registering and downloading applications, sending files is as follows:

  1. Go to the official website and on the left, in the Send section, add the necessary files.
  2. Click the Send button and pass the received code to the recipient.
  3. The recipient should go to the same site and enter the code in the Input key field in the Receive section.

Keep in mind that in the absence of registration, the code works for 10 minutes after its creation. When registering and using a free account - 7 days, it is also possible to create direct links and send by email.

Tresorit send

Tresorit Send is an online service for transferring large files over the Internet (up to 5 GB) with encryption. The use is simple: add your files (you can have more than one) by dragging or dropping them using the "Open" dialog box, specify your E-mail, if desired - the password to open the link (Protect link with password).

Click Create Secure Link and pass the generated link to the recipient. Official website of the service:


Using, you can transfer files directly to another person without any registration or long waiting. Just go to this site and drag the file onto the page. The file will not be uploaded to the server, since the service involves direct transfer.

After you have dragged the file, the “Create Link” button will appear on the page, click it and you will see the link that you want to transfer to the recipient. To transfer a file, the page “on your part” must be open and the Internet connected. When the file is uploaded, you will see a progress bar. Please note that the link works only once for one recipient.


Another very simple and free file transfer service. Unlike the previous one, it does not require you to be online until the recipient has completely downloaded the file. Free file transfer is limited to 5 GB, which, in general, in most cases will be enough.

The process of sending a file is as follows: you upload a file from your computer to FileDropper, get a download link and send it to the person who needs to transfer the file.

File convoy

The service is similar to the previous one and its use occurs in the same way: downloading a file, receiving a link, transferring the link to the right person. The maximum file size sent via File Convoy is 4 gigabytes.

There is one additional option: you can specify how long the file will be available for download. After this period, receiving the file from your link will fail.

Of course, the choice of such services and methods for sending files is not limited to those listed above, but in many ways they copy each other. In the same list, I tried to bring proven, not oversaturated with advertising and working properly.

Cloud Transfer

Clouds have long been included in our lives, and obviously this is the most understandable way to transfer any files. All popular email services have their own cloud.

Gmail has it Google drive - 15 GB is initially available for free, excellent integration with all google services and excellent speed. Yandex mail has its own disk10 GB expandable. Install the Yandex.Disk application on your smartphone and turn on photo autoload, get +32 GB. There is an interesting feature screenshots that saves them immediately to Yandex Disk. With the ability to edit and design taken screenshots. Mail from Mile boasts the cloud 50 GB for new users, before you could reserve 100 GB, this is perhaps all the advantages. The safest cloud at the moment Mega with 50 GB free, file encryption, cool interface and decent speed.

Didn't mention the most popular founding Dropbox just because its meager 2GB is initially unsuitable for transferring large files. Yes, and there are many different clouds with different conditions, I told in my opinion about the most popular in RuNet.

Transferring files in this way has several advantages and disadvantages:

  • To send a file, it must first be placed on the storage server, and this is not always convenient, it takes time and there is sufficient free space.
  • In conjunction with the mail - good integration and the ability to simply give access to the file to third parties, or put in open access.
  • The cloud services themselves offer a tool for viewing and editing certain files.
  • In the case of Mega, encryption is by default and the key is transmitted in the link to the recipient.
  • The file is available while it is in the cloud.

Perhaps the most functional service for moving large files. All the functionality is in one window, with convenient tips and an understandable arrangement of controls.

  • Drag the desired file or folder into the browser window, click to select on the computer or use ctrl + v to paste from the clipboard.
  • Copy the link to send in a way convenient for you. Or send immediately by mail adding a message up to 140 characters.
  • Store the file on the service for up to 14 days or send directly without closing the browser window.
  • Ability to set a password, alphanumeric.
  • The speed of the service is quite good, of course with an eye on your provider.

A very simple service to transfer any files directly from the browser, transfer is possible only when the window is open. And until the file is downloaded by the received link. If you need to send a file to multiple users, you have to do it each time in person. These are the features of the technology you transfer the file directly without downloading to a third-party server.

  • The file is sent directly, excluding uploading to the server, p2p connection as a torrent.
  • Select or drag the desired file to transfer to the browser window.
  • Does not work in mobile safari.
  • The rest is charming and safe.

Bittorrent sync

Your personal torrent network, which requires the presence of a bittorent sync client, the benefit is the support of ALL platforms, including drives and other cloud devices. The possibilities for exchanging and transferring files in the program are impressive, you can read here in detail and very clearly. I’ll say that the speed is really good, encryption and file transfer directly make this method especially attractive. Only two aspects overshadow such rainbow praises: the obscene price of 2499 rubles per year for the PRO version (although you can get by with the FREE version) and a little confusing management for an inexperienced user.

Anonymous way

Absolutely amazing free and anonymous service file transfers up to 5 GB. Drag or select files on the computer. Get the link share the link.

You cannot delete downloaded files, but you can determine their life time up to 6 months. No logs and restrictions for downloading and downloading. Amazing and free method of safe exchange.

Every day, we come closer to the fact that we perform most of the tasks in the browser, transferring large files over the network also moved to the browser window, moved to the cloud, or as in the case of bittorent sync, I learned p2p networks and key encryption. Streams move in the 21st century with incredible speed and scale, and mankind has come up with plenty of tools for this!

If you know about others that are fundamentally different from those presented, write in the comments - it will be interesting!